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Subway® Franchise Opens In Polygamist Community


A Subway® franchise has opened up in a closed community. A community that believes that one wife is just not enough for today's men. A FLDS Community.... The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located  in Short Creek, Hildale, Utah. You know about them, right?     About FLDS Well, just in case you don't know what the teachings of this ... Read More

Tubby’s Sub Sandwich Shop May Need Creative Franchise Marketing Help

sub sandwich shops

With a name like Tubby's.... The name of this Michigan-based sub sandwich franchise chain came from the a popular comic strip character with the same name. That's good to know, but how can Tubby's new owners get around the name. A name that (to a lot of people) means "One that's overweight." Wait. Why am I being so gentle...so politically direct? That's not me. I'm sorry. It will never ... Read More

The NLRB Franchise Business Decision: How Scary Is it?

franchise decisions

The NLRB Ruling could change the franchise business as we know it. I know that's a dramatic statement...and I'm really not into drama, but their decision is  kind of scary. Keep reading to see why...   The NLRB Franchise Business Decision The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently announced that its Office of the General Counsel is going to name McDonald’s as a “joint ... Read More

Working From Home Franchise Businesses

nice office space

Are you looking to buy a franchise that you can run from home? Does working from home sound attractive to you? Are there legitimate franchise opportunities and business opportunities that offer the chance to work from a home office?   Working From Home Franchise Businesses There are  lots of franchises that allow you to work from home. Home-based franchises are popular, and ... Read More

This Franchise Is Now 1,000 Locations Strong


Hitting the 1,000 franchise location mark is a huge accomplishment. Most franchisors don't hit it. That's because it's extremely difficult. Heck, hitting 100 franchise locations is hard. So, would you like to know what franchise concept just reached 1,000 franchise locations?     This Franchise Is Now 1,000 Locations Strong Massage Envy Spa®. This feel-good franchise ... Read More

California Franchisees To Get More Rights

california bill

If SB 610 passes in the California State Senate-like it's expected to, it's going to be a lot harder for franchisors to toss problem or low-performing franchisees out of their systems. Not, that it was ever easy...   California Franchisees To Get More Rights If you're one of thousands of California franchisees, you will soon be able to rejoice in the fact that you will have a lot more ... Read More

Franchise Business Systems: Communicating Effectively


(Guest post) Anyone familiar with the telephone effect understands that communication isn't as simple as it certainly should be. Yet, in the 21st Century, word travels on a dizzying amount of mediums, making the old game whispered ear-to-ear truly child’s play compared to the challenges most franchises face daily. Although it may appear impossible to keep a complex network of people on the same ... Read More