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Franchisees! Increase The Value Of Your Facebook Check-Ins Even More

franchisees! increase the value of your facebook check-ins even more

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If you’re a franchisee using Facebook, you already know how important Facebook Check-Ins are.

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But just in-case you need a reminder, read what the folks at Tribute Media wrote:

If someone uses the Check-In function on Facebook when they visit your business, they are telling their friends on social media that they are currently at and enjoying your services or products. This results in free advertising, increased brand awareness, and is essentially an endorsement from that user.”

There are 3 things that really stand out there. They are:

A Visit

Someone has to “visit” your franchise business in order to use the Check-In function on Facebook. That means that someone is doing business with you. Cha-Ching!

open cash register cha-ching!


If a customer of yours is “telling their friends” that they’re doing business with your franchise business, what they’re really doing is “endorsing” your business.

For example, when I go to a restaurant-and use Facebook to Check-In, I’m telling my friends on Facebook that I approve the restaurant I’m dining at. I’m basically putting my own “seal of approval” on the business. My friends notice it, and it’s a good thing.

Free Advertising

Do you want free advertising for your franchise business-the business you put your own money on the line for? Of course you do.

Fact: According to the folks at Causely, every time a person checks into a business, on average, 200 of their friends see it. That’s huge! That’s free advertising for your business at its best.


Franchisees! Increase The Value Of Your Facebook Check-Ins Even More

I’d like to introduce you to a company that really knows how to capitalize on facebook Check-Ins.


Causely specializes in helping local businesses generate Social Media referrals. A Facebook check-in is a social media referral. When an Instagram user “tags” your franchise, it’s a Social Media referral. They’re something you want a lot of. It’s a way for your brand gets known more. It can also increase your foot traffic.

One way to spread the word about your business (and do good for your community) is through charity. And that’s where Causely comes in.

about causely for franchisees


Every time customers check-in at your location on Facebook or tag your location on Instagram, Causely makes a donation to a great cause on your behalf.”

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Keep reading, if you want to know how this works-and how your franchise business can capitalize on it.


How It Works

Causely starts off by providing all the tools you need to encourage your customers to check-in or tag your business.

Next, the team at this Lexington, Kentucky-based company makes sure they select great causes for you to get involved with. Some of them have included:

  • Toys for Tots
  • Soles 4 Souls
  • Save The Children
  • Children’s Health Fund

And many others.

rescue bank care for animals causely

Once customers start checking in/tagging your business, conversations about your brand start. Remember, on average, every Facebook check-in is seen by 200 friends. Those 200 people have hundreds of friends. Their friends have hundreds of friends. Can you see the potential? Brand awareness grows every time your business is mentioned. And surely some of them are going to be curious enough about your business-a business that’s not only endorsed by their friends but supports charitable causes, to stop in* and check it out.

*When these potential customers stop-in, they’ll be checking in via Facebook and tagging your business via Instagram. (Which starts the ball rolling again, with even more people seeing your business…your brand.) And they’ll usually be spending their money in your franchise business.


Causely’s 3,000+ member locations generate over 130,000,000 social media referrals every month!


What Causely Provides Franchisees

Causely provides everything you need to get your customers excited about checking in and doing good.


  • A Digital Launch Kit
  • A Monthly Content Pack
  • Enhanced Facebook Insights
  • Enhanced Instagram Follower Engagement Insights
  • Personal Onboarding When You Launch Your Campaign
  • Priority Support

And much, much more.

Websites like Facebook and Instagram provide almost unlimited opportunities for franchisees these days. Franchisees…even ones with small marketing budgets, can get the word out about their businesses with targeted social media campaigns. They (you) just have to know how to do it right. Pairing up with a cause is one smart way to get the word out

For more information on Causely’s programs, go here.

Increase the value of your Facebook Check-Ins so you can grow your franchise business.




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