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The publishing date of my book, “Become A Franchise Owner!” doesn’t matter. 

That’s because the same things apply to searching, researching, and buying a franchise in 2024. 

That said, I wrote “Become A Franchise Owner! The Startup Guide To Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do” in the Spring and Summer of of 2011. 

If you want to own a business, and you feel the franchise route is worth a look, you’ll find my book helpful. In a big way.

Own A Business: Become A Franchise Owner!

If you want to learn how to become a successful franchise owner, you need to do so in a methodical way. My franchise book offers several useful things that anyone looking at buying a franchise will find helpful. No matter what type of franchise you’re interested in owning.


  • A self-evaluation tool to help you discover if you’re “franchise material
  • A specific step-by-step way to choose the right franchise for your specific situation
  • Tips on locating information about current industry trends on franchise opportunities
  • Ways to find the hottest franchises around
  • 40 crucial research questions to ask current franchise owners

And a whole lot more!

become a franchise owner! franchising books

The Reviews Are In For My Franchising Book, Become A Franchise Owner!

To date, there are over 50 reviews on the website. Here are a few of them:

Investing in a franchise is not an inexpensive venture. Having read Joel’s book I have a clear idea of how to do detailed research before signing a franchise contract. It can certainly make the difference between success and failure. Joel’s franchising book is easy to read and you can sense that he truly is interested in giving you the best chance at success by the many examples he has given. He has walked you through step-by-step the entire process form determining whether you are franchisee material to meeting with the franchiser to business planning and securing financing. This is a must read for anyone thinking of purchasing a franchise. Joel truly is The Franchise King.”

– Janie Cox

This book and an hour or so of consultation with Joel is what led my son and I to ultimately move forward with our decision to purchase a Window Genie franchise. We opened our business last November (2014). It has been a wild ride so far but I am not sure we would have had the guts to move forward without all of the advice Joel provided in this book.”

– Grey Pyles, Window Genie Franchisee

I really enjoyed this book because it didn’t waist my time and got right to the point. As a prospective franchisee I found information in this book that will definitely save me time and ensure that I don’t leave any stone unturned in the course of my due diligence. Mr. Libava elucidates both the emotional and analytical process of making wise decisions in the selection of a franchise and he does it in an entertaining manner. I highly recommend this book as a starting point for anybody thinking about becoming a franchise owner.”

-Mitchell Lazar

I just finished Joel Libava’s Become a Franchise Owner and I was thrilled. Finally there is a book that gets into the nitty-gritty of what you have in store for you if you go down the franchise path. The book is very comprehensive (and incredibly well-written) and will truly help you to evaluate if franchising is the path of your dreams or a potential nightmare. Joel Libava’s Insights, exercises and concepts laid out in easy to understand language make this a must-do on your path to franchising.”

– Carol Roth, “America’s Greatest Maker’s” Judge, business owner, author of The Entrepreneur Equation

There is no question that Joel certainly has considerable experience and insight into the franchise industry. The most compelling aspect of this publication is that Joel is not delivering a hard sell for the franchise business model. A large portion of this book is focused on providing prospective franchisees with a reality check on the business model, expectations, challenges, and obstacles along with the benefits of being your own boss and in charge of your professional destiny.”

– Jack Spain

Joel Libava has made many outstanding contributions to the franchising community since he took on the role of the Franchise King. He has worked tirelessly to help people find the right franchise for them. His new book pools that lifetime’s knowledge into a handy and wonderfully-readable book called Become A Franchise Owner.”

-Donald Cranford, Franchise Direct

I’m very grateful for those reviews, and for the support I’ve received from the franchise and small business community.

Franchise Books: Become A Franchise Owner! Entrepreneur® Magazine Story

A few months after my franchise book came out, I was contacted by the editorial team at Entrepreneur Magazine. They wanted to do a feature interview for their magazine.

Here’s what I shared as part of that magazine interview:

It is so important for people to figure out before they even start looking around if they are really right for franchising,” says the former franchise broker, who has turned his allegiance to franchisees over the last two years. “There’s this myth created by franchise marketing that franchises are businesses-in-a-box or turnkey businesses. It creates a false sense of security, and people think all they have to do is write a $35,000 check for the franchise fee and get $100,000 from the bank, and then they’ll be rockin’ and rollin’. That’s the part I fight every day. You have to make sure you have the right traits and characteristics needed for franchising, or you’re going to fail.”

Jason Daley, the writer who interviewed me for the story added the following:

That may sound harsh, but Libava believes weeding out bad candidates upfront will strengthen franchising in the long run. In fact, the idea that one should look inward before buying a franchise takes up much of his book, Become a Franchise Owner!, which also walks readers through the history of franchising, finding the right fit, reading an FDD, attending a Discovery Day and, finally, signing the contract.”


become a franchise owner book from the franchise king joel libava

The Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, grab my book! Thousands of others have.

Thinking about a franchise is a huge decision! Looking around the Internet or have some rough idea? Well absolutely do yourself a favor and buy this book.

” An excellent comprehensive overview from a very knowledgeable party. Joel Libava The author, otherwise known as the franchise king, online, gives you extensive information on how to evaluate a franchise. Questions specifically to ask. How to narrow down your selection. And how to minimize your risk and get the information you need. Filled with a logical process, excellent ideas and numerous resources.

And to top it all off…Joel is not boring but actually funny and entertaining. He is passionate and amusing, while sharing a huge amount of information. lastly he’ll give you a bunch of free information on his website at the franchise But do yourself a favor and get this book BEFORE you doing any more poking around the internet, truly outstanding!

– Jan Ferry-Axman

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