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I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t heard of The UPS Store®. It’s quite difficult to ignore a printing and business services brand that has over 4400 units operating in the U.S. It’s quite the franchise.

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That said, it doesn’t hurt that the UPS® brand itself, the parent company of the franchise, has been around since 1907.

Fact: UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company. Using the most advanced technology, combined with access to global resources, plus an integrated network of physical, technological, and human assets, UPS provides an infrastructure that most franchisors wish they had.

With those things in mind, are you interested in learning more about franchising a UPS Store?

ups store franchises

UPS Store Franchises

There’s certainly no shortage of franchise revenue opportunities being offered these days.

But, how many franchises in the business services sector have the brand power of The UPS Store?

If branding is one of the things that’s attracting you to the idea of becoming a franchisee, could opening a UPS Store of your own be the way to go?

Let’s find out.

Who Looks At Opening A UPS Store?

While The UPS Store franchise attracts a diverse mix of franchisees, below, you’ll find examples of three types of people that are attracted to becoming a UPS Store franchisee.

U.S. Military Veterans own and operate more than 250 UPS Store franchise locations in the U.S. A good number of them have taken advantage of VetFran, an initiative designed to help our Veterans get into businesses of their own. The UPS Store franchise is a proud supporter, and offers franchise fee discounts for qualified Veterans.


The UPS Store network of franchise stores have a growing number of women franchise owners. Women make great UPS Store franchisees, and I’m always encouraging more women to consider franchise ownership.

From The UPS Store franchise website:

Women have strengths that align with what The UPS Store is looking for in a franchisee.”

The website even lists them:

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  • Dedicated to making their business work
  • Able to effectively manage time and resources
  • Understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service
  • Adaptability and strong networking and communication skills

So if you’re a woman, you may want to consider franchise ownership as a career option.

Let’s Not Forget Retirees

Retirement isn’t what it once was.

The Great Recession of 2008 impacted a lot of people that were ready to retire.

The best-laid plans had to be put on the back burner as more and more “retirees” couldn’t leave the workforce when they planned to.

But, after years and years of “working for the man,” some of them decided that they just didn’t want to work for someone else anymore. They started to look for ways to work for themselves.

One of the things they started looking at was franchise business ownership.

The UPS Store franchise development team is very interested in the 50+ crowd, and here’s why.


People in the 50+ age range have experienced lots of ups and downs in their corporate lives. They’ve had to juggle a lot of different things, and they tend to bring their business experiences…their wisdom, to the table as franchisees.

Franchising A UPS Store: Costs

According to their franchise website, the cost to open a UPS Store franchise is approximately $247,523 – $474,193 for a traditional location, $163,139 – $274,722 for something more rural, and around $120,929 – $250,540*+ for instore locations. And if you’re a Military veteran, it could be even less*.
* Always check the most current Franchise Disclosure Document, as fees may have changed.


Potential franchise business owners in their 50’s tend to be better off financially than some of the other people considering franchising. they’ve saved money over the years, and have the ability to use some of the more creative financing options that are out there these days. That fact alone is very attractive to today’s franchisors.

Given that, the three examples I gave above are only a small sampling of the types of people who own and operate UPS Store franchises.

If you’re interested in franchising a UPS Store, contact The UPS Store franchise sales team today to see if you’re a fit for one of the most powerful franchise brands in the world.

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