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What Everyone Needs To Know About Free Franchise Information And Free Franchise Consulting

free franchise information and consultingMost people don’t want to pay for information and advice these days. As a matter of fact, most people don’t think that they should have to.  I know why. Keep reading.

One word.

The word: Free.

The amount of free information available on any given subject is mind-blowing. What used to require at least one trip to the local library doesn’t anymore. Now, just about anything you want to know about is available instantly, with a computer and internet access.

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Now, obviously computers and online access aren’t free (unless you use the library), but you get my point.

But, you can easily find general information on whatever subject you’re interested in. Dig a little deeper and you can find very specific information.

Not only can you find out about whatever it is that you’re interested in learning about, in most cases you can even choose how you want to learn about it. You can:

  • Read free online publications, including blogs
  • Listen to free podcasts
  • Watch free videos
  • Take free online classes

It’s the information economy, and you and I are part of it.

Are you with me so far?

I thought so.

Let’s move to my industry; franchising.  Let’s discuss how much free franchise information is available, usually only a keystroke away.


Free Franchise Information

If you’re looking into the possibility of becoming the owner of a franchise business someday, there’s an abundance of free franchise information available. You can easily learn a lot about franchising.

There are thousands of free articles on franchising for you to read online. You can watch free videos on franchise ownership. If you’re in your car a lot, or enjoy working out, it’s easy to strap on a pair of headphones and listen to a free podcast.

It’s great to have access to free information…especially when it involves something big-like buying a franchise business.

Now, let’s look at something else that you can get for free.


Free Franchise Consulting

If you’ve been looking into franchise ownership for a while, you’ve probably seen ads like this, online:

Find The Right Franchise!

Free Franchise Consulting

No Fees! Contact Us Today

When you see an ad like that- when someone offers to consult with you to find the right franchise- free of charge, why do you think that is?
Why would someone be willing to help you “Find The Right Franchise” and then not get paid for their services?

Because they are getting paid. Just not by you. Their clients are paying them. And, their “clients” are the franchise companies.

You are not the client.

Advertisements (like the one above) are purchased by franchise brokers or franchise consultants. Brokers and consultants (which are really one and the same) specialize in matching people up with franchises…but only the franchises that they’re contracted with.

In other words, if you choose to work with a broker/consultant, the only franchise opportunities that they’ll present to you are the ones that they can get paid a commission on.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a commission-based job; I’ve had more than a few of those myself. But, the need to make a sale quickly becomes a reality when you don’t have a salary…when your income solely depends on making a sale. There’s a lot of pressure to perform; internally and externally.

And, the commissions they receive from the franchisors that they’re contracted with are large enough that they don’t have to worry about charging you for their services. That’s why they offer “Free Franchise Consulting.”

There’s something else that you need to know; franchise brokers/consultants only work with a very small percentage of the 3000+ different franchises that are available. So, your choices are very limited. Again, I’m not suggesting (I think) that there’s anything wrong with a typical franchise brokers/consultants business model. I’m just giving you the facts. You need to decide if that’s how you want to go about finding a franchise to buy.


Take Me At My Word

Trust me when I tell you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the business of franchise brokering and franchise consulting. I have great sources. You may even know one of them.

I’d like to introduce you to me.

Free Franchise Quiz
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I was a franchise consultant myself for 10+ years. I matched a lot of people to a lot of different franchises. Some of them are still in business. Some are not.

The main reason why I’m not a franchise consultant anymore has to do with my insides. I just wasn’t “feeling it” anymore. I got burned out. Plus, hundreds of new franchise brokers/consultants suddenly started appearing on the scene, almost overnight, and most of them had no previous franchise experience. I was sick of running up against them. It was too draining to deal with all of these amateurs. Plus, the franchise brokerage franchise that I was with (as a franchisee) got sold, and I didn’t like or trust the buyers. But, there’s another reason.

I was sick of seeing people get burned by lousy franchisors. I was sick of reading horror stories describing franchise owners who had lost everything. I was sick of reading about franchisors that just packed up and left. I was sick of seeing people who only wanted to take their shot at The American Dream lose their money. So, I opted to change my business model. I wanted to focus on helping educate the public on franchising. I wanted to teach people how to make good franchise choices, and do proper research.

And, I wanted to take getting paid a commission out of the picture, so I could truly work for the person who mattered to me the most; the prospective franchise owner.


So, now I’m a franchise ownership advisor. If you work with me, I’ll show you exactly how to choose, research, and buy a winning franchise. I’m also the author of a top book on franchise ownership, “Become A Franchise Owner! The Start-Up Guide To Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do” (Wiley Publishing)


If you choose to work with me:

  • You get to choose franchises that you’d like to investigate.

(I’ll show you where and how to find them.)

  • I’ll show you how to figure out what types of franchises you may want to check out-ones that may be a nice fit for you.

(We’ll work together to determine your top skills and most dominant person traits that will help match you to opportunities that will allow you to maximize them.)

  • I’ll show a way to figure out how much you should invest in a franchise.

(So you can sleep better at night.)

  • I’ll teach you a proven way to do amazing franchise research.

(I provide the best questions to ask current and former franchises owners of the franchises that you’re investigating. I even show you when and how to ask them. You’ll be turned into a serious franchise fact-gathering machine. Plus, I share insider tricks that you can use to get the real answers.)

  • I’ll provide resources for franchise business plans and franchise loans.

(I know what business plan templates work these days, and I’ll show you where to look for good franchise business loans.)

  • I’ll provide information on franchise attorneys and small business accountants.

(If you don’t personally know any, I’ll provide information on how to find the good one.)

  • I’ll get you to the finish line

(I’ll get you to the yes or no point in the franchise purchasing process. You’ll be armed with all the information you’ll need to make an intelligent, fact-based decision on buying a franchise.)


I Know Things

You’ve probably guessed by now that my franchise ownership advisory services aren’t free.

That’s because I act as your advisor. You see, I know things about franchising that you don’t. I know thousands of things about becoming a franchise owner…things that would be impossible for you to know.

Think about it: Aren’t there things about your industry that would be impossible for me to know about?

Maybe you need a concrete example of something that I know about the franchise industry that you probably don’t.


A Little Known Franchise Secret

Warning: The secret that I’m about to disclose is not going to be looked upon too favorably by some of the franchisors who get a hold of this post. Here goes.

Some franchisors avoid sending you their Franchise Disclosure Documents for as long as humanly possible.

Important: If you don’t know what a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is, go here to read my post on the FDD-and what’s in it. Don’t forget to come right back!

Would you like to know why some franchisors want to avoid sending their FDD’s to you?

It’s because their FDD’s are really ugly.  They probably show lots of litigation…lots of lawsuits. They may show poor franchisee retention numbers-lots of franchisees may be leaving the system en masse, for example. There may be significant financial losses on the corporate level. There could be other things too. That’s why a franchisor may not want you to have their FDD in your hot little hands until the last minute.

About two months ago, one of my clients told me that the franchise development representative he was working with didn’t want to send him a copy of the FDD. I asked him why, and he said that it was their policy to present their FDD in-person, when candidates visit franchise headquarters. Really? Here was my response-to my client:

That’s a load of crap, Tom. (Not my client’s real name.) You tell your franchise rep to send the FDD before you pay him a visit at franchise headquarters. You tell him that you need to go through the FDD before your visit. Tell him that you want to call some of current and former franchise owners that are listed in the FDD. Then see what your rep says.”

I was fuming. That’s because I’ve seen this BS before…on more than one occasion.

The secret reason why some franchisors want to present their FDD’s in person is so they can explain all the negative stuff that the US Government requires them to disclose, face to face. It’s all part of The Schmooze. They hope that by the time they’re done spinning everything, right before your very eyes, you’ll be A-OK. And, they know that you’re probably excited to be at headquarters…they know that your emotions are high.

Don’t fall for it. Insist that you have the FDD in your hands…or in your email inbox, well before you grab your luggage from the closet and attend their Discovery Day.

So, now you know a franchise industry secret. It’s one of many. But, don’t worry. The rest of them are safely hidden away in The Franchise Kingdom. To gain access to even more franchise industry secrets, all you have to do to is work with me.


My Promise

I promise that working with me will help you take the guesswork out of choosing, researching, and buying a franchise. I’ll make sure that you’ll be easily able to separate franchise fact from franchise fiction. I’ll help you bring everything into focus. And, you’ll feel confident about your decision-whatever it is.
satisfaction guaranteed
I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

I guarantee that you’ll feel like I’m in your corner…that you’re the client, not the franchisor. (Because you are.) You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes that are commonly made by people who buy franchises. You’ll learn how to do amazing franchise research. I guarantee it!

If you don’t feel that I’ll add value to your search for a franchise to own, I’ll refund your money.

Here’s how my 100% money-back guarantee works:

If, during the first 15 minutes of our first call you feel that I’m not the right person to assist you in your journey to franchise ownership, I’ll refund your money, on-the-spot.

You have nothing to lose, especially if you want to do this right.

If you end up buying a franchise, I’ll be happy for you. Please make sure to drop me an email-or give me a call when you’re open. I’ll announce it to the world if you want. And, I’ll be rooting for you.

If you decide not to buy a franchise, I’ll be happy for you, too. Maybe it wasn’t the right time in your life to go into business. It’s fine. I support your decision.

It’s not like I had a big, fat commission check from a franchisor riding on it.     

My job is to make sure that you’re looking at the right types of franchises and that you leave no stone unturned during your franchise research-that I’ll teach you how to do. I’ll show you how make all the right moves. I’ll get you to the finish line. It’s up to you to cross it.

Let’s see if it makes sense for us to work together.

Go here to learn about my Franchise Success Sessions..

Talk to me before you buy a franchise

And, find success!

“Joel is an individual who goes beyond his profession and industry, he is a man of integrity, dedication and exceptional knowledge. When it comes to franchising and making a ‘franchising decision’, Joel is one individual who should be sought out.” – Charles Internicola, Franchise Attorney, Selected as a 2013 New York Super Lawyer

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