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The Sizzling Potential Of A Yellowstone Franchise Restaurant

yellowstone franchise paramount studios

Taylor Sheridan may or may not be interested in adding a chain of franchise restaurants to his massive Yellowstone television series franchise. But if he was, I have an idea on what it would should look like.

But first, do you know about Yellowstone?

The Yellowstone Television Series Franchise

If you haven’t watched the now famous Yellowstone TV series on Paramount, you need to. Why?

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First off, the acting is off the charts.

Second of all, this franchise isn’t* about Yellowstone National Park.

*I figured it was, which is why I started watching this series a bit late in the game.

Instead, it’s about life (and death) on a working ranch in Montana. One with intense characters and…well…watch this clip:

That was just a little taste of what goes on in Yellowstone.

And if you have watched this Paramount show, good on you. It’s quite an experience.

Finally, even though the gritty television series is scheduled to end in its current form, there are talks going on right now of the show continuing in a different way. Now to my franchise idea.

The Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a piece of that special charm Yellowstone has and serve it on a plate, quite literally? Enter “The Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill.”

But before we gallop on over to the ranch, let’s clarify: why a TV show-themed restaurant? Simple.

The blend of popular culture with food service is a powerful business strategy that not only leverages the show’s existing fan base, but also provides a unique dining experience. And that’s exactly where The Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill comes in.

Here’s a picture of The Dutton Ranch.

ranch used on yellowstone television show

(Image courtesy of Mel Pervais, Flickr.)

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The Yellowstone Restaurant Franchise

Picture this: a rustic-style restaurant, furnished with country chic décor, a warm fireplace, and hearty meals that the Dutton’s would appreciate. And some of the décor would include:

  • Cowhide tablecloths with the Yellowstone logo “branded“…burned into it
  • Branded tableware and extra-large silverware
  • Dim lighting
  • High ceilings with weathered, exposed beams
  • Weathered wooden floors
  • A live stage for weekend country-western acts

And more.

In like manner, the employee uniforms would exude the Yellowstone brand. Heck, there’s plenty of merchandise already being produced. Like this t-shirt I purchased from Marshall’s last week.

yellowstone tv series merchandise t-shirt

A shirt like that would be perfect for the staff to wear.

And for pants, tight, western-style jeans and of course, boots, if comfortable ones can be found. Add a cowboy scarf and a cowboy hat, and you’re good to go!

The Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill Menu

A restaurant that encapsulates the spirit of the Montana ranch lifestyle, would serve a few obvious items. This is too easy.

  • Dutton-style Bar-B-Que Ribs (with Dutton’s famous cooked beans)
  • Dutton Steaks (served with Dutton’s Giant Baked Potatoes)
  • Dutton’s Big Burgers (served with Dutton’s Giant Steak Fries)
  • Fresh Pan-Fried or Blackened Fish (locally sourced)
  • Dutton’s Giant Entrée-Sized Salads
  • Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Cheesecake
  • Dutton’s Homemade Ice Cream (available for retail sales too)

Can you think of any other food items that would be good for a Montana ranch themed restaurant franchise?

Restaurant Size

A restaurant theme based on the Yellowstone television series needs to be bigly. I’m thinking a minimum of 10,000 square feet. Especially if we make room for a stage for live, local bands.. Wait. I forgot something.

There would need to be a bar.

A lively, large bar.

So let’s add another 4,000 square feet.

Now you have a 14,000 square foot restaurant franchise.

One that includes a dining room or two with total seating of 350, a 75+ seat bar, and a retail space for selling Yellowstone/Dutton Ranch merchandise from the television series.

The Upfront Investment For The Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill Franchise

To begin with, a space like this would need to be custom-built. You can’t lease a space like this.

Next, you’ll need land, including a parking lot. So several acres.

Then you’ll need to add fixtures, kitchen equipment, bar equipment seating, and the retail shop.

Lastly, a restaurant like this is going to need an incredible amount of starting inventory. And a lot of employees.

My estimation for the initial investment needed to become a franchise owner of a Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill is around $4 million.

But for the right person, with deep enough pockets and serious food-service experience, this has the potential to be a wildly-popular and profitable opportunity.

For instance, if each franchise did only $20,000 a day x 7 days a week x 52 weeks, revenue would be over $7 million annually. And if franchisees could pocket 7-8% of that, they’d make a cool half a million dollars a year. Not bad, right?

Now I haven’t thought of everything.

Texas Roadhouse restaurant Westland Michigan

But if Texas Roadhouse can do a ranch-themed restaurant…successfully, why couldn’t Taylor Sheridan’s company do it?

Would you dine at a Dutton Ranch Bar And Grill?

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