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Cyber Attacks: Should Franchise Owners Worry About Them?


Are you a franchise owner? If so, should you worry about cyber attacks? The answer: Yes. Should you lose sleep over the possibility of a cyber attack on your franchise business? The answer: No.   Cyber Attacks: Should Franchise Owners Worry About Them? Cyber attacks are ugly. They have the potential to wipe out a lot of data, and can really hurt your business. And, they ... Read More

Franchising Is A Scam

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That’s right. Franchising is just a big-old scam. With a capital “S.” Are you surprised to see a statement like that coming from me? The Franchise King®? What’s the deal? After all, I’m the guy who for years has been 100% focused on providing useful franchise tips, information and advice to prospective franchise owners from around the world. I want people to buy franchises! I want ... Read More

The Magic Of Franchise Financing

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(Guest post) Can you become rich by opening up a franchise? Possibly! However, if you're able to open 5 or 10 successful franchise locations, you’re more likely to get rich. The good news is that a business owner that is able to successfully operate one franchise location, is likely to be able to get financing to opening additional franchise locations at very attractive interest rates and ... Read More

Franchise Opportunities: Opening A UPS Store

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(Sponsored Post) I've never met anyone who hasn't heard of The UPS Store®. It’s quite difficult to ignore a brand that has over 4400 units operating in the U.S. It’s quite the franchise. It doesn't hurt that the UPS® brand itself, the parent company of the franchise, has been around since 1907. Fact: UPS is the world's largest package delivery company. Using the most advanced technology, ... Read More

90 7-Eleven Franchises For Sale In New York

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There well over 8,000 7-Eleven locations in the U.S. and Canada: More than 6,000 are owned and operated by franchisees. 7-Eleven retail franchises are very familiar across most of the U.S. The executive team at 7-Eleven headquarters wants it to be a 100% franchised here. Can it be done? Fact: 7-Eleven stores number 53,000+in 16 countries; 87 percent of them are 7-Eleven ... Read More

How To Change The Franchise World As A Franchisee

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Before I share my thoughts and ideas on how franchisees can change the franchise world, it’s important for you to understand where my Crown head is at…where I’m coming from. Let’s begin.     My Baggage It comes with me wherever I go. Your  baggage comes with you too, although you may not be aware of it. By “baggage” I mean the things I've experienced. In this post on ... Read More

Franchise Trends: Is Pizza Getting Hot Again?

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I was talking to my friend Barney last week . He's very knowledgeable about the food industry, and is one of very few people I know in franchising who, like me, actually worked in food-service. Now, when I say "worked in food service," in Barney's case, he was an Owner. Barney owned several food concessions at a major university.  Me-I wasn't a food-service business Owner. Instead, I was in ... Read More