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Franchise Ownership Rocks. Unless it Doesn’t

franchises rock

I happen to think that the franchise ownership business model rocks.


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Franchise ownership can provide you with an opportunity to build something of value.


Owning a franchise can provide you with a much-needed feeling of accomplishment.


It can also provide you with a sense of power…of finally having some level of control over your life.

Unless of course you shouldn’t buy a franchise in the first place.


Franchise Ownership Rocks For Some

If someone came to me for guidance after scoring really, really low on my free franchise quiz, (which helps determine if someone is a fit for franchise ownership) here’s what I would gently tell them:

 “Don’t waste any more time looking into franchise ownership. Go out and get a job or find an independent business that you can buy.”

I’d be telling them that because they’ll probably end up losing their shirt…their hard-earned money-in any franchise that they’re stupid enough to buy. And the 10 year franchise agreement (a legal and very enforceable contract) that they’ll have to sign will feel like a 30 year agreement because they’ll be absolutely miserable having to follow all of those “silly rules.”


stop now

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Forget that last statement; I made a mistake. They won’t have to worry about their 10-year franchise agreement; they’ll probably be gone before the first year is even over.


Franchise Ownership Failures

Failure rates in franchising need to go down.

I feel that as long as readers of this blog, and the other websites and blogs that I write for, follow the advice that I provide-failure rates can indeed improve.

That’s right; The Franchise King® is acting like a King. I’m puffing out my chest, and I even have my Crown on as I’m writing this post. (You’re not getting a picture.)

Hey, I’m just trying to change the franchise world. So back off.  🙂


Kings Can Use Their Power Anyway They Want

Maybe I shouldn’t write about both the pros and the cons of franchise ownership anymore. Maybe, I should just shut down my free franchise quiz. It is getting kind of tedious to score the dozens and dozens of quizzes I receive every couple of days, one–by-one, by hand. Maybe I should become a franchise broker again; the money I was making was sure nice. And, maybe I can start making a ton of 100% pro-franchise ownership videos on YouTube. I could, you know. I could start selling The American Dream again. It would be so damn easy to push super-positive franchise ownership content out to my established, large (and still growing) social media networks. I could. I can be very convincing. It’s one of my Royal powers. Except.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep very well. Most nights I’d be tossing and turning. Things just wouldn’t feel right to me.

I would no longer be an independent and totally neutral party for my clients. Actually, my clients wouldn’t even be my clients anymore. They couldn’t be, because I would be “selling” franchises. The franchisors would be my clients again.

Me no like that.

Now, I do like most franchisors…some of my best friends in the franchise industry are franchisors, or work for them or work with them, or are franchisees. (Hi Barney, Marshall, Rush, Charles, Josh, Butch, Rob, Rick, Diana, Rhonda, Sean, Mike, Shelly, Jerry.)

But, I just can’t do it. I don’t even want to.

I want to continue working with prospective franchise owners as an advisor. I like teaching (and coaching) people on the right way to choose, research, and buy a franchise. So they won’t lose their money. So they can be successful franchise owners.

And, while I get frustrated that some of the people who are considering franchise ownership can’t be convinced that investing a small amount of their money with a franchise professional (who only wants to protect them) is wise, more and more people are becoming open to the idea.

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Exploring Franchise Ownership

If you’re at a career crossroads-you’ve lost your job, hate your job, or have just always wanted to be your own boss-you owe it to yourself to check out franchise ownership.

Maybe owning a franchise could work for you. Maybe it’s one of the silliest ideas you’ve heard in a long, long time. And, even though I feel that franchise ownership rocks, I’m not trying to convince you to buy a franchise. Heck, I don’t even know if you’re the right type of person for franchising, or if you even have the money it takes to do it.

But, you’re on my franchise website. So, let’s find out.

Here are a few articles on franchise ownership that I’d like you to read so that you can find out if you should spend some time looking into owning one.

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The 5 Best Reasons To Buy A Franchise

Top Franchise Trends This Year


Do you have any questions that you’d like to ask me? 

If so, just use the comment section, below.


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I'm The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I help prospective franchise owners avoid bank account emptying mistakes. For over 20 years, I’ve been helping people make smart, informed decisions on franchises to buy, and I can help you, too! #thefranchiseking
The fantastic thing about Joel is his neutrality. Because he is not getting an incentive fee, he will always give you the advice that you need (even if not what you necessarily want) and that's pretty unique these days. Thank you Joel!"
- Nic Church, France
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