A Proper Introduction To Franchising


Franchise Business University is now open for enrollment. If you're looking into franchise ownership, or are thinking of doing so, check it out.   A Proper Introduction To Franchising Summer (for some) is a great time to work on detail-oriented projects. Lots of people are out of school, or on vacation. The sun is out. Beaches (except the ones that have been visited by sharks as of ... Click to continue

Franchising: NLRB Decision Won’t Help Unions Weasel Their Way In

unions nlrb

Union officials are fooling themselves if they think the recent NLRB decision will help them weasel their way into the franchise industry. I mean really? I'm sure that thousands of workers-the ones who are already just scraping by on 9 bucks an hour are going to be enthusiastic about paying an initiation fee to join a union-and then have money taken out of their measly paychecks each and every ... Click to continue

Why You Buy Warm Lemonade On A 90 Degree Day

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When I think of hot weather, my mind doesn't immediately think of the wonderful vacations I've taken in places like North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, or even the Bahamas. I don't go back in time to when I lived in hot, dry West Texas, or even hotter and drier Las Vegas, either. Nope. I think of when we visited Washington D.C. In the summer. Then I think of the day we watched ... Click to continue

A Sleeping Bag Was My Bed For 3 Months And I Felt Like A Rock Star

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For a while there, my morning ritual started with The Unzipping Of My Sleeping Bag-as opposed to just getting out of bed like most of my fellow earthlings. Most of the day was usually uphill after that. I'm grateful that I only had to do that-The Unzipping Of My Sleeping Bag, for 3 months or so. And, no...I wasn't homeless. (Thank G-d)   To West Texas, With Love I lived in West ... Click to continue

Buying A Franchise? Here’s How To Get Unlimited 1-On-1 Advice

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If you're thinking about buying a franchise, you're going to need advice. But, not just any, old advice. Real advice. Useful advice. Straightforward, no-fluff advice. Proven advice. Check out what Rieva Lesonsky, (who worked at Entrepreneur Magazine® as the Senior VP and Editorial Director from 1983-2008) said about me: "In my 30+ years of covering small business and ... Click to continue

Franchise Business/Small Business Links: J.J. Ramberg And More

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I just finished searching far and wide for interesting and important franchise/small business news and tidbits. I hope you'll like what I found. If so, don't be shy: click the share buttons and share, share, share! Thank you. And, please follow me on Twitter @FranchiseKing: I share a ton of franchise and small business information + links to tons of franchise ownership tips each and every ... Click to continue

Ray Kroc: The Entrepreneur Who Built The McDonald’s Franchise

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Ray Kroc was a true entrepreneur. He knew he was on to something after seeing the McDonald brothers' hamburger restaurant in action.   Ray Kroc Is My Personal (Business) Hero Ray (Raymond Albert Kroc) is my personal franchise business hero. He's someone who should be a hero to everyone who is part of the franchise industry. Franchise owners everywhere owe Ray a debt of gratitude. ... Click to continue

Franchise Opportunity: Own Something Big

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(Sponsored Post) Big. Would you like to own something big...something with big potential? Something that very few people have? Something that could help you reach your true potential? Something you've heard of, but never knew exactly what it was? Keep reading. I'm going to share some information about a franchise opportunity with you. One that you may not know about. But, one ... Click to continue