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Get A Guaranteed Revenue Stream With This Franchise Opportunity

franchise opportunity with guaranteed revenue for franchisees

I’m not kidding.

I found a franchise opportunity with guaranteed revenue for franchisees.

And I’ve looked through their franchise documents and didn’t see any fine print about their guarantee. Really.

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What Franchise Opportunity With Guaranteed Revenue Am I Referring To?

openworks franchise opportunity

The franchise I’m about to tell you about is called OpenWorks.

And it’s part of a global market that’s projected to grow from $1,260.36 billion in 2022 to $1,856.44 billion by 2029. The market?

Facilities management. In this case, a huge segment of it; commercial cleaning services. It gets better. Think Covid.  

Because according to OpenWorks, “The demand for commercial cleaning will only grow as more businesses implement regular disinfection policies.”

Can you relate?

Are you more conscious of cleanliness in your workplace?

If so, you can blame it on our recent, once in a century pandemic. It’s opened everyone’s eyes to poor hygiene practices. And that includes facility managers who must maintain building cleanliness. But there’s more.

Because now it’s about safety and it’s about risk.

Specifically, the safety of entire workforces, along with the customers and visitors who are constantly going in and out of these buildings.

And the risk that facilities managers and building owners can’t afford. The risk of being responsible for people getting sick and the risk of not adhering to federal standards.

ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, points to the following things that need to be cleaned and disinfected:

  • Bathroom surfaces—including glass and mirrors
  • Kitchen and food-preparation surfaces
  • All flooring types—tile, wood, carpeting, concrete, etc.
  • Electronic components
  • Fabric surfaces—clothing, furniture, drapery, etc.  

And with all businesses now open, including more office space, the demand for superior commercial cleaning services continues to rise.

But wait. Didn’t a bunch of businesses need to close when Covid hit?


The Effect Of Business Closings On Commercial Cleaning Franchises

The early days of the pandemic changed everything.

Our lives. Our workdays. Businesses were especially hard hit. It was a difficult, confusing time for many.

But did that include the need for facilities management?

From the OpenWorks blog:

In 2020, many businesses closed or limited operations due to COVID-19. This was not the case for commercial cleaning services.

Instead, state, and local governments deemed cleaning and janitorial services as essential businesses. This means that employees can continue working despite the many restrictions placed on other businesses.

There is no greater statement of importance than an essential designation during this pandemic. This places cleaning services in the same category as law enforcement and health care.”

That’s all fine and great, but is a commercial cleaning franchise offering guaranteed revenue the right business for you?

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OpenWorks Offers A Great Way To Get Into Business

I’ll cut to the chase.

If you become a franchise owner of OpenWorks in your neck of the woods, you’ll start your business with thousands of dollars in guaranteed business. From the beginning.

Wait, Joel. How can OpenWorks do that?”

Just like OpenWorks believes that cleaning should be left to the experts, so should marketing and sales. That’s why the OpenWorks sales team secures accounts for you.


OpenWorks Franchise Package Example

If you invest $24,850 for one of their basic packages, you’ll get $7,000 in guaranteed revenue. And if you qualify, OpenWorks will finance a portion of your initial investment!

In addition, OpenWorks offers a few different ways for you to grow your business…to add accounts, including Multi-State Expansion programs with no additional franchise fee! But there’s more.

If you’re a military veteran, OpenWorks offers you a generous discount on your upfront costs.  

Plus, if you want to start off with a larger commercial cleaning business, they offer several other franchise packages. Contact their franchise development specialists for the details.

Note: There are franchise packages that may be especially attractive to those legally formed entities that are already in the business of cleaning.

Finally, when you realize you aren’t growing and are running out of new leads, OpenWorks gets you the help you need to grow further than you ever imagined. There’s a model for this type of partnership as well.


What’s Included?

Here are just a few of thing you’ll receive when you become an OpenWorks franchisee:

  • Comprehensive, cutting-edge startup training
  • Ongoing training
  • In-house customer account support
  • Marketing and branding
  • Powerful business operations technology
  • Franchisee support team

And more.

Did I mention your business will be home-based? And?

Home-based business have lower operating costs. That means more money goes into your pocket! But there’s something else you need to know.

You don’t need prior experience in commercial cleaning.

That’s right. You don’t need to know anything about facilities management.

Because teaching you how to own a business is part of what franchising brings to the table.

And in the case of OpenWorks, it’s something the team at franchise headquarters REALLY brings to the table.

To conclude, because of the continued upward trends in commercial cleaning service needs, OpenWorks franchisees have found themselves in the right place at the right time. Even new franchisees.

With that being said, even if you’ve never thought about owning a franchise in the facilities management space, I encourage you to learn more about it.

Go here to do just that.

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openworks franchising
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franchise article written by joel libava
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