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If You Love Dogs, You’re Going To Love This Franchise Opportunity

Pet Butler Franchise
Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.”

– Thom Jones

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

It’s been estimated that there are ruffly 90,000,000 dogs in the U.S.

And whether they’re romping around with their human families, guarding homes and businesses, or spending lazy summer days napping in the shade, all dogs share one thing in common. They poop.

Wait. I lied. There’s actually something else they have in common.

Doggies Don’t Clean Up After Themselves.

But if you’re the owner of a Pet Butler franchise, that’s actually a good thing. The more poop the better.*

*Note: Dog feces must be picked up and disposed of properly. That’s because viruses and parasites like Parvovirus, Hookworm, Whipworm, Roundworm, Coccidia and Giardia can be contained in the feces. And that’s how those nasty things are spread. Okay. Enough of that for now.


pet butler franchise opportunity


A Business For Dog Lovers

If you’ve been thinking about becoming the owner of a franchise, and you love dogs, wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the two?

1. A business that revolves around dogs.
2. A business you own.

If that combination sounds attractive, you owe it to yourself to look into Pet Butler.


The Pet Butler Franchise: What Do Franchise Owners Do?

As a Pet Butler franchise owner, you’ll offer:

  • Residential weekly, biweekly, every other week, and even monthly routine cleanings
  • One-time residential clean ups
  • Commercial routine and one-time cleanings
  • Dog waste station placement

I know what you’re thinking.

How can this be a “business?”

Do people really pay for this service?

If you haven’t quite wrapped your arms around Pet Butler, and the recurring revenue model of a dog poop pickup service, the video below may help.

P.S. Stay tuned, as Pet Butler may decide to offer more services that all pet owners need.



So, what are your thoughts now?

Do you think there may a need for this poop-scooping service?

Keep going. There’s more.

Check out what Mark Schlicher, the Pet Butler franchise owner in Saline Michigan said about the opportunity:

I was looking for an entry point into the residential services sector, but I wanted something new and different and something we could have a little fun with that would be embraced by the community and also offer growth potential. Pet Butler checked those boxes for me.”

Pet Butler Franchise Opportunity: Franchise Owner Information

As a franchise owner, it’s crucial for you to be able to focus on revenue-generation and business growth.

That’s why the team at Pet Butler provides back office support.

Specifically, the Pet Butler National Call Center has a team of professionals who answer all of your sales and service calls.

They then schedule your service calls, and even process payments from your customers.

The bottom line?

As a Pet Butler franchise owner, you get to be out and about servicing existing customers and securing new ones, while the back office team at headquarters takes care of the details.


Pet Butler Franchise Cost

Your total upfront investment in a Pet Butler franchise, including a super-low franchise fee of $12,500, ranges from $44,452-$47,890.

That makes the Pet Butler franchise opportunity an especially attractive choice for dog lovers who want to be their own boss.

To learn more, fill out the form below, and someone from Pet Butler headquarters (who loves dogs) will contact you.