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The 21 Best Franchises To Own In 2024

best franchises to own concept

The 21 best franchises to own in 2024 are listed below. And some of them are considered to be the top franchises around.

With that in mind, I’ve arranged these top franchises by category, so you can quickly head to the area of franchising you’re most interested in exploring…and potentially purchasing.

Additionally, I’ve included several proven buying tips,  strategies, and a list of resources for you to use as you investigate this list of the best franchise opportunities available for 2024.

Note: no franchise concept is perfect; that includes the top 21 franchises and franchise companies I’ve named here.

So do your homework. Talk to lots of franchisees and be sure to visit one or two of them in-person. Write a good business plan. And be sure to hire a franchise attorney to look over the FDD and the franchise contract.

Could one of the franchise opportunities I’ve featured below be a good franchise to own and operate in 2024?

Best Franchises To Own In 2024

best food franchises for sale

Best Food Franchises To Own: 2024

1. Taco Bell®

taco bell franchise opportunity

With over 7,000 restaurants, Taco Bell is easily the most dominant player in the Mexican fast food franchise space.

They’re part of Yum! Brands, who are “building the world’s most loved, trusted, and fastest-growing restaurant brands in partnership with the best franchise operators in the business.

Why I like this franchise opportunity:

Taco Bell has serious brand power, and their restaurants are busy places.

That means franchisees do a lot of volume. And if you’re going to invest your hard-earned money into a fast-food franchise, that’s one of the things to look for.

Because the more volume, the more revenue. And hopefully profit! Yours.

Taco Bell Franchise Cost:

Franchise fee:

$25,000 – $45,000

Initial Investment

$575,600 – $3,370,100

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


good franchises to own in 2024 includes marco's pizza

2. Marco’s Pizza

Started in 1978, Marco’s Pizza continues to grow. They’re up to 1150+ franchise units, and they have plenty of territory available. And they are one of the top franchises in the pizza space.

Why I like this pizza franchise:

Marco’s Pizza® is always in the news.

I hear about their growth more than a few times a year, through press releases and other franchise industry news sources. They’re obviously doing something…or a lot of things, right.  

Plus, they were the first national pizza delivery brand to offer crustless pizza.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$242,142 – $633,109

Veteran Incentives

(This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy).

$10,000 off franchise fee; franchise fee waived for veterans with 50%+ military service-connected disability rating

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Franchise Buying Tip #1

Do a net worth calculation, early, so you know exactly where you stand financially.

Good news!

All you need to do is use my free net worth calculator, and then print out the results.

That way you’ll have it in front of you when a franchise broker or franchise company salesperson asks you to provide it to them as part of their qualification process.  

Are you ready to continue looking for some good franchises to own?

big chicken top franchise opportunity from shaq

3. Big Chicken

The hot-new chicken franchise Shaquille O’Neil is involved with serves crispy chicken sandwiches, tenders, and Cheez-It® crusted mac n’ cheese. Plus a lot more.

As of this writing, there are 15 restaurants open with dozens more in the works.

Why I like this food franchise:

In a nutshell, the draw of a celebrity like Shaq, along with the classy, modern marketing being used to spread the word, have me sold on this young franchise concept.

Plus the restaurants are starting to pop up in major sports venues. That means huge exposure to hundreds of thousands of sports fans.

Big Chicken Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$673,000 – $1,642,000

Veteran Incentives

10% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


cinnabon food franchise

4. Cinnabon®

This sweet food franchise has been around since 1985. They currently have 1500 locations open and operating all over the world. And they’re part of the Focus Brands group.

According to the official Cinnabon website, it “is now one of the world’s most recognized and sought-after brands.”

And after you taste one of their cinnamon rolls, you’ll know why that may be true.

What I like about this franchise:

The taste.

Seriously, the taste and the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked cinnamon flavored anything their franchisees bake, is enough to make owning this food franchise high on my list.

Finally, have you seen the lines at any of their mall locations? There’s a lot of money changing hands. And more will be in 2024.

Cinnabon Franchise Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee

$5,500 – $30,500

Initial Investment

$112,000 – $546,800

Veteran Incentives

$10,500 off full bakery franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


pj's coffee best franchise opportunities

5. PJ’S Coffee

5. PJ’s Coffee® of New Orleans was founded in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan, a coffee industry pioneer. She sold the company in 2022, and it’s currently owned by Ballard Brands, a privately held, multi-branded restaurant, food, and coffee company.

In this case, franchisees serve a variety of hot, iced, and frozen coffee beverages, as well as fresh breakfast pastries quality breakfasts, snacks, and lunches.

In addition, PJ’s uses Direct Trade partnerships that allows the company to purchase coffee beans direct from the farmers.

Lastly, they have 140 locations open and operating with a whopping 200+ more in development.  

Why I like this coffee franchise business:

For one, franchisees have the option to add a serious revenue-generating drive-thru window to their coffee shops.

Secondly, the company cares about farmers, and it shows in the way they buy their coffee.    

P.J.’s Coffee Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$406,000 – $1,024,000

Veteran Incentives

20% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Good Franchises To Own In 2024: Buying Tip #2

Don’t discount the importance of having a thorough, convincing business plan for your franchise in hand. Especially if you want to get approved for a small business loan.

Interestingly enough, my friend, Tim Berry, co-founded the company that continues to produce the top-selling business plan software in the world.

Yes…it’s that good, and it can help you craft a powerful franchise business plan.

Check out the special offer we created just for you!

Some Thoughts About My List of Top Franchises To Own

arby's sandwich a top franchise opportunity

6. Arby’s

Almost out of nowhere, the Arby’s brand is again on the food franchise opportunity radar.

The sandwich chain was founded in 1964 and is currently the second-largest sandwich restaurant brand in the world. As of this writing, there are 3,500+ restaurant locations in nine different countries.

Part of the Inspire Brands family of restaurants, franchise owners serve roast beef sandwiches, crispy chicken sandwiches, desserts and more.

Why I like this franchise brand:

As a franchise industry observer, I notice stuff.

In this case, I’ve noticed the huge uptick in business at Arby’s® locations near me. And it’s been going on for the past 3 years or so. Especially in the drive-thru part of the business.

That’s important because long lines = happy franchisees.

Arby’s Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee

$6,250 – $50,000

Initial Investment

$628,950 – $2,306,000

Veteran Incentives

50% off development fee; license fee waived; royalty fee gets reduced for first year

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


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When Do The Profits Start Coming In?

The Best Franchises To Own In 2024: Retail

top franchise opportunities great clips

7. Great Clips®

With more than 4,400 hair salon franchises across North America, Great Clips is the leader in value-priced haircuts for men and women.

The company was started in 1982 by David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon. That was when most people received haircuts in one of three ways: in full-service hair salons, barbershops or at home.

The founders felt something different was needed, so they came up with a franchise business concept specializing in affordable haircuts in a clean, modern setting.

What I like about this top retail franchise opportunity:

The executive team is 100% focused on only awarding franchises to the best of the best.

In other words, they’re picky as hell. And that translates into an extremely low franchisee failure rate for their numerous multi-unit owners.

In addition, they own a 50% market share of all franchised hair salon units combined!

That said, if you talk to anybody in franchising, Great Clips will come up as one of the “good franchises to own.” 

Great Clips Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$178,400 – $376,900

Veteran Incentives

$5,000 rebate on first-store franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


One more thing.

Most of the franchisees in this system came by way of franchise consultants.

That’s because Great Clips, along with hundreds of other franchisors, use franchise consultants to find franchisees.  

A Note About Franchise Consultants

If you’ve been looking at franchise opportunities for a while, you’ve probably been contacted by a franchise consultant.

I’m talking about a person who contacts you to “Help you find the best franchise business to own.”

Also called franchise brokers or franchise coaches, these individuals offer “Free Franchise Matching Services.” But why are their services free?

Because franchisors pay consultants 40%-50% of the initial franchisee for a successful “match.”

So if the franchise fee is $45,000, the consultant who matched you to the franchise gets (at minimum) a $20,000 check FedEx’ d to them after you sign the franchise agreement and send in your franchise fee.

For more, read the complete story about franchise consultants, how they work, and what you need to be on the lookout for if you choose to work with them-and if they really can find a few good franchises to own.

orangetheory one of the best franchises to own

8. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is a highly successful fitness franchise with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

They use the Owner/Operator model, which means they won’t award franchises to people who are looking for a semi-absentee business.

With 1,500+ studios in 25 countries across the globe, Orangetheory® has created quite a name for itself. The company started in 2010.

What I like about this fitness franchise:

Their use of technology and science to help people get fit translates to a fitness business to own that’s like no other. And they have strong brand recognition.

Orange Theory Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$589,129 – $1,621,269

Royalty Fees


Ad Royalty Fee


Franchise Buying Tip #3

Learn all you can about franchising. What it is and what it isn’t.

And make sure you know how to buy a franchise the right way.

(Hint: it’s a step-by-step process)

batteries plus franchise is considered one of the good franchises to own in retail

9. Batteries Plus

Wisconsin-based Batteries Plus®, has been around since 1988.

This retail franchise offers batteries, lighting, smart home equipment, and phone repair. But as you’ll see, it’s not only a retail store.

That’s because Batteries Plus franchisees are encouraged to secure accounts with commercial customers, because it’s those types of customers that spend the most money.

Examples include, healthcare, hospitality, marine-related businesses, construction and more. That means there’s some outbound selling involved.  

Why I like about this top franchise business opportunity:

Franchisees of this popular franchise brand have a terrific opportunity to secure commercial accounts in their territories. Not many retail franchises offer that.

Plus, I’m a customer myself, as I’m usually the go-to person for family members who need replacement batteries for their key fobs and garage door opener remotes. 

Batteries Plus Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$221,679 – $431,072

Veteran Incentives

$10,000 off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


The Fastest Way To Make Money Owning A Franchise in 2024

If you’d like to start profiting from your franchise business, quickly, watch this video.

Good Franchises To Own In Healthcare: 2024

shelly sun's brightstar care is one of the best franchises to own in the healthcare space

10. BrightStar Care

Shelly Sun, Founder & CEO of this 365+ unit senior care franchise, offers franchisees multiple revenue streams to achieve their financial goals.  

If fact, BrightStar Care has secured relationships with more than 100 companies.

Those companies provide franchisees a powerful source of referrals for franchisees from the very first day they open their BrightStar Care location.

Finally, it’s a fact that most senior care franchises only offer companion care and personal care. BrightStar Care offers it all, including medical care.

Why I like the Brightstar Care franchise:

The company’s leadership is top-notch.

Specifically, its CEO and leader, Shelly Sun (who I met several years ago and still talk to), is one of the most talented and high-quality people in all of franchising.

BrightStar Care Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$111,008 – $191,108

Veteran Incentives

$5,000 off first-unit franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Top Franchises To Own: Franchise Buying Tip #4

As you look at franchise opportunities, you’re bound to spot franchise “reviews.” Be careful. Why?

Because some of the reviews you read have been paid for by the top franchise companies. But it can be hard to tell.

Here are some thoughts about franchise reviews, and the websites that “provide” them.  

the home instead franchising opportunity

11. Home Instead Senior Care

Paul and Lori Hogan started Home Instead ® in 1994. They’re up to 1200 units now and growing.

And they’re another franchisor in the space focusing on leveraging technology. In this case, it’s their  “Care Platform” which frees up time for their franchisees to serve their clients instead of spending time on time-sucking back-office duties.

Finally, according to their franchising website, “You can trust that our business model works.”

Why I like this healthcare franchise:

In my view, they have the most recognizable name in senior care.

And considering there are close to 100 different senior care franchise opportunities currently being offered, that says a lot. Especially when you’re out there vying for your share of the market. 

Home Instead Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$103,000 – $130,000

Veteran Incentives

20% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


The Best Home Services Franchise Opportunities To Own In 2024

servpro franchising business is tops


SERVPRO® has been a leader in the restoration services category for 20 years.

They specialize in the multi-billion-dollar business of cleaning and restoration.

Franchisees (and their trained technicians) focus on repairing and reconstructing commercial and residential buildings that have undergone, fire, water and/or smoke damage.

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Additionally, franchisees provide local mold remediation and bioremediation services for homeowners and business owners.

Why I like this franchising business:

SERVPRO has extremely recognizable vans and trucks. Plus, they spend a lot of money on local and national advertising.

Bottom line?

SERVPRO is an extremely powerful brand in a recession-resistant industry.

SERVPRO Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$216,905 – $270,780

Veteran Incentives

20% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Best Franchises 2024: Buying Tip 5#

Don’t judge a book franchise by its cover. Why?

Because you don’t know until you know. Here’s an example of what I mean.

A lot of people pass up looking at residential cleaning franchises because they think they’ll have to clean the houses themselves. They don’t.

That’s because franchisees of the top home cleaning companies are in charge of business development, scheduling, and customer service. They don’t do the cleaning!

My point?

Before you pass on a franchise opportunity, you need to make sure you fully understand the business itself and what your role is as a franchisee.  

some good franchises to own include miracle method

13. Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

Miracle Method® offers proprietary refinishing services to residential and commercial customers.

Some of things franchisees and their employees can refinish include:

    • Bathtubs

    • Sinks

    • Tile showers

    • Vanities

    • Tile floors

    • Kitchen countertops

Their process saves residential and commercial customers demolition costs (and dust!), plus the expense of replacement. And their system has been developed and refined over 40 years.

What I like about this 165+ unit franchise:

Miracle Method is not one of those franchises where you’re buying a job.

Instead, they want franchisees to engage in business development and managing the office. I like that a lot.

Miracle Method Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee

$45,000 – $58,000

Initial Investment

$96,400 – $195,800

Veteran Incentives

10% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


best franchises to own in 2024 including pillar to post home inspection

14. Pillar To Post

According to their franchising website, “Pillar To Post® can bring that dream of being a successful franchisee to life with our low startup costs and high ROI. You’ll have the foundation of an internationally renowned franchise, the financial assistance, and support you need to grow your business.”

The company has been around since 1994 and has experienced the ups and downs of the real estate market. And guess what?

Home buyers didn’t stop paying them to perform  thorough home inspections.  

What I like about this home services franchise:

Anyone with a brain in their head knows how crucial a home inspection is prior to buying a house.

Pillar To Post fulfills that need, and they’ve been adding lots of new franchisees year after year.   

Finally, their low startup costs make this an excellent way to be your own boss in a thriving space.   

Pillar To Post Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$44,285 – $54,435

Veteran Incentives

20% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


aireserve franchise

15. AireServ

Since 1992, AireServ® has refined its systems and processes to provide business opportunities for potential franchisees or experienced HVAC individuals through its franchise system.

This system enables franchisees to offer complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services to area residents.

In addition, franchisees have access to the Neighborly® community of home service brands.

That means they’ll be connected to cross-marketing opportunities, networking, vendor discounts, mentorship, and lead generation from the consumer-facing Neighborly® app.

What I like about this franchise opportunity:

First off, as a consumer, I like that fact that AireServ franchisees provide fixed prices. None of that “by the hour” stuff that can add up to an unexpectedly high bill, and a lot of aggravation.

Secondly, franchisees have access to the entire (and still growing) Neighborly® community of home service brands. That can lead to cost-effective ways to market the business, and more.

AireServe Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$87,600 – $216,400

Veteran Incentives

15% off minimum franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Best Franchises To Own In 2024: Business Services

openworks top franchise opportunities

16. OpenWorks

Founded in 1983 by Eric Roudi, Phoenix, Arizona based OpenWorks® offers specialized commercial cleaning, disinfection, and integrated facilities services to businesses all over the United States. .

From office buildings, to schools, to manufacturing facilities, their network of franchisees (and their teams) keep the facilities in their area clean, safe, and healthy.

As of this writing, OpenWorks has 700+ franchisees.

Why I like this franchise business:

If I wasn’t approached to write franchise articles for this brand, I would have never known they provide guaranteed accounts (from day one) for franchisees.

That, and the fact the company has an almost unheard of 99% customer retention rate, make this a top franchise.

Finally, their franchise start-up costs are low, which opens the door to a lot of people who have the desire to own a business, but don’t have a $500,000 net worth.

OpenWorks Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$24,850 – $124,450

Veteran Incentives

10% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


pmi franchise

17. Property Management Inc.

Property Management Inc.® (PMI) was founded in 2008.

With 300+ franchises up and running, it’s a top property management franchise.

The franchise business offers four primary services: managing commercial, residential, vacation, and association rental properties.

Plus, the PMI network gives property managers all of the tools they need to run their business effectively and efficiently.

What I like about the PMI franchise:

More and more people are renting homes, apartments, and condos, so there are lots of opportunities in this space.

Plus, PMI franchisees potentially have 50 different streams of revenue!

PMI Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee

$50,000 – $55,000

Initial Investment

$58,225 – $225,050

Veteran Incentives

10% off standard franchise fee ($55,000)

Royalty Fee

Varies (See FDD for details)

Ad Royalty Fees


Franchise Buying Tip #6

As you try to find that “perfect franchise to buy,” don’t only rely on “The Top 21 Franchise Opportunities To Own Right Now” to find it.

Hit these top 10 franchise opportunity portals too.

Because you want choices. Right?

minuteman press franchises

18. Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is a printing and marketing franchise business that offers anything a business uses for their advertising, marketing efforts, and operations. They began to offer franchises in 1975.

Minuteman Press® helps customers design, print, and promote the needs of businesses, events, parties, and more.

As of this writing, they have 900 locations up and running. 

Minuteman Press Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee

$32,500 – $47,500

Initial Investment

$75,900 – $187,106

Veteran Incentives

$10,000 off franchise fee for a new location; $5,000 off for an existing location

Royalty Fee

to 6%

Why I like this B2B franchise:

Printed products aren’t going away anytime soon, as small businesses want and need to spread the word, and not only online.

Minuteman Press is well-positioned to serve those needs.   

best pet franchise opportunities

Best Franchises To Own In 2024: Pets And Pet Supplies

dogtopia franchises for sales

19. Dogtopia

The company was founded in 2002. Franchisees today offer a variety of pet services. They include:

    • Dog daycare

    • Overnight dog boarding

    • spa services

    • dog training or grooming (available at some locations)

And according to information from their website, “It is common for our customers to enroll their dogs in daycare at least 2-3 times per week, which provides the business with steady, recurring cash flow.”

Suffice to say, with that many clients coming and going all week, it’s no surprise that franchisees can turn some of them into grooming clients too.

What I like about this franchise:

Dogtopia® makes it easy for new franchisees to quickly get on the social media marketing bandwagon. That’s because of the technology used.

In a nutshell, it’s an easy-to-use system for franchisees to use that requires no previous digital advertising experience. That’s huge!

Dogtopia Franchise Cost:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$688,312 – $1,806,803

Veteran Incentives

10% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Franchise Buying Tip #7

Don’t forget to involve your family in your decision.

Not only because there’s money at stake, but because your decision to go down this path is going to impact them for years. Why?

For one, you’re going to be putting in a lot of hours.

Second of all, going from a job to owning a business is a pretty big leap.

With that in mind, the best way to make it less overwhelming for them is to get them involved early in the process.

Because the more they know, the less scary it will be for them. Hopefully.

Let’s continue with some more good franchises to own now. 

pet supplies plus franchise opportunities

20. Pet Supplies Plus

With 625 stores operating, Pet Supplies Plus® dominates the retail pet supplies market. And they’ve been franchising for 30 years.

That experience, along with how much the company innovates, benefits their franchisees immensely.

And speaking of innovation, the company now has their own pet supplies lines, along with their own line of pet food, free from fillers, colors, and flavorings.

Why I like this top franchise:

As a customer, I know firsthand how nice their stores are.

Plus, they almost never run low on inventory, and there are always customers shopping there. Plus the pet supplies industry is HUGE

Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$454,870 – $1,524,200

Veteran Incentives

20% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Fees


Good Franchises To Own: Buying Tip #8

The best way to get the facts about the franchise businesses you’re exploring is by talking with the existing franchisees in the system. And the way to get those facts?

Ask questions.

But not just any questions.

These questions.   

dog training elite franchise

21. Dog Training Elite

Since 2014, Dog Training Elite® has provided everything from puppy training to personal protection dog training. Trainers meet clients at their homes…in their own environment. That makes things easier and more beneficial for both dog owners and their canine companions!

The company currently has 200+ franchises open and operating.

In addition, Dog Training Elite franchisees can provide training services for service dogs owned by veterans or retired military personnel.

What I like about this franchise:

I (personally) know how important it is to have a well-trained dog. And the fact that trainers come to your home to train your pooch is a game-changer.

And again, the pet market is a massive one.

Dog Training Elite Franchise Costs:

Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$101,400 – $122,250

Veteran Incentives

10% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee


Ad Royalty Fees


Final Points

If you have the financial resources, a strong desire to own a business, and the willingness to follow a proven business blueprint, franchise business ownership may be the way to go in 2024. However, not all franchises are created equal.

For instance, some franchise opportunities have proven to be top performers. They’re considered good franchises to own, as they offer real potential for profitability and growth. The trick is to find the right one.

On the other hand, franchises exist that aren’t very good. Where profits are difficult to come by. Those are the ones you need to avoid. But how?

With good, old-fashioned research.

The type of research I teach in this super-helpful guide.

find the best franchises to own using this research guide

Finally, is there a chance that one of the 21 franchise opportunities featured here will be “The One” for you? That it will be the best franchise to own?


But the only way to find out is by learning all you can about the franchises you’re interested in.

And that starts by contacting the franchise companies directly.

So good luck on your journey to finding a great franchise for you to own and make money with in 2024.

Franchise Opportunities: Here Are Some Of The Best Resources/Articles For Franchise Buyers in 2024

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Listening to this short podcast interview will increase your franchise buying smarts

The Top Ingredients Of Successful Franchises

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