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We Don’t Know Until We Do (Thank You Muddy Waters)

It’s true. You (and I) don’t know until we do. Check this out.


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A Quick Story

I’m not sure exactly what year it was…sometime in the 1980’s though – my friend, Eric Nusbaum, dragged me to the concert I’m about to tell you about.

I was in Buffalo for the weekend-I used to visit there a lot because Eric*, and a few other buddies of mine, either lived there or in Niagara Falls. Anyway…

*Eric was a comedian at the time. He was the MC and the manager at Yuk Yuk’s, one of THE places for comedy at the time.

Here’s an article about Yuk Yuks-featuring a picture of Eric. Anyway…

Eric asked me if I wanted to go see Muddy Waters play at The Imperial Garage in Niagara Falls..

My response: “I don’t know. Who the heck is Muddy Waters?”

Eric looked at me like I was an alien life form, and said…”What???? You don’t know who Muddy Waters is?”

Truth be told, I had “heard” of Muddy Waters, but I couldn’t name one song of his…nor hum one.  Now-years later, I feel like an idiot for not “knowing” who Muddy was.

In any event, Eric convinced me to see Muddy. And wow. Just wow!


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The Thing I Remember About Muddy Waters

I actually remember two things. Two things that stood out that night.

1. The dude was old. Really old.

2. The dude made his electric guitar talk. (Really)

Looking back, I’m soooo glad I was there.

P.S. There’s another thing I remember.

Muddy 100% related to a bunch of 20-25 year old’s. He talked to us like he was one of us. Somebody who was our age.

And his music…his performance. Unreal.

My point is this: I didn’t know until I did.

I had no idea who Muddy Waters was, or what an amazing musician AND performer he was until I saw him and heard him in-person.


Here’s The Thing

It’s important to know that what happened to me-my experience, happens to people every day. We don’t know until we do. Take franchising for instance.

Before you started to get really interested in franchising-or at least interested in learning about it, you probably “heard” some things about it.


The franchise companies make ALL the money.”

You don’t have control over ANYTHING.”

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Or my favorite one, “Franchising Is A Scam!”

Do you “know” if those things* are true?

*When it comes to franchising, there are a lot of myths. Look at all of them!

My point is this: Until you experience whatever it is you don’t “know“about, you can’t really “know.”

So, be open to the possibilities.

I was. And because of it, I got to see a legend perform live.

Thanks, Eric.

And thanks, Muddy.

Muddy Waters (blues musician)-cropped

Because I didn’t know.

What didn’t you know?

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