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I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I’m the author of two books and an expert on how to buy a franchise. In addition, I’m a Franchise Ownership Advisor, working 1-1 with people who want to explore franchise ownership.

My mission is to provide all aspiring franchise owners trustworthy, useful, and timely information on all aspects of buying and owning a franchise business. Above all, my aim is to make sure you don’t lose your money on a franchise.

How? A few ways.


The Information And Resources I Provide On This Website And Blog

The Franchise website and (award-winning) blog was created to teach you an effective way to choose, research and buy a profitable franchise, so you can be confident about your decision to become your own boss through franchising. Everything you need to know about franchising is located here. Hopefully, you’ll like my straightforward (topped off with a dash of sarcasm and humor) style. 

FYI: I’m proud to say that The Franchise King Blog is the longest-running blog in franchising.



After writing a review of a marketing book, the editor of said book emailed me. She wanted to know if I’d be interested in writing a much-needed book on how to buy a franchise.

After a couple of months of hard-fought negotiations pertaining to the size of my advance ($$) and the number of complimentary hardcover books that would be shipped to The Castle, I agreed and starting pounding away on my keyboard.

8 months later, several copies of “Become A Franchise Owner! The Startup Guide To Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do” were delivered to me (to sell) a few hours before a speaking gig I had secured at an event in New York City.

My popular, well-reviewed book on franchising offers straightforward, step-by-step tips and advice on how to properly (and carefully) research and select a profitable franchise to own.

“There is no question that Joel certainly has considerable experience and insight into the franchise industry. The most compelling aspect of this publication is that Joel is not delivering a hard sell for the franchise business model. A large portion of this book is focused on providing prospective franchisees with a reality check on the business model, expectations, challenges, and obstacles along with the benefits of being your own boss and in charge of your professional destiny.” – From a review on Amazon.


Book #2

My second book is a self-published eBook.

The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research” is chock full of specific research techniques, tips, and tricks you can use right away to get the answers you need about the franchise opportunities you’re looking at.

In a nutshell, everything I know about researching franchises…about getting to the truth about both profitability and franchisee satisfaction, are included in my overpriced research guide.

best franchise research book from a franchise expert

Your guide was incredibly helpful in preparing me for franchisee validation calls with the franchises I am looking at. Made the validation calls easier for both sides since I was prepared with good questions to ask. I will be in touch soon before I attend any discovery days to get some independent consulting from you.

– David Pierce, Franchisee, PMI of Orlando, Florida


I’m honored to have written articles on franchising for several major publications.  Like:

  • The New York Times (online)
  • Fortune®
  • Entrepreneur®
  • Small Business Trends
  • The Huffington Post
  • American Express
  • Franchise Direct

And others.

In addition, I was the exclusive writer on franchising for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s blog (for 8 years), helping put the idea of owning a franchise franchise in front of millions of readers.

In addition, and helped the SBA team recruit other small business experts to write for their platform. 

This is the part where you find out how much you’ll benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained as a franchise industry expert and insider.


The Truth

I’m not sure how it happened or exactly when it happened, but I’ve become a relentless pursuer of the truth.

For example, when I hear about “a hot new franchise that sold 75 franchises in their first year,” I need to find out why.

But more importantly (here’s where you come in), when I work with someone who’s looking at an extremely fast-growing franchise, I’m not shy about telling them the truth (from an insider’s perspective) about franchises that grow too fast.

For instance, do you know difficult it is for a brand-new franchisor to support 10-15 new franchisees-let alone 50-75 franchisees in the first year?

Heck, it’s brutal just finding the right real estate for new franchisees.

My point is this:

There’s a lot of stuff I know about franchising. I’m talking about hundreds of things you can’t possibly know unless you’ve been in the business as long as I have.

And I’m the only one that’s going to tell you everything.



My Focus

I tell you everything because I focus my energy on helping people who want to take their shot at owning a business. But there’s more.

Everything I do leads to the same place.

A place of safety.

I want to keep you safe from all of the sharks in my industry.

Safe from the people who consistently put cashing their commission checks before your safety.

Bluntly, you need to know that once they sell you…or “match” you to a franchise, they’re pretty much gone. But not me. I’m here for you before, during and after you become a franchise owner. Why is that?

Because I’m not a seller of franchises.

I’m an advisor for the people who buy them.

New For 2024!

You may not know this, but I help a small number of franchisors with their digital marketing needs

Stuff like lead generation, content marketing, and SEO.

So if you’re a franchisor, and you’d like me to help you grow your brand and get you in front of highly-qualified prospective franchisees, let me know. 

Where To Find Me

I’m super-active on all of the major social media platforms. Follow me on:



In addition, I continue to write articles for Franchise Direct on a monthly basis.

Finally, while owning a franchise business isn’t for everyone, if you have the money, are willing to follow rules/procedures, and are prepared to work really hard, the world is your oyster.

One more thing:

I encourage you to read what others say about me.

Income Disclosure:

In addition to the income I make from my books and Franchise Ownership Consultations, I make money from advertising, freelance writing, “Sponsored Posts,” marketing bonuses from franchisors, and affiliate product sales.

Press Page

I have a (franchise) dream.

One day, in the not so distant future, franchise companies…

Will ONLY award franchises to people who are the best of the best, and who have more than enough money to succeed as franchisees.

On that same day, aspiring franchise owners will ONLY sign their franchise agreements and send in their franchise fees to franchisors they’ve thoroughly researched. Again, that they’ve thoroughly researched.

I’m focused on making that day happen.

#franchises #franchising #thefranchiseking


Back Over To You

From here on out, it’s about you. About your desire to be your own boss. And how to do so in a whip-smart way.

That said, here are 3 recommendations for you to get the ball rolling.

1. Go to my blog, so you can start reading useful articles
2. Take 15-20 minutes to thoroughly read How To Buy A Franchise, which has been read by thousands of people-just like you.
3. Get my free franchise news updates and tips.

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Who is The Franchise King®?

Joel Libava is The Franchise King®.

Why is Joel Libava The Franchise King®?

Because Joel is considered to be a top franchise expert, who’s straightforward and honest style appeals to many people looking to buy a franchise. But he didn’t come up with the name himself. Tom Sudow, who at the time was the director of one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in Ohio, named him “The Franchise King” at a conference. Then Joel’s friend, Jim Kukral, convinced him to have the name trademarked.

Has The Franchise King® written any books?

Yes. He wrote “Become a Franchise Owner!” (Wiley Publishing), and “The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research (Self-Published).

What does The Franchise King® specialize in?

Joel Libava specializes in consulting with and teaching today’s franchise buyers how to safely choose, research, and buy a profitable franchise.

Has The Franchise King® written a lot of articles on franchising?

Yes! Joel has shared his knowledge of franchising on the U.S. Small Business Administration website, The New York Times® online, Fortune® Magazine, Entrepreneur®, Business Insider®, Franchise Direct®, Small Business Trends®, The Huffington Post® and more. He’s also been interviewed hundreds of times on radio and television.