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Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Franchises

It’s that time of the year…The Annual Franchise 500, courtesy of Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Here is their Top 10:
1. 7-Eleven
2. Subway
3. Dunkin Donuts
4. Pizza Hut
5. McDonald’s
6. Sonic Drive-In Restaurants
7. KFC Corp.
8. InterContinental Group
9. Domino’s Pizza
10. RE/Max Int’l. Inc.

My opinions on this list…..

1. 7-Eleven
Do you know anyone that either owns one, or who has mentioned that they would love to?

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2. Subway

3. Dunkin Donuts
Have an extra $350k+ lying around? Expensive to buy into, and expensive to be a customer

4. Pizza Hut
Is it just me, or has anyone else not been in one for like 5 years?

5. McDonald’s
The Industry Standard. Employee retention issues seem insurmountable, however

6. Sonic Drive-In Restaurants
I frequented them in 1979-1980 in Texas. The other choice was K-Bob’s Steak House. For big multi-unit owner types with big pockets
7. KFC Corp.
My Mom told me that they didn’t clean their chicken thoroughly back in the 70’s. Never go there. Don’t know what the attraction is.
8. InterContinental Hotels Group
Investing in a Hotel franchise is a realistic option for many Americans. Could be a good chain. I have no idea.
9. Domino’s Pizza
Delivered fast. Still a contender? Maybe…
10. RE/MAX Int’l. Inc.
Just when was this list compiled? I think that the real estate market is having a couple minor issues, currently.
Please don’t go on a Joel is being negative tangent. Remember, this was the magazine that had Quizno’s ranked #2 in the 2006 Franchise 500, and no ranking in 2007…
They claimed it was because Quizno’s didn’t file their documentation with Entrepreneur Magazine in time for publication. Probably had nothing to do with the bad press and lawsuits…
Entrepreneur Magazine is a pretty good publication.
{Heck, even I have been in there a couple of times}
I just don’t really have a good grasp of how they figure out their Franchise 500. Even after reading their multi-paragraph {getting more multi-paged every year..could be their legal eagles pushing the added wordage}, I cannot figure it out. Can you? I guess I don’t have to. I don’t own the magazine. I am not saying it is a bad list. It takes a lot of effort, and a lot of people to compile a list of 500 franchises, gather all the data, and verify it. I commend their efforts. What makes our country great is the fact that I can read their magazine, talk about it, write about it, and have a little fun with it. Out of the 500 franchises mentioned, there are probably some concepts worth looking into. Just don’t go out and buy a franchise because it is in a magazine. Or because it is being discussed on the internet. Or because your Uncle Ralph or Aunt Bessie thought that it was a rip-roaring idea. Invest in a franchise of your own because you did the due diligence correctly, and it feels right.

Here is their complete Franchise 500 list.

What would your top10 list look like?

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