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Tubby’s Sub Sandwich Shop May Need Creative Franchise Marketing Help

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With a name like Tubby’s….

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The name of this Michigan-based sub sandwich franchise chain came from the a popular comic strip character with the same name.

That’s good to know, but how can Tubby’s new owners get around the name. A name that (to a lot of people) means “One that’s overweight.”

Wait. Why am I being so gentle…so politically direct? That’s not me. I’m sorry. It will never happen again.

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Tubby’s Gets New Owners

The first Tubby’s Sub Shop was founded in 1968 by Richard Paganes, who at the time was 21 years old, in the Detroit suburb of St. Clair Shores at 13 Mile and Harper. The popular and now famous Tubby’s Subs with their unique flavor, high quality products and generous portions quickly became a Detroit area favorite. Richard’s pioneering vision and unwavering commitment to quality products and customer service are the cornerstones of Tubby’s success.

The Tubby’s Grilled Submarines franchise is remaining in the family-partially.

Robert Paganes, the CEO of Tubby’s Sub Shops and youngest of the five siblings who were involved in the sandwich chain, announced Monday that he, along with the chain’s executive vice president Bill Kiryakoza, are now sole owners of the Michigan company.

Congratulations Robert and Bill!


Creative Franchise Marketing Help Needed

Online reviews of the product-the sandwiches look good. I’m sure they are tasty.


Healthy foods are getting more and more ink-and more and more popular. It seems that’s what people want these days.

As a a matter of fact, a new report shows that younger people-the millennials, are starting to visit these fast food franchises less because of the lack of healthy menu items.

The Tubby’s name could be a problem-even if it’s based on a cartoon character- not on serving sandwiches that could make customers overweight.

From The Detroit Free Press:

The owners said they aim to invest about $50,000 per store to update the look, equipment and menus. They intend to add bread ovens and introduce healthier items while continuing to promote the long-time favorites.”

My question: How will the new owners be able to promote “healthier” items with a name like Tubby’s?

My question isn’t meant to be a slam on their company. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I’d love to help them get the word out about their franchise offering a bit myself-through my franchise directory. This 100-unit chain is ready to grow.



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