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Buy A Franchise With Confidence

I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, and the author of a couple of books on buying and researching franchises. I’m also a Franchise Ownership Advisor.

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If you work with me, I’ll use my 23 years of franchising industry experience to show you how to buy a franchise with confidence.

Here’s what Rieva Lesonsky, the former editor of Entrepreneur® Magazine says about me:

In my 40+ years covering small business and franchising, I’ve never met anyone more invested in helping other people make the right decision that Joel Libava. He’s so concerned about potential franchise owners, so determined to help you make the right decision, you would think he’s investing his own money.”

Would you like some help from me?

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Here’s A Short List Of The Things I Can Help You With

Work with me so you can:

  • Establish if franchise business ownership is really something you should be looking into, so you’ll know if you’re headed in the right direction
  • Learn how to calculate your maximum budget for a franchise, so you can keep your financial risk low
  • Get help customizing your search for the right franchise, so you can focus on buying a franchise business that make sense for you in your unique situation
  • Discover where the best franchise opportunities to own can be found, so you don’t waste lots of time looking in places that don’t have what you want
  • Get advice and ideas on specific franchise sectors and opportunities to avoid, so you can look at the winners
  • Master my powerful and proven franchise research techniques, so you can buy a franchise with confidence
  • Learn how to get useful, no-spin answers from franchise sales representatives and franchise company executives
  • Discover unique ways to get income information from current franchisees
  • Find out how to quickly break through the clutter, so you can quickly get the facts you need about the franchises you’re interested in
  • Nail down how long it will take for you to make money as a franchisee
  • Uncover how much money you’ll be able to make (minus the royalty fees) as a franchisee
  • Avoid getting roped-in by franchise salespeople
  • Get an unbiased evaluation (from me) of the franchise opportunities you’re looking into, so you don’t buy the wrong franchise
  • Discover how franchise consultants/brokers/coaches work, and advice on what you need to watch out for
  • Find out where to find the best franchise financing options
  • Find out where you can get help with your franchise business plan
  • Discover hidden (and helpful) small business resources located right in your community
  • Learn where to find a competent franchise attorney who will protect your interests, so you can sleep better at night
  • Get specific ways to lower your risk while increasing your chances of success as a franchise owner

And a whole lot more.

When my husband and I decided to look into becoming first time franchise owners, we did not want to work with a franchise broker who is paid by the franchises. Instead, we wanted to hire an independent consultant to coach us in choosing a high quality franchise opportunity that matched our talents and interests. We needed an expert in the field of franchising who knows the industry inside and out and is a highly ethical person. We found this in Joel Libava.

Joel is honest, forthright, and genuinely cares about his clients. He always answered our calls and emails right away and made himself available whenever we needed him. We benefitted greatly from his legal, financing, and other franchise related contacts. Following the clear steps outlined in his books, ‘Become a Franchise Owner!’ and ‘The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research’ was easy, even for two professionals with no formal business education or franchise background. We used the dozens and dozens of insightful and helpful questions included in Joel’s books to interview franchisors and franchisees. My husband and I absolutely could not have done this without Joel. We highly recommend Joel to anyone considering opening a franchise business.”

– Lisa and John Paulson, Owners, Hand and Stone Massage franchise (Coming Soon!)

Who I Typically Work With

The men and women who work with me have an average net worth of $750,000. That means some have a $600,000 net worth and some have a $2 million net worth. Or more.

Not only that, they’ve had corporate careers. Some of their job titles have included:

  • VP of Marketing, Sales, or Operations
  • Sales Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Pilot
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • CIO
  • CEO
  • President
  • Rocket Scientist (really!)

And several others.

Granted, I’ve worked with current small business owners who’ve wanted to add a franchise business to their holdings. But for the most part, the people I’ve worked with over the past 20+ years have been unhappy or downsized corporate employees.

Finally, I’ve found that the people who choose to work with me appreciate the fact that I’m not getting paid a brokerage commission from the franchisors.

Translation: I have no incentive to push you toward a specific franchise opportunity. Namely, I don’t sell or broker franchises.

In short, I’m paid for my proven knowledge, specific advice, and for keeping you out of harm’s way by making sure you aren’t headed in the wrong direction.

But why should you trust me?

Here’s the way I look at it:
Sooner or later you’ll need to trust someone. Right?

In this case, the best way to do that is to set up a complimentary call with me.

During our call together, we’ll talk about where you’re at in the franchise purchasing process. I’ll give you some helpful tips. We’ll talk about your goals. And if you feel I’m a guy you can trust with a decision this big, we’ll talk about ways I can help you get where you want to go. How does that sound?

It’s your move.

become your own boss

Joel Libava is the absolute best. Do NOT engage in any franchise until you have consulted with Joel. He will save you tons of money and grief. I am absolutely convinced that if I had found Joel before I signed on all the dotted lines and spent some money with him, I would have avoided my looming crash and burn.”

– Andy Mark

I recommend Joel Libava

Joel Libava helped me evaluate two different types franchise opportunities. He really understood the financial and qualitative benefits and risks of what I was considering – and helped me prioritize my values to make a great selection that suited me. He knows so much, and takes a practical and relatable approach to communicating all of the intricacies of the franchising world. It was a very worthwhile investment to help me get comfortable with taking the leap!”

– Noam Meppen, Franchisee, Expedia Cruises, Member of the President’s Circle Diamond Center

Why Should I Pay You When I Can Get FREE Franchise Consultations From Franchise Consultants, Brokers, And Coaches?

If you’ve been looking at franchise opportunities for a while, I imagine you’ve been contacted by someone offering “Free Help Finding The Right Franchise.” Sounds great right? Who doesn’t like “Free?”

That said, you do know why Franchise “Consultants” offer to work with you for free, right?

Because if you buy a franchise they represent, they’ll get paid $20,000.

Joel…I don’t care if they get paid as long as they help me find a good franchise to buy.”

I get it.

But what if it turns out that your “Consultant” is helping himself more than he’s helping you? After all, he has $20,000 reasons to do so. That means you may be looking at the wrong franchises for you.

This Is Important

When you work with me, you are my client. Not the franchise companies.

And because of that, I have your back. Always. I’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal of becoming your own boss while protecting you from choosing the wrong franchises along the way.

Bottom line?

When you get to the finish line, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence you need to make a yes or no decision on the franchise you want to buy.

Buy A Franchise With Confidence: See For Yourself

I recently had the pleasure of working with Joel Libava, ‘The Franchise King,’ as I navigated the complexities of exploring a new franchise opportunity. As a newcomer to the franchising world, Joel’s expertise was invaluable. He thoroughly assessed my fit for the franchise, guided me step-by-step through the evaluation process, and equipped me with critical questions to ask franchisors and existing franchisees. Additionally, Joel’s network proved instrumental, as he connected me with a specialized legal expert. His comprehensive support and insightful guidance have been pivotal to my decision-making process. For my future franchising endeavors, Joel will be my first call.”

– Jim C, Franchisee, New England

(Jim’s full name plus the name of the franchise he purchased will be revealed at the appropriate time)

We first met Joel Libava after leaving the corporate world almost 14 years ago. We knew from the start that Joel was genuinely interested in helping us find an endeavor that would support the lifestyle we were looking for. We liked his process, and he was supportive and very professional. We are very happy with the success of our growing business, and often think back to those early, important discussions with Joel.”

– Margie and Ray Toombs, Maid Brigade franchisees

I thought Joel did a great job helping guide me through my franchise purchase decision. Joel clearly has the experience and knowledge as a franchise Advisor, and I found his franchise research guide helpful when talking to franchisees as part of my due diligence process. Franchising is a big decision and I recommend using Joel as an Advisor to help you make the best decision for you and your family.”

(Name withheld by request until my client leaves his corporate job and opens his franchises this year.)

Thank you for your valuable input into my search for the right franchise business for me. As I am not versed in the process of selecting and funding a franchise, your validation of my concerns was extremely useful for me in my decision making process. Your input…and knowing that you really were looking out for my best interest has given me confidence that I will make the right decision for me and my family. Thank you so much. I have definitely spent this money well.”
– Sam Tellico

Bonus! You’ll Get Expert Help AFTER You Become A Franchise Owner!

Hey-no one said owning a business was going to be easy. You will run into problems. Every business owner does! That’s why I make myself available to anyone who invests in my consultations.

Here are a few problems you may experience as a first-time franchisee:

  • Finding the right employees
  • Local marketing
  • Social media marketing?
  • High operating expenses
  • Disagreements/issues with your franchisor

Whatever issues you’re experiencing as a new franchise business owner, I can probably help you with them. And if I can’t, I usually know someone who can. How does that sound?

And the best part?

You can get a little taste of what I do, and how I can help you figure this “franchise” thing out, by taking advantage of one of my complimentary calls.

become your own boss by buying a franchise business

From One Of My Clients…

Here’s what a client, Greg Moore, who ended up buying a School of Rock franchise business in Des Moines, Iowa, said about what it’s like to work with me 1-on-1:

I am proud to say I’m a franchise owner as of December 2019. I started the process in January of the same year. Fortunately, Joel Libava was one of the first people I reached out to for assistance in trying to determine whether the franchise opportunities I was interested in were good ones. Joel was completely unbiased and gave simple straightforward advice to help me evaluate the various options I was pursuing. Additionally, his franchise research guide was extremely useful as I progressed through the franchising process. I’d highly recommend working with Joel – it’ll be worth the small investment to give you the confidence that you’re heading in the right direction and not making costly mistakes along the way. Thanks for all your help on purchasing a franchise business Joel! No wonder they call you The Franchise King!”

be the boss

P.S. Greg recently opened his 2nd School Of Rock Franchise!
(He’s the guy holding those rather large scissors)

About Me And More

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been teaching people just like you, powerful, proven techniques you can use that will help you wisely choose, thoroughly research, and successfully buy a franchise business, so you can gain more control of your life by being your own boss.

Now I hope you won’t be disappointed, but I’m not going to promise you “Amazing riches beyond your wildest dreams,” or anything like that.

What I will do is work to help make sure you make a smart choice in a franchise to own. Oh…and here’s my 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

If, after the first 15 minutes of our 1st call together you don’t feel I can help you become your own boss in a big way, I’ll refund your money. You have no risk. Let’s continue.

I’ve written two books on how to choose, research and buy franchises.

franchise books written by the franchise king joel libava

In addition, I’ve owned a franchise, managed franchises, and was even a successful franchise consultant (broker).

Since 2001, through my books, the 2000+ articles I’ve written, seminars I’ve led, and the franchise ownership consultations I’ve done, I’ve been able to help thousands of people who were working for someone else, choose, research, and purchase a franchise business in the safest way possible. And I can help you become your own boss, too!

Personalized 1-On-1 Franchise Ownership Consultations

As a Franchise Ownership Advisor, I make sure my 1-on-1 consultations are 100% personalized. I customize my Consultation Packages based on where you’re at in the franchise purchasing process and exactly what you need help with to achieve your dreams and goals.

Pricewise, one-off Franchise Ownership Consultations are $299. Those are best for people who have pretty much decided on a franchise, but need to make sure they haven’t missed something in their research, and/or want a second opinion.

But more often than not, I end up customizing my Consulting Packages, depending on what my clients want and need.

With that in mind, if you’d like to find out what it’s like to work with a Franchise Ownership Advisor-and someone who cares…someone (me) who will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals, and will go out of his way to protect YOUR interests, I encourage you to schedule a complimentary call with me.

Then, if you feel it makes sense for us to work together, I’ll create a personalized Consultation package designed to help you get to the finish line so you can be your own boss.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee
My franchise ownership advisory services come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If during the first 15 minutes of our 1st phone call, you don’t feel that you’ll benefit from my franchise advisory services, I’ll promptly refund your money.

I’ve been a fan of Joel’s for years. He’s picked a niche and made himself the undisputed expert. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to start a franchise or wanting to operate one more profitably.”

– Gene Marks, President, The Marks Group PC, Columnist, Speaker, Small Business Expert

expert testimonial for joel libava

I have known Joel for a number of years both personally and professionally. Joel is not only extremely knowledgeable about business and franchises, but he’s a person of the highest integrity. I recommend Joel regularly and enthusiastically.”

testimonial on becoming your own boss consultations

– Jeff Nischwitz-Attorney/Entrepreneur