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Why A Deck Rescue Franchise May Be Right For You

why a deck rescue franchise may be right for you
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Deck Rescue franchise owners provide much-needed services.

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These services are important because they free up time for today’s busy homeowners.

If you’re interested in owning a franchise that offers flexibility-and fresh air, you need to read what the CEO and founder, Dave Hydock, says about the business. You’ll find out why he started it, and why you it could make sense for you to start a Deck Rescue franchise business in your own neighborhood.


My Interview With Deck Rescue’s Dave Hydock

dave hydock deck rescue founder
(Dave Hydock, Deck Rescue Founder)

Me: Dave, please give my readers some history of your company-including why you decided to start your business?

Dave: I founded the company in 1995, having graduating from John Carroll University in 1992. After three years of working in an office cubicle, I knew this wasn’t the life for me. I was always an outdoor person, having grown up with the Cleveland Metroparks in my backyard. Being locked up in an office under fluorescent lighting was torture! I had heard about pressure-washing decks through one of my clients. At the time, nobody was doing it, as most folks thought pressure-treated lumber needed no maintenance. After three years of working Deck Rescue as a side-business while maintaining my day job, I walked into my boss’ office and said jokingly, “I can no longer afford to keep you!”

11 years after forming the company and having lots of customers tell me it’s something they wish they could do, in 2006 I decided to franchise. Best move I ever made in my life! One of my first buyers was a long-time client of mine. This reinforced my belief that I was on the right track.

can spend more time with family

Me:Why Deck Rescue, Dave? Why should someone who’s looking for a franchise spend time learning about your unique franchise business opportunity?

Dave: We offer a low-start up cost, a proven method of highly-efficient restoration techniques, a business model with fairly high profit margins, and generally have few competitors in most markets. Being a home-based business, it is not required to lease office space or a warehouse for materials. Thus, fixed costs are low.

In addition, new franchisees get to work with me personally to learn their new business, not a paid representative who may lack the passion, insight and experience that the business founder possesses. From a job satisfaction standpoint, working outdoors promotes a healthy lifestyle and guarantees that no two work days are the same. Also, witnessing the amazing transformation of dead, lifeless wood being magically brought back to life right in front of your eyes (as well as the clients’) never gets old. The seasonal nature of the business in most regions allows franchisees to pursue other endeavors during our winter off-season. In general, being a Deck Rescue franchisee provides you fun, flexibility and family time!

Me: Describe your ideal franchisee.

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Dave: We need folks with a passion for customer service and exceptional communication and time-management skills. Client inquiries must be addressed in a timely manner. The trade industry has the notoriety of “fly-by-night” operations scamming people of their money. Therefore, a commitment to lightning-fast response time, professionalism and, above all, INTEGRITY is what separates us from the pack.

Deck Rescue is a volume business, having the ability to restore 3 – 4 decks per day. We face extremely high demand during peak months. Repeat and referral business compound your workload as your business matures. Thus, franchisees must be masters at multi-tasking and time management to handle the job volume. Being a seasonal business, a franchisee should also be well-capitalized to remain solvent during the off-season, not to mention the early years of the business while building a client base.

Me: In the Northern part of the U.S., Deck Rescue looks to be a seasonal business. When does your season begin and end? And, could a franchisee in say, Atlanta or San Antonio operate a Deck Rescue business year-round?

Dave: In the northern regions, we generally work from April through November. Of course, franchisees in warm-weather climates will benefit from year-round work. There are always going to be decks, fences, concrete driveways / patios and vinyl siding to restore, regardless of the time of year.

Total Investment For A Deck Rescue Franchise

Me: What is the total investment range to start a Deck Rescue franchise? How much territory does a typical franchisee get?

Dave: The franchise fee is $25,000 with the overall initial investment range being $40k – $70k. We provide buyers with a pressure-washer, airless sprayer and initial inventory as part of their purchase. Minimum territory size is 80,000 households, but unlike most other franchises we do not charge extra per household should it be necessary to customize a territory to align with county boundaries, for example. Generally speaking, the purchase of a franchise provides you 80k – 120k households within your given territory.

outdoor deck

Me: You’ve told me that you love your business? Why? And why would someone who’s looking to become their own boss like being a Deck Rescue franchise owner?

Dave: I’ve stated most of the reasons above, but I’d really like to emphasize the outdoor aspect of this business. Enjoying fresh air and sunshine, while at the same time generating revenue, is simply good for the soul! Traveling from job to job meeting so many wonderful people who are amazed and appreciative of what you do is joyful and liberating. You are no longer confined indoors to earn your living. Humans are organic creatures who thrive in the outdoors, no different than plants or animals.

restored deck by deck rescue franchisee

Me: What would you like to add, Dave?

Dave: Decks are a sanctuary for homeowners, where they unwind after a busy day, entertain guests and host major life events such as birthdays and graduations. Our service is vital to their enjoyment, relaxation and quality of life. Financially-speaking, wood decks consistently rank near the top of the list of home renovations in terms of return-on-investment for the homeowner. We are adding value to people’s homes, extending the life and improving the appearance of their investment. In short, we are not merely enriching our clients emotionally, we are enriching them financially.

Can you see yourself as a Deck Rescue franchise owner?

If so, contact Dave here, and he’ll follow-up with more information for you.

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