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I invite you to read my testimonials. They’re from future/current franchisees and top small business experts concerning my knowledge of franchising, the content I produce, and most importantly, my ethics.

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Comments About The Franchise King®

Your services are first class and helped me select a winning franchise partner. Now that I am ready to sell my business, you provided additional guidance to make sure I get the best price possible. Anyone that is thinking of purchasing a franchise needs to work with Joel. He’s the most knowledgeable person about the franchise industry that I have met. He definitely deserves the title of ‘King’.”

– Frank McLellan, Franchisee in Colorado

review of the franchise king's franchise ownership consultations from wolfgang
You speak true words that I knew from your book and our conversations before I began my quest. Do your research, FDD doesn’t tell the whole story, talk to franchisees and the money isn’t everything. Having taken all this into consideration I found my franchise family and am more than happy with it.

– Wolfgang Willems, Franchisee of Assisting Hands, Frisco, Tx

We worked with Joel to help find a franchise to buy. He was tremendously helpful in helping us select a franchise opportunity and provide continuing support throughout the entire process. He has a tremendous knowledge of the franchise industry. He was able to help us ask the right questions and also refer us to appropriate individuals to work with to complete the process. One of the things we admired the most was his availability. He promptly answered all emails and phone calls. Most importantly, he is independent and does not get paid by the franchise companies. He was was able to provide us unbiased recommendations at every step of the way. Using him as an Advisor was money well spent!”

– Nan, Jerry and Michael Tarlow

I thought Joel did a great job helping guide me through my franchise purchase decision. Joel clearly has the experience and knowledge as a franchise Advisor, and I found his franchise research guide helpful when talking to franchisees as part of my due diligence process. Franchising is a big decision and I recommend using Joel as an Advisor to help you make the best decision for you and your family.”

(Mike Burton, franchisee, Superior Fence & Rail)

west des moines school of rock franchise

I am proud to say I’m a franchise owner as of December 2019. I started the process in January of the same year. Fortunately, Joel Libava was one of the first people I reached out to for assistance in trying to determine whether the franchise opportunities I was interested in were good ones. Joel, because he’s not a franchise broker, was completely unbiased, and gave simple straightforward advice to help me evaluate the various options I was pursuing. Additionally, his franchise research book was extremely useful as I progressed through the franchising process. I’d highly recommend working with Joel – it’ll be worth the small investment to give you the confidence that you’re heading in the right direction and not making costly mistakes along the way. Thanks for all your help, Joel! No wonder they call you the Franchise King!

– Greg Moore, School of Rock Franchisee, West Des Moines, Iowa

“Joel Libava was there every step of the way in my search for a franchise. His documents and advice were invaluable! If you are looking for a franchise — have someone on your side!”

reviews of the franchise king

– David Pierce, Franchisee, PMI

When you begin exploring franchising, there is an ocean of possibilities and pitfalls. Joel Libava helps you avoid the pitfalls and navigate the possibilities with clarity and focus. His eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Franchise Research” saved me not only money, but also months of heartache and misdirection with its guided research techniques and list of specific questions to ask franchise development representatives and franchisees. In addition, Joel’s 1-on-1 consulting is invaluable for anyone considering or in conversation about buying a franchise.”

– Paul Goldsmith, Nashville

Joel Libava is the absolute best. Do NOT engage in any franchise until you have consulted with Joel. He will save you tons of money and grief. I am absolutely convinced that if I had found Joel before I signed on all the dotted lines and spent some money with him, I would have avoided my looming crash and burn.

– Andy Mark


“My wife and I are interested in starting a business so we visited a franchise expo. Afterwards, we were contacted by a couple of franchisors and we soon found ourselves deeply immersed in researching these particular franchises. We needed to take a step back and take stock of the bigger picture: ‘Is a franchise right for us? Right now? What types of franchises would suit us?’ We needed an independent and knowledgeable perspective. A one-hour chat with Joel Libava clarified some of our thinking and gave us some useful ideas to pursue”.

– Steve and Marci Nemburg, Toronto

Joel is truly ‘The Franchise King’!!! He generously shared his valuable time guiding me – a 24 year old Subway franchisee, on best options moving forward in my franchising career. Joel is very knowledgeable and clearly answers questions, getting straight to the point. I Highly recommend you to anyone considering getting involved in franchising or entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and evolve as franchisees. Thanks so much, Joel!!!

– Dhaval Patel

Joel Libava’s content on franchising is comprehensive, with useful information for evaluating potential franchises, getting to know ones own aptitudes and the sort of business that would suit them, and insights for vetting franchisors. Joel Libava is a Franchise Advisor, and that is an important distinction from consultants, because he works solely in the interest of his clients without the relationship being compromised by commissions from franchise companies. In our phone consultations, The Franchise King had useful advice that I was able to apply. Mr. Libava’s knowledge and frank honesty helped me to avoid a pitfall during my franchise search. Also important is Mr. Libava’s ability to challenge the not entirely forthright success rate statistics for various franchise fields that franchise consultants sometimes provide. Although ultimately I went into business for myself and did not buy a franchise, Mr. Libava continued to give guidance to help my business, as well as helping me behind the scenes with search engine optimization. I believe my investment in his most popular package was a good move and would recommend his services as an aid to research as one explores franchise opportunities.

– Joel Minton

Owner, Active Living Fitness Coach, LLC, Arlington, VA

senior fitness arlington virginia

I’ve been reading and re-reading your book, Become A Franchise Owner!…, and using your website to educate myself on franchise ownership. And, I just concluded units 1 – 6 of your course, A Proper Introduction to Franchising. I want to say thank you. The guidance you are providing me with through these tools is extremely helpful. I started looking into franchising by ‘shopping’ (cringe), but was then intelligent enough to search the web to find out what I need to know about franchising. That is how I stumbled across your materials. I am so glad I did!

Your materials are providing me with much needed guidance to make a more informed decision about whether or not to enter the world of franchising. The path I was going down before finding your material(s) would have either resulted in me taking no action because I was overwhelmed by information and didn’t know what to do next or worse, resulted in a very costly mistake/lesson.
I am now a cautious learner and know that if I do more forward, it will be armed with more ammunition to make a good choice.
Thank you so much.”

– Sandra Cary

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Your content is great and timely, as I’m refocusing career pursuits. You share awesome information and I enjoyed our sessions together. You are open, transparent, honest and care about people.”

– Julia Flannery, Temecula, California

“Your counsel has gotten me to where I am today. Thank you!”

best sunrooms pool enclosures south carolina

Ted Cligrow, President/Owner at Carolina Home Exteriors

Joel is a down-to-earth straight shooter who provided me with practical advice on evaluating and engaging in the purchase process for a franchise business. In addition to consulting with him one-on-one, I purchased and read his E-Book The Definitive Guide to Franchise Research. Joel helped me effectively and efficiently evaluate the opportunity from an objective perspective. If you’re considering purchasing a franchise and haven’t done so before (and maybe even if you have), I highly recommend consulting with Joel for guidance. It was totally worth my time and money, and Joel helped me avoid making rookie mistakes!

– Michael Burns, Wichita, Kansas

Like a strong cup of coffee Joel’s book ‘Become a Franchise Owner!’ gave me an eye opening view into the world of franchising. In addition to providing entertaining and realistic information, it also gave me an understanding that I need to first understand myself, my strengths and weaknesses before starting my franchise research. I was so impressed that I contacted Joel and after some discussion hired him as a consultant to advise and guide my research. As a consultant Joel was readily available for my phone calls and quickly responded to my e-mails. He steered me away from franchise brokers who were ONLY trying to make a quick sale, and gave me specific direction to determine which franchises might best suit me. His online course about franchising was very beneficial. Joel’s book and consultations were invaluable in helping me get started in my franchise research and ultimately choosing which franchise to invest.”

– Brett Tiller, New Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Supercuts!

I purchased a consultation with you a couple of months ago when I had just returned from a Discovery Day at a maid services franchise headquarters. I was excited about the opportunity but had concerns about their growing pains, so you strongly encouraged me to step back and research other maid service franchises. You wanted me to understand if what they were offering was unique. I ended up going to two more discovery days. One of them was MaidPro, and I was extremely impressed. I am happy to say I just mailed in my signed franchise agreement and my check for the franchise fee. It was an easy check to write knowing I’d done my research and I have full confidence that MaidPro is the right choice for me.”
“Thanks a ton for guidance. I know I’ve seen reviews and testimonials similar to this on your website…now you have another one you’re welcome to use. Keep up the good work!

– Greg McCartney, Reno, NV

We want to thank Joel Libava for helping us slow down, take a breather, and truly understand what is best for us. Joel was so right when he said ‘buying a franchise is not for everyone.’ We thought it was a shoe-in for us until we learned more and decided to say ‘hold on bobalouie,’ this may not be for us after all. Our destination is yet to be determined, but I can say for sure we are much more informed today.

Anyone thinking about buying a franchise needs to realize there is more to this than just wanting to own a franchise. Talk with Joel Libava ‘The Franchise King,’ way before you make ANY decisions, as he knows his stuff and helps you know yours, too. Joel truly is The Franchise King and wears his crown well!!!”

– George and Regina Bryant, Lexington, Kentucky

The Franchise King, Joel Libava is a great resource providing a great service. He is the only person I have come across that is an advocate for prospective franchisees, and I plan to take full advantage of the knowledge he has to offer. Joel’s advice has made me more aware of the risks inherent to franchise ownership (or any business for that matter), and I know that I am not guaranteed success in this model. That said, I believe I am putting the odds for success in my favor as much as possible by following the steps he has laid out.”

– Matt T, Chicago, Franchisee

Thank you for helping me-showing me how to do my research and for counselling me on my decision. I enjoy your franchise blog, your newsletter, and the articles you’ve shared with me since we’ve known one another. I’ve referred several people to your books.”

the intelligent office columbus ohio

– Otto Beatty, Franchise Owner, Intelligent Office

The Franchise King, Joel Libava, provides such a valuable service for anyone seeking advice and guidance for a new direction in life. We particularly admired his ability to assess our skill-sets and passions over the phone and internet. I want to thank him for all of his support and inspiration along the way, and I look forward to meeting him face-to-face and the chance to shake his hand one day soon.

– Jim and Tracey O’Neill, Franchise Owners/Mr. Handyman

Joel was a great help in helping me determine the best franchise fit for. He walked me through the process, all the while understanding the variety of nerves and emotions one deals with when buying a franchise. He also offers continuous support in any way he can. It was pleasure working with him, and I am thrilled with my franchise selection.”

Leslie Selig, Franchisee

More Testimonials About The Franchise King®

Joel’s talent to lead and guide people to the right franchises is spot-on. When we were looking into franchises, he offered support, even after the purchase of his book, that led us to make the decision that was right for us. We had actually paid the $2000 fee to get into talks with the company but found out that going further would be a mistake after digging into his book and talking with him further. The company ended up closing. Joel saved us the headache of getting into cahoots with a company that would have cost us so much more than money.

– Tania, Dakka, Professional Copywriter At Badass D, Former Client

small business copywriter legend

I began my search for ‘the perfect franchise’ by scouring the internet and reading articles and lists from dozens of sources. It was difficult to sort through all of this information and know who was giving me a sales pitch and who was legit. Joel’s course had great information that was organized into an easy to follow format. I had already been in contact with 3 Franchisors prior to discovering his course. His great information allowed me re-group and re-organize my thoughts and how to proceed. He knows his stuff. We also had a one-hour consultation which felt more like a call with a good friend who gives great advice. Joel is very easy to talk to and really listens and in return gives great feedback. I am definitely back on track.”

– Gina Renner, Maine

Emblem of the United States Navy

Joel Libava is a great resource for anyone thinking about becoming a franchise owner. After reading his book ‘Become a Franchise Owner!’ I was able to narrow my search down to two franchises that seemed like a good fit for me. I then decided to buy a one-hour advisory session to talk with Joel and get his opinion on these two franchises and the due diligence process in general. My wife and I got on the phone with Joel and the hour went by very quickly. We were able to rule out one of the franchises which didn’t seem like a good match for my skill set based on Joel’s knowledge of that particular franchise. Joel then gave us some great advice on specific questions to ask existing franchisees for the franchise we were most interested in. Joel also gave us a suggestion for another franchise to look at in the same industry for comparison.

I feel Joel’s advice was invaluable and I would highly recommend him for anyone thinking about becoming a franchise owner. I feel with Joel you are getting objective advice as opposed to the bias you may find with a franchise broker and certainly with the franchise representative. As I continue the due diligence process it is nice to know that I can count on Joel for further consultation if needed.”

– Mitch Lazar, Former Anti-Submarine Helicopter Pilot For The US Navy

I was pretty focused on a particular franchise opportunity when I reached out to Joel Libava. In the course of a 1 hour conversation, Joel was able to ask questions and provide direct advice to help clarify the process for me and help guide me through the next steps in my vetting process. He even put me in contact with other professionals who were able to help educate me further in my particular industry. The time and money were well spent.”

-Brian Grayson, Cincinnati

Thank you Joel for your honesty and straightforwardness during our coaching session. Your expertise was very evident to me in our session together.”

– Allan Eng, Vancouver, B.C.

Thank you for all of your help and guidance, Joel Libava.  As I said before, I learned more working with you in 2 hours than I did working with a Franchise Broker…in 2 years. Your insights are invaluable.”

Review written by Jon Shultz, Lawn Doctor Franchisee

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the insightful information you are providing. I realize you have a business model that you are using, but you still provide a lot of great free information along the way. It is also abundantly clear that you are high integrity, which is the first thing I look for in anyone. I am happy to promote those who are champions. The amount of info you provide is invaluable, and well ahead of others in your industry.”

– Tom Columbia

consultations with the franchise king

Work With The Franchise King®

My franchise research included several in-depth conversations with the team at Heaven’s Best. We went back and forth for several months before I decided to move forward. I also spoke with Joel Libava outside of the Heaven’s Best organization to make sure I was on the right track.”

– Reuben Rock, Franchisee of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, from his interview

When I found myself without a job and looking for something VERY different than I had done in the past, I attended a presentation given by Joel. When I heard Joel’s presentation, he inspired me! I knew I wanted to look at franchises and I had my mind set on a pet related franchise. Joel helped me narrow my choices, and with his coaching and support I proceeded in a methodical way. Joel was very supportive and provided some practical guidelines. We also purchased his books. They became my road map and the rest is history. We now own Central Bark Doggy Day Care.”

central bark franchisee testimonial

– A Testimonial From Peggy Farrell-Kidd

We first met Joel after I left the corporate world almost 10 years ago. We knew from the start that Joel was genuinely interested in helping us find an endeavor that would support the lifestyle we were looking for. We liked his process, and he was supportive and very professional, never too pushy. We are very happy with the success of our growing business, and often think back to those early, important discussions with Joel.

Margie and Ray Toombs maid brigade franchise

– Margie Toombs, owner of Maid Brigade

Joel did a fantastic job by first taking the time to understand our needs & interests and then using that perspective to give us expert advice. In the vast world of franchise ideas it’s great to have Joel’s expertise as a guide.”

the franchise king reviews/testimonials from snap fitness franchisee pat mcccoy

– Patrick McCoy, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Snap Fitness

Joel did an excellent job of understanding my business and personal needs which resulted in him matching me up with a great business opportunity. He was very professional and thorough in his approach and takes his business on a very high and professional plane.”

– Mike Burzminski, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Batteries Plus

When people ask me the million dollar question would you do again, there is NO QUESTION that I would work with Joel Libava again. His advice to think longer term really helped me focus. “


– Dave Brewer, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Great Clips

We attended a seminar on franchising at a local outplacement firm presented by Joel Libava. His introduction to franchising really opened our eyes about all the different avenues available. We launched our business May 1st, and we really want to thank Joel for making this happen.”

– Gerald Krause, owner of PuroClean

Deciding to purchase a franchise is a huge decision and the key to making the right decision is doing the proper research. I tried to do that research on my own and I while I learned a lot, I knew I didn’t have enough information. What’s worse, I didn’t know the right questions to ask. Joel Libava was invaluable in helping me determine if franchising was right for me. He’s truly an expert in this field. If you are thinking of franchising, don’t do anything until you have talked to Joel.”

-Susan K., Chicago, Illinois

While performing my due diligence on a franchise I was interested in, I came across Joel’s website, contacted Joel and scheduled one of his franchise advisory sessions. Joel made several suggestions that helped me with my decision making process. I greatly appreciated his wealth of knowledge about franchises and his un-biased views.”

– Larry Nicholson, franchise buyer

I wish I had spoken with someone like Joel before I signed on the dotted line. Horror story; yes! I wish I had never bought the franchise I had bought. I live so far below the financial level I had 5 years ago. If you buy a franchise make sure you investigate the heck out of it.”

– Calvin Dennis, Former Franchise Owner

Testimonials And Reviews Of The Franchise King®: From Respected Outplacement/Career Professionals

Joel Libava is high energy, knows his stuff, and is easy to work with. I send all my retiree coaching clients who want to consider franchising directly to Joel. I highly recommend him!”

– Dick Dawson, Career Curve

Joel is a good friend and has been an excellent provider of franchise advisory services to a number of people that I know. He is extremely knowledgeable of the market and very honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend Joel and would be very comfortable using him personally.


– Rick Taylor, Ratliff And Taylor Outplacement

Joel is an expert in helping people explores franchise opportunities. He understands the process, and provides direction in the due diligence process.
I highly recommend working with Joel in the exploration of franchise opportunities.”

– Nada Norval, Sr. Vice President, Ratliff & Taylor Outplacement

There are many people in the franchise business who claim to be experts in the field. Unfortunately many of them lack both knowledge and integrity.
Joel is, without question, one of the most qualified and principled people I know, in or out of his industry.”

– Greg Reynolds, Director of Client Development, Dise & Company

Here’s The Text Of A Letter Written To Me

Dear Joel Libava,

When choosing a speaker, my college is strict on ensuring it is someone who is well established in their field and well respected and knowledgeable. They insist that the information given to the students be of the highest level. In short, I, the students were beyond amazed as you raised the bar higher than we thought anyone could. I can never repay your generous act – speaking to my students, but please know your time with my students will never be forgotten and has in fact lit a fire under everyone who heard you speak.

Thank you for being someone who helps to guide others in their pursuit of knowledge.

Professor Lisa O’Keefe
The College Of Westchester, New York

college class taught by joel libava

Testimonials About The Franchise King® From Top Small Business Experts

I’ve covered the world of franchising for a very long time and it’s rare to meet anyone with as much knowledge of and passion about it as Joel Libava. Joel is beholden to no one, and he’s one of the most honest voices in the industry. Joel educates and advocates. Who can ask for more than that?”

Rieva Lesonsky, Small Business Expert, Entrepreneur

– Rieva Lesonsky, CEO, President & Founder, GrowBiz Media, Former VP/Editor, Entrepreneur Magazine

Joel Libava, The Franchise King – is easily the most accomplished franchise advisor, his blog and website are chop-full of useful resources to help you understand the franchise industry.”


I’ve been working with Joel on blog posts and social media events and the like for a while now. I’ve referred to him often on my own blog and on Twitter because he’s a real expert in the area of franchising, a professional, easy to work with, and reliable. I trust his information on franchising a lot.”

mr. tim berry

– Tim Berry, President and founder, Palo Alto Software, Inc.

Anyone interested in franchise business ownership should start with Joel Libava’s book Become a Franchise Owner as a start-up guide. Then connect with Joel for even more depth and advise. He isn’t known as “The Franchise King” for nothing!

– Gail Gardner, Small Business Marketing Strategist

franchise research ebook

Joel is the consummate professional and a joy to work with. In reading Joel’s excellent articles that he contributes as an expert on the site, I can tell that he knows what he’s talking about. His counsel is informed, practical and in his clients’ best interests.”

– Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends LLC

For several years, Joel Libava has been an outstanding member of my Brain Trust, the largest community of small business experts in the world, representing the franchise industry. His perspectives and insights regarding this critical sector of the small business landscape have been invaluable to me and my audience. Clearly Joel is one of the top thought-leaders in the world of franchising and an important resource for anyone interested this business direction.”

jim blasingame 15 years

– Jim Blasingame, President, Small Business Network, Inc.

Joel is a fellow blogger for The U.S. Small Business Administration, and there are quite simply no limits to the expertise and passion he brings to all things franchise-related. He is collaborative, committed to success and quite simply the best in the business. Oh yes, he wears a crown well too!”

– Caron Beesley, Blogger,

“Joel is THE recognized pioneer in the Franchise industry. He is that rare breed of business consultant who combines high integrity, expert knowledge and the sensitivity to help his clients & ‘followers’ succeed. His leadership and friendship have been a genuine blessing in my life and anyone considering taking the plunge into entrepreneurship should contact Joel ASAP. His apt advice (powerful strategies that can be easily implemented) has been a vital resource for my network for years.

Franchising has been called, “one of the greatest business models ever invented.” In my opinion Joel is “one of the greatest business minds ever born!” —— YOU ARE THE MAN!

– Devin Cleary, Events Experience Strategist at HubSpot

As a business intermediary for over 15 years assisting business owners to sell their companies and business buyers to acquire companies, I would refer potential franchise buyers to Joel Libava because I knew that they would be assisted honestly, fairly and ethically in their business search. Because of his capabilities and integrity, I have invited Joel to be a guest lecturer on franchising for the entrepreneurial studies program at Ashland University. I confidently recommend that your family and you consider using Joel Libava as a professional advisor in your consideration of a franchise purchase.

– A Testimonial From Read Wakefield, Director, Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Ashland University

Joel is the go-to guy for information about franchising. He always provides reliable and interesting help about franchising and has his pulse on this sector of the economy. He’s also been very generous with his time and assistance to me as a small business owner. I highly recommend Joel.”

testimonials for joel libava

– Barbara Weltman, Author, Founder and Owner of Big Ideas for Small Business, Inc.

Joel tells it like it is. He is transparent, and doesn’t sugar coat the realities of franchise ownership, and the fact that it’s really not for everybody. Also, a social media guy to watch! Joel is always willing to help out!”

– Barry Moltz, Speaker, Author, Consultant

I have worked with Joel on several occasions with individuals looking to buy a franchise, including family members. Joel is very professional and does a nice job advising clients on whether franchising is a “good fit” for their situation as well as identifying franchises that make sense based on the their personal strengths and financial situation.

– John Bonfiglio, CPA

Joel is a fist-full of knowledge and energy. I love his style and his book. He’s taught me a thing or two about franchise businesses and he shares that generosity of knowledge with everyone else, too. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Joel speak and of getting to know him a bit on the circuit and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have in front of the room educating folks about franchise businesses and social media than him.”

– Jason Falls, CEO, Social Media Explorer LLC

Joel not only knows his stuff — but far more important — he knows how to communicate what he knows to the people he coaches, teaches and works with.
A man with his depth of knowledge is a valuable thing but a man of his character and passion is even rarer. Joel genuinely wants others to be successful and achieve their dreams and if he can help them get there — he will.

If you have the good fortune to work with Joel, you’ll not only learn from his wide range and depth of experience but from his work ethic, his commitment to excellence and his ethical outlook on business and life.”

– Drew McLellan, Top Dog, McLellan Marketing Group

I’ve been a fan of Joel’s for years. He’s picked a niche and made himself the undisputed expert. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to start a franchise or wanting to operate one more profitably.

testimonial gene marks small business expert

– Gene Marks, President, The Marks Group PC, Small Business Expert

Not only is Joel a thought leader in the world of franchise and entrepreneurship, he is one of those rare people who practices what he preaches. Always willing to assist his clients and colleagues to achieve their business goals, Joel offers a powerful combination of business prowess and communications strategy that spurs successful business growth and development.”

-Laura Petrolino, Chief Client Officer, Arment Dietrich

Joel is candid and honest. He’ll help you figure out if being a franchise owner and waking up every day to the trials and tribulations of a small business owner is something that you should do.”

– Steve Millard, President and Executive Director, COSE

I met Joel online a year ago and he immediately impressed me with his refreshing approach and impressive knowledge of franchising.
Joel doesn’t just fork out lame general information about becoming a franchisee; he guides you to maximize your strengths when you enter this adventure. I have three words for you, listen to Joel.

– John Falchetto, Business Coach

Joel doesn’t pull any punches. He is brutally honest and pro-franchise. But that doesn’t mean he thinks every franchise company is great. He’s very selective about who he takes on as a client. Franchising isn’t for everybody and Joel knows that. If you need help in exploring your options in franchise ownership you would be hard pressed to find someone better to work with than Joel.”

– Diane Helbig, Owner, Seize The Day Coaching

I love Joel’s enthusiasm and his insight to people and business. Love his blogs. He is the real thing and I am blessed to have him as a friend and a business colleague.”

– Nellie Akalp, CEO and Founder CorpNet

Joel is The Franchise King. I wouldn’t buy a franchise without Joel by my side!”

– John Warrillow, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

When seeking advice and information about investing in a franchise you need someone who is knowledgeable; who is honest and straight with you; and, most importantly, who cares. Joel Libava is a rarity, as he has all of these qualities.”

– Lizette Pirtle, CEO, Abundancia Enterprises

What I like best about Joel is that he’s not looking to push franchise sales. He’s a superior advocate for prospective franchise buyers, and shows total and fierce dedication to protecting their interests. Any potential buyer can consider him/herself in the best of hands when following his guidance. Whenever any of my contacts talk about buying or creating a franchise, Joel has always been – and continues to be – my ‘go-to’ guy. IMHO there is no other in his class. He is, and will always be, the indomitable Franchise King.”’

– Susie Sharp, Social Zense Media

I’m recommending Joel Libava because he is one of the smartest people around when it comes to making a franchise work profitably. Joel absolutely knows the business and works his butt off to make sure people are going in the right direction. If I ever run a franchise he’s the first person I’ll be calling for advice.”

– John Sternal, Sternal Consulting

Joel knows his stuff and manages to be everywhere at the same time. I’m still trying to figure out how that is possible. His work is second-to-none and he is a great guy to know. I highly recommended for everything except maybe becoming a professional athlete.”

– David Garland, President and CEO, The Rise To The Top℠

If you wanted the right advise on Franchising and making sure that franchise buyers don’t make mistakes in which they’ll lose their money Joel Libava is the best suited person to talk to. He’s a great networker and very likeable. He is also helpful and not at all unselfish and Joel’s a true expert on franchising.”

shashi bellamkonda

– Shashi Bellamkonda, The Social Swami

I’ve had the pleasure of ‘writing’ with Joel Libava as part of the Small Business Trends expert network. I’ve also seen Joel in action as a presenter at a variety of conferences. Joel is extremely knowledgeable about franchising and what it takes to be a successful franchise owner. He has already done the homework and can quickly and easily guide clients through the process.As a presenter, he is engaging, entertaining and by the time you step out of the room you feel like you’ve really learned something quickly, easily and painlessly.”

– Ivana Taylor, DIY

I’ve worked with Joel via Small Business Trends, a site focused on the small biz owner, and he is ever-ready with ideas and insights to help fellow biz owners. His approach in sharing information and serving first is also how I know he runs his franchise consulting practice. I have referred several people to him and can rest knowing he is taking good care of them. Extra good care.”

– TJ McCue, Founder, Sales Rescue Team

Joel is an authority in the world of franchising, and he is a great networker, helping business leaders make valuable connections and build relationships. I am glad to be a part of his circle!”
– Adina Genn, Writer, Author, Editor, Adina Genn Inc.

Joel has that rare combination of excellent business sense and a genuine passion to help others be successful. I have known him through his franchise business and sound financial advice. Few can equal his extensive knowledge of franchising and small business strategy. Joel is a good family man with a great sense of humor and absolute honesty. In his franchise business Joel takes the time to thoroughly understand his clients unique situation and make honest recommendations. I can recommend Joel without reservation for sound and honest business advice.”
– Vail Brown, CEO and Founder, SkilNet LLC

Testimonials From People In The Franchise Industry

how much to buy a burger king franchise

“As a founder of one of the first children’s yoga franchises nationwide, I was pleased to have discovered Joel, aka ‘The Franchise King.’ Joel has been an amazing source of information in the world of Franchising to myself as a franchisor. He is very knowledgeable in the field of franchising and the do’s and don’ts for an owner.

His franchise blogs and social media often offer free links to articles with the most updated franchise info which is relevant and current in the world of franchising.

Joel’ s knowledge in the franchise world makes him my top choice to follow and refer to anyone seeking information on franchising, or purchasing an existing franchise.

I highly recommend following Joel aka ‘The Franchise King.'”

– Doreen Foxwell Owner and founder of The Children’s School of Yoga

“My King is the best in the business at bringing news, opinion, and industry data to the marketplace. Without his diligence we would not have that information from which to make our decisions. He understands the business of franchising, and why it is so successful. Through his work, he institutes a wonderful service and I look forward to his weekly reports for actionable issues and new franchise business intelligence. Look to The Franchise King® for straightforward views of our industry.

– Jerry Wilkerson, Founder, Franchise Recruiters Ltd., and Former President of the International Franchise Association

“Joel is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful about all things franchising, and responsive to inquiries made by his clients. Very accessible and approachable, and makes the process of buying, selling or marketing a franchise a lot less intimidating!”

– Dave Hydock, CEO, Deck Rescue franchise

“Thanks for having the best content and resources on your site and blog….you are a force in franchising!”

franchise testimonials

Debbia Blacher, Founder and CEO, Wholesome Tummies Franchise

“Joel is one of the few resources I can rely on to provide fair and accurate assessments of what is REALLY going on in franchising. My work with established and new brands sometimes requires that I spend extended periods of time in emerging markets and Joel’s Franchise King Blog provides me with valuable information on current topics, keeping me up-to-date on franchise development issues here at home. His tell-it-like-it-is approach is tempered with a sense of humor which makes for a good read. Keep up the good work!”

Kathleen McDonald, International Franchise Development Consultant

We have worked with Joel for years; Whatta guy! Loyal, dedicated and willing to take on extra work if it means helping all. I would definitely want Joel Libava in my corner any time.

– Rhonda Sanderson, President, Sanderson & Associates PR

“Joel is one of the biggest innovators in the franchising world. He a rare thing: an independent, authoritative and resourceful voice on the industry. He’s a good friend to anyone trying to figure out whether or not to invest in a franchise.”

Donald Cranford, Editor, Franchise Direct

“Joel is one of the best in the franchise business. He is a trusted advisor, knows his industry well and is a great resource for those interested in learning about or pursuing franchise ownership. I highly recommend his services.”

Todd Weiss, CFA, President of Sunshine Consulting Ltd, Franchise Brokerage & Consulting

“Joel Libava has become famous in the franchise world for his modern, smart take on franchise opportunities for interested investors. He has huge readership and his featured articles are a great place to start learning the ropes of owning a gym franchise without getting too bogged down in technical language.”

tapout fitness

From an article on the TAPOUT™ FITNESS Franchise website

“Joel is a straight shooter and definitely one of the good guys in franchising. His enthusiasm and energy are matched only by his experience and understanding of franchising. He’s conscientious and dedicated to helping individuals navigate the difficult waters of franchising to reach their goals of business ownership.”

Sean Kelly, Owner, IdeaFarm

“Joel is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He has been in this business for years (and experience in this business matters a great deal) and has a great approach to working with clients. He has definite opinions…which are very helpful because his opinions are founded on years of research, experience, and really seeing the ins and outs of the industry.”

Adrienne Leigh, Business and Franchise Broker

“Joel is a very creative and techno-savvy individual that serves his clients with excitement and enthusiasm. He is an expert on social media particularly as it relates to the franchise industry. I would highly recommend Joel to both franchisors and potential franchisees.”

Anne Barr, CFE, Franchise Consultant

“Joel, I think you epitomize what franchise experts should be like.”

– Marty McDermott, Franchise Interviews Radio

“Joel was instrumental with our entrance into social media for franchise development. The blog continues to help improve our SEO rankings and the content is always timely and informative. I would recommend Joel Libava for your social media content/marketing needs.”

– James Young, President, Spring-Green Lawn Care Franchise

Testimonials From Franchise Attorneys

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“In the franchising industry, it’s sometimes tough to know who you can trust. Joel Libava is one of the good guys. He has his clients’ best interests at heart and his passion, experience and honesty is invaluable for anyone interested in pursuing a franchise. I look to Joel as one of the true experts in the franchise industry.”

Rush Nigut, Attorney / Shareholder, Brick Gentry, P.C.

Joel is an individual who goes beyond his profession and industry, he is a man of integrity, dedication and exceptional knowledge. When it comes to franchising and making a “franchising decision”, Joel is one individual who should be sought out.

franchise attorneys testimonials

– Charles Internacola, Partner, The Internicola Law Firm, PC

“I hired the The Franchise King® to be my expert witness in a case involving adequate franchisee capitalization. He did a GREAT job, which helped me get the case settled! I’d use The Franchise King® again, and would recommend him to anyone!”

– Rick Richmond, Partner, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Joel literally wrote the book on becoming a franchise owner. He is very knowledgeable (and very forthcoming) about the ins and outs of buying into a franchise system. I recommend Joel for concrete advice on evaluating the business end of franchise opportunities.”

Jeffrey Fabian, Attorney, Fabian, LLC

“Joel is very conscientious, professional, knowledgeable and thorough.”
Jack Kurant, Wachter Kurant

“I have known Joel for a number of years both personally and professionally. Joel is not only extremely knowledgeable about business and franchises, but he’s a person of the highest integrity. I recommend Joel regularly and enthusiastically.”

Jeff Nischwitz-Attorney/Entrepreneur

5 star image courtesy of Estoy Aquí, Wikimedia

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