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Hot Dog! Burger King Is Adding Hot Dogs To Its Menu

burger king adds hot dogs to its menu

Hot dog! Burger King® is going for it. The company just announced that it will be adding hot dogs to its menu starting February 23rd. But why? Why is a chain known for its flame-broiled hamburgers adding an edible cigar-shaped object to its menu?

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Well, for one, the correct way to cook hot dogs is to grill them. And, Burger King has the grilling thing down to a science.

From ABC News:

The move comes as Burger King works to push up sales amid intensifying competition, with McDonald’s offering breakfast items all day to spark a turnaround, while Wendy’s offers a “4 for $4” deal to get customers in the door. In 2014, Burger King’s sales rose 2.1 percent at established locations in the U.S. and Canada. Parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. reports results for 2015 next week.”


Burger King Is Adding Hot Dogs To Its Menu To Up Their Game

I wonder how Burger King franchisees are feeling about this decision. Are they happy? Excited? Concerned?

If I was a Burger King franchisee, I’d be thrilled. Pumped, even. That’s because it’s not going to be expensive to add hot dogs to the menu. Grills are already in place. I’d gladly buy hot dogs, buns, and some some pickle relish. Ketchup…mustard, and even the onions are already in stock. Let’s do this!

But, I’m not a Burger King franchisee. So, my feelings aren’t reality-based. I don’t have $1.5 million invested in one BK franchise location. I don’t have 30 employees-and the payroll costs associated with it.

But, I do think adding hot dogs to the menu is a good move. A competitive move.


Some Moves Don’t Turn Out Very Well

A few years ago, the executives at McDonald’s started making moves to up their game.

They added these nightmares.

They super-sized their menu. They changed their counter setup.

And, they pissed off their franchisees.


The Importance of Asking Great Questions

Before you sign a franchise agreement for that food franchise you’ve fallen in love with, …before you sign a $35,000 check for the upfront franchise fee, make sure you ask the franchisor and the franchisees great questions.

Some of the questions you ask (franchisors) should be future-focused. Like:

Do you have any new products or services in the pipeline that could convince me that now’s the time to move forward?”

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When you make major new product decisions, do you ask the franchisees for their input before giving the green light?”

Do you have some examples of successful and/or less-than successful product/service additions that you can share with me?”


Now, you probably won’t get inside information-specific information on upcoming products and/or services. But, maybe you’ll get some hints.

You do want to know if the culture of the franchisor is open and franchisee-feedback driven. Right? I would.

Will the franchisor really share information with you on some of the products that didn’t turn out so well? Maybe. Ask!

And, speaking of products and services, ask the franchisees this question.

Finally, are you a hot dog fan?

Mustard or Ketchup?


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