Hot Franchise Trends For 2013


What’s hot in franchising for 2013?

What is the franchise business landscape going to look like?

When the heck are small business lenders going to lend?

And, when will soon-to-be-billionaire celebrities stop causing mass protests before, during, and after franchise business grand opening celebrations?

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News Update: The Recession Is Over

The franchise industry-like many industries, has had its up and downs the past few years. The great recession ended, (supposedly) in 2009. Since then, franchisors-as a whole, have had to get really, really, creative in their quest to attract new franchisees to their concepts.

And of course, attracting would-be franchise owners is one thing-that’s a franchise marketing issue.

It’s the “selling” part that’s been a bit challenging.

That’s because franchise candidates are more nervous…more uptight. And of course, the credit crunch is still going on. On a positive note, the Presidential Election is finally over. That’s a relief for lots of people. And, how do I know this?

The calls I’m getting are a lot more upbeat.

Potential franchise owners who are calling and emailing me for information on the services I provide are (for the most part) ready to go. There are no, “I’m going to wait and see what happens with the election” conversations. Instead, they’re more of the, “Joel, I want to make sure that I’m doing this right, because I’m ready to be in business for myself ” variety.

But, they’re still nervous.


Hot Franchise Trends

In a moment, I’ll disclose the top franchise trends. First, I need to share something personal.

In October of 2007, I wrote my first post for Anita Campbell. Her website, Small Business Trends, was getting pretty well known as an important place to read up on small business trends, issues, and news.

Earlier in 2007, Anita had put out a call for small business experts to get involved with her website. She wanted to add more content, but only content of the top-shelf variety.

After she put out this request, she sent me a gently worded email asking me why I didn’t respond to her offer. (We had talked a few times in the past, and she knew about my franchise blog.)

I responded back telling her that I didn’t feel that my writing was up to snuff yet, and that maybe I’d reconsider at a later date.

That went well.

Anita had a different take on my statement; she said I was ready, and that she’d help me.

I’ve written well over 50 articles on franchising and small business for her website since then. And, Anita has helped me.

That’s why Small Business Trends continues to be the only place I write my annual top franchise trends article for.

Please check out The Top Franchise Trends for 2013 over at Small Business Trends.

It’s the 5th one I’ve written for Small Biz Trends.

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