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“Honey, I’m Thinking About Buying a Franchise”

Man about to say I'm buying a franchise 
And so it begins………

The scenario;

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A fairly successful 49-year old, (and recently downsized) executive, decides to start gathering some basic information on franchise businesses. (After enduring 6 months of absolute dead-ends in his job search.)

He’s starting to get tired of competing with approximately 500,00 other out of work executives, for the few good jobs that are actually being offered. He says to himself; “I think I’d better look at all of my options.”

This brings him to the place that we’re at now, folks; the kitchen table conversation he’s about to have with his loving wife of 22 years…

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The Husband: “Honey, I’m thinking of buying a franchise.”

The Wife: “Oh. Really? Which one?”

The Husband: “No idea, really. Just a franchise of some type.”

The Wife: “So, like a Subway, or a McDonald’s?”

The Husband: “ like that. I think.”

The Wife: “Why are you thinking about this now?”

The Husband: “Because the US job market is just so damn strong, currently.”

The Wife: “You don’t have to have an attitude. Really, why a franchise, or for that matter, why a business?

The Husband: “Because the US job market is doing so well!”

The Wife: “Point taken. So, Mr. Trump, how much $$$ are we talking about, here?”

The Husband: “Well, I haven’t really gotten that far yet.”

The Wife: “Let me know when you do. I’m sure you understand that I’m a little nervous about this idea of yours.”

Next Steps


Before this prospective franchise owner jumps online, and starts looking for franchises at any one of a number of quality franchise directories, he should continue his conversation with his wife, and get some of the more uncomfortable issues out of the way.

It’s time for what I call, a “kitchen table” talk, and as you’ll see in this post over at the “Official Business Link To The US Government,” you’ll need to grab some supplies.

Please read my “Franchise Opportunity Exploration Starts At The Kitchen Table” post, over at It will help you do this right.

(Of course, the scenario could be the same if the downsized executive happens to be a woman.)

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