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Franchise Idea: Provide A Service That No One Has Time To Do

beautiful wood deck rescue
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It’s a sunny Saturday. You’ve traveled all week for work, and you’re beat. But…
Little League practice starts at noon, and you’re excited to see your son do his thing.
Then, At 2:30, your 11-year old daughter has a piano recital at school. Your wife is taking her, and you’re going to meet them there. It should be over by 3:30 or so.
Then you need to do your deck.
franchise idea: provide a service that no one has time to do
And you’re going to have time to do that how?

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Restoring A Deck Is An All-Day Project

It’s unrealistic to think that cleaning (stripping) and staining a deck can be done in 2-3 hours.
According to Deck Rescue®, a franchise business that specializes in cleaning and beautifully restoring decks to their original luster, it takes 2-3 days to do it right.
1. To begin with, your deck will need to be stripped. (Deck Rescue uses a 100% biodegradable stripping enzyme.)
2. Next, a wood cleaner/brightener is used. It removes gray wood fibers and kills the mildew and mold that accumulates on all wooden decks. The cleaning solution they use also makes it easier for the wood stain to adhere to your deck.
3. Finally, a wood toner is applied to your deck. (Deck Rescue uses wood toner instead of wood stain, because toner allows more of the wood grain to show through.)
finished deck from deck rescue franchise

Now You Know

It’s important for you to know that I don’t typically go into too much detail about how a franchisor’s product or service works. But in this case, I needed to.
That’s because if you use this franchise idea…and become a Deck Rescue franchisee, you need to know who your target audience is.
Namely, it’s the guy I described above.
The homeowner, who, as much as he tries, can’t find the time to do the things he needs to around the house.

You Can Be The Service Provider

You can help the guy out. And he really needs it!
deck rescue franchisees can help this guy
If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that provides a much-needed service for time-starved homeowners, and you don’t want to break the bank to become a franchisee, check out Deck Rescue.
Founded in 1995, Deck Rescue has serviced thousands of residential and commercial decks (and fences too!) over the years.
Dave Hydock, the founder and CEO of Deck Rescue, has been trained by Wolman Wood Care Products, the folks who invented the “Wolmanized” pressure-treated lumber. He knows wood, and  teaches franchisees* his trade secrets during as part of his very thorough two-week training program.

A Seasonal Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a franchise business that offers lots of flexibility?
In other words, instead of owning a franchise business that requires you to almost always be there, like a food franchise or a retail franchise-all year long, you can own a franchise that offers an opportunity to eventually not be there all the time. And, in colder climates, you can actually have winters off!
How does that sound?
deck rescue franchise

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Deck Rescue: Two Business Models

In addition to the work flexibility Deck Rescue franchisees have, they also have a choice as to how they want to operate their businesses.
The 1st way is to be the owner-operator.
In this model, you would own one truck, and be physically involved in every job, with a helper or two.
The other way to go,and I call this the growth model, is to be more of a “supervisor.”
This would involve some physical work-especially at first (in the great outdoors!), with an eye towards growth.
In this case, growth would involve:

  • Potentially purchasing a larger territory
  • An aggressive marketing campaign designed to get customers fast
  • Additional trucks
  • Additional employees

In summary, your franchise business would become a multi-unit service business, with your role being more of a business development and supervisor.
To find out more about being your own boss with Deck Rescue, contact Dave Here, because he’d love to tell you more.

Be Your Own Boss With A Deck Rescue Franchise

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