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25 Food Franchises That Are Hot In The Great White North


Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas referred to Canada as "The Great White North," during their many appearances on SCTV. The show was hilarious. Many people first saw the late John Candy on SCTV.  Several other really funny people starred on the show over the years. Before I share 25 food franchises that are hot in "The Great White North," here's a two-minute skit featuring Moranis and Thomas ... Read More

Franchisors: Get More Organized So You Can Award More New Franchises

It has long been thought that organization is they key to success. This may no longer be true in today’s digital age. Business moves faster than the speed of light, so everything you can do to shave precious minutes off your work can improve your franchise’s bottom line and allow you to expand your business.     That's right: You'll be able to sell more new franchises if you can ... Read More

Franchise Business Tip: Don’t Get Derailed

derailed by friends

I've worked with people who have been derailed by well-meaning friends and relatives. It's not a pretty sight. They've talked themselves out of the franchise opportunity they were starting to get interested in after "hearing something" from a well-meaning, but totally (or partially) unqualified family member or friend. How sad. Try not to allow that to happen to you. Scratch ... Read More

ADP Franchise Report Shows 21,360 Jobs Added In August


21,360 franchise jobs added looks like a pretty good number. But, according to Ahu Yildirmaz, VP and head of the ADP Research Institute, this job growth was slightly below the twelve-month average in August. On a positive note, she said it was better than July. So, are things looking up?   August U.S. Economic Report Just In: Employers added just 142,000 jobs last month, sharply lower ... Read More

The Starbucks Franchise Experiment

working on something

Starbucks is going a different direction. They're not awarding franchises anymore. They're done. Just like that. It's over. Kapoot. For now.   The Starbucks Franchise Experiment They got us. When Starbucks announced that is was going to start offering franchises, thousands of people (I'm assuming) contacted headquarters. The Announcement: STARBUCKS IS FINALLY SELLING ... Read More

Subway® Franchise Opens In Polygamist Community


A Subway® franchise has opened up in a closed community. A community that believes that one wife is just not enough for today's men. A FLDS Community.... The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located  in Short Creek, Hildale, Utah. You know about them, right?     About FLDS Well, just in case you don't know what the teachings of this ... Read More

Tubby’s Sub Sandwich Shop May Need Creative Franchise Marketing Help

sub sandwich shops

With a name like Tubby's.... The name of this Michigan-based sub sandwich franchise chain came from the a popular comic strip character with the same name. That's good to know, but how can Tubby's new owners get around the name. A name that (to a lot of people) means "One that's overweight." Wait. Why am I being so gentle...so politically direct? That's not me. I'm sorry. It will never ... Read More