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An Unbiased Review Of A Hot Breakfast Franchise, Fried Hard

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A few years ago, a client of mine introduced to me to a breakfast franchise called Eggs Up Grill.

Reason being, he was taking a serious look into buying one for the Winter Garden, Florida area (which he did).

I clearly remember looking up Eggs Up Grill online in real-time as he was telling me about the concept. I liked it immediately. Mostly because of their appetizing* hours of operation.

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*Appetizing to people like me who worked long-ass hours in the restaurant business for 17+ years.

But before I tell you more about this interesting breakfast restaurant franchise concept, I need to share my recent experience dining at an Eggs Up Grill in North Carolina. 

eggs up grill breakfast franchise


Dining At The Eggs Up Grill Breakfast Franchise In Shallotte, North Carolina

Interestingly enough it was my brother who told me about “this pretty cool place we ate at.”

We were on vacation, and he and my sister-in-law had taken our shared Avis rental car to check off an item on their bucket list. Horseback riding on the beach.

So obviously famished after their physically intense horse-riding experience (ahem), they stumbled upon the Eggs Up Grill franchise in the little town of Shallotte, North Carolina. 

couple horseback riding on beach in north carolina

(That’s my brother, Jon, showing off with my sister-in-law, Robin. Kidding. It’s not them.)

Hey…I had a client buy an Eggs Up franchise in Florida. I’ve always wanted to check one out.” So at the end of our vacation (on the way to the airport), we did. And here’s how that went. 


45 Minutes

That’s how long it took for our table of 5 to get our food.

I’m talking breakfast food.

Not Grilled Sea Bass, set in a pool of Beurre Blanc sauce, topped with a generous dollop of Beluga Caviar.

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eggs up grill breakfast menu
Eggs Up Grill menu

Simply stated, it took 45 minutes for the mostly attentive staff to bring a couple of omelets, an order of Avocado toast and eggs, and two breakfast sandwiches. And to top it off, the food was average. As in, nothing to write home about.  Cool-looking place, though.

Were they busy, Joel?”

Yes. Pretty busy. Not crazy-busy, but…

I’m pretty sure there were delivery drivers waiting to pick up food. That may have been part of the problem. It is for a lot of places. But I’m not sure. The fact is, we waited way too long for our breakfast.

I left unimpressed, a bit aggravated, but mainly disappointed. I wanted Eggs Up Grill to be good, and it kind of wasn’t.

Note: every restaurant has bad days.

Staffing shortages. Inventory issues. Kitchen equipment breakdowns and more. Been there myself, and it sucks. Bad.

With that said, I’d be open to trying the Eggs Up Grill again.

Because it may just have been one of those days.

Now about those awesome hours of operation…


Eggs Up Grill Breakfast Franchises Are Only Open From 6am-2pm!

In my almost 20 years in food service, I never worked at a restaurant with hours like that. Never! Those are easy hours people. Especially in a business that typically requires a minimum of 12-hour days.

Maybe that’s why (according to their website), the franchise is on track to have 100 restaurants open by 2023.


Breakfast Franchise Review: Is Restaurant Experience Needed?

One question that I get asked a lot has to do with food-service experience. As in “Do I need to have restaurant experience to own a food franchise?”

In the case of Eggs Up Grill, you need to watch this short video for the answer.



Now that you know you may not need to have a restaurant background to own an Eggs Up Grill franchise, what do you think?

Could the growing breakfast category of franchising be the way to go?

Is this one of the best breakfast franchises around?

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The Initial Investment For One Eggs Up Grill Franchise

Your initial costs for an Eggs Up Grill franchise will range from $412,888-$764,575. And $150,000 of that needs to be liquid.

In addition, the company requires franchisees to come to the (breakfast) table with a net worth of $500,000. Which in my opinion is light, considering it’s easily a half a million-dollar investment, all in.

Tip: if you’re interested in becoming a franchise owner of an Eggs Up Grill, you need to have a net worth of $750,000+. That gives you some breathing room. Ideally, I’d like to see a $1 million net worth…but that’s just me.

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Should You Buy An Eggs Up Grill Breakfast Franchise? My Franchise Rating

breakfast restaurant franchises

Eggs Up Grill Gets 3 Crowns (scoring key below).

3 crown franchise rating for crumbl cookies

Assuming the experience I had was a fluke, do I think you should look into opening an Eggs Up Grill?


Because as I said, the operating hours are fantastic, the business of breakfast seems to be on the upswing, and Eggs Up Grill is growing rapidly.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about this fast-growing breakfast franchise opportunity, visit their franchise website. It’s a good one that’s chock full of helpful information.

Them if you like what you see, contact them and do your research.   

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