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5 Franchises That Should Open In Jacksonville, Florida Right Now!

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Elton Rivas launched One Spark, an annual crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville, Florida. Designed to help match startups with money and resources in the area, the five-day event drew 130,000 attendees, including 20% who came from outside The Sunshine State.

Rivas told CNN Money that Jacksonville already has 700 registered startup projects for this year (2014 ) and about $3.5 million in capital committed from Venture Capital firms.

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From CNN Money:

The city’s inexpensive business and labor costs and low taxes — not to mention warm weather and availability of capital — are drawing entrepreneurs away from hubs like Silicon Valley and New York.“

Read the rest of the article here.

So, is Jacksonville, Florida about to rock-n-roll?

Let’s say it is. I’m thinking some shiny, new franchises should pull into town.


5 Franchises That Should Open In Jacksonville, Florida

According the CNN Money article I linked to above, Jacksonville has a lot of 34-somethings living there.

Surely, there must be a few specific franchise concepts that appeal to that demographic.

Here are 5 franchises that just may work.


these really could work


Classic Rock Coffee Company

From their website:

At Classic Rock, we take pride in finding the peak roast for every coffee… and providing you a rockin cup of jo. We put a Whole Lot a Love in our coffee.

Classic Rock Coffee – Our coffee Rocks!

Coffee is a stimulant, so the company thought it made sense to create a concept that is an alternative to the laid-back, read-a-book and take-a-nap type of coffee shop. I’m thinking 30-something adults would flock to a coffee shop like this…in droves.

Rock On!

(Who the heck is that guy?)
Ellipse Fitness

Young adults…and those on the cusp of being on the cusp of middle-age want to stay in shape. A lot of them are single, and want to remain attractive so they can be at the ready for potential hook-ups.

Fitness is a young franchisor out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Franchisees offer large & small group training programs for their members. Members can participate in kickboxing, strength training, cardiovascular training and even high intensity training if they’re inclined.  In addition, Ellipse franchisees offer boot camp sessions as well as nutrition and weight loss programs.

Jacksonville has room for several Ellipse franchises. Maybe there’s room for you to open one or two.

And speaking of Jacksonville, here’s a comprehensive guide on things to do there.

Nature’s Pet Market

30-year-olds love their pets.

They’re also into products that are natural…organic, if you will. That’s where Nature’s Pet Market comes in.

Nature’s Pet Market franchisees offer a wide variety of natural food for pets…as a matter of fact they only sell high quality natural foods. You won’t find Alpo-type pet foods in their stores.

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If you have a love for pets, maybe a pet franchise is for you.

The total investment for opening a Nature’s Pet Market varies.  Small format stores range from $106,500 to $193,500.  The total investment for a large store format ranges from $140,000 to $318,500+. Here is their website.


The Chocolate Martini Bar

This newer concept combines a love for chocolate with world class martinis.

How about a chocolate fondue for two? You can order one if you stop into one of these franchises for a late-night snack.

The Chocolate Martini Bar website states that “It’s an incredibly sweet and sexy concept with a casual family friendly menu.”

Franchisees can help customer’s set-up their own private parties. Can you think of a cooler place to have a bachelorette party?

The typical investment for a Chocolate Martini Bar is around $400,000. Learn more here.


Flip Flop Shops

Jacksonville, Florida is the perfect place for a Flip Flop Shop franchise.

It’s by the water, it’s pretty warm year-round, and there are plenty of potential flip-flop wearers moving into the area.

This company began franchising in January 2008 and continues to be recognized by industry leaders as one of the fastest-growing franchises and retailers in the nation.

This franchisor has a vision.

From their website:

To be the #1 franchised retail chain of flip flops & sandals throughout the world by building a breakthrough brand and world class franchise system.”

As of this writing, there is an immediate opportunity to open a Flip Flop Shops in Jacksonville. Look.

The total investment for a single location ranges from $174,300 – $279,500, and about 50% of the franchisees own more than one store.


Jacksonville, Florida Facts

  • Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States with over 840 square miles.
  • Jacksonville is home to the country’s largest urban park system with 111,669 acres of parks.
  • 30 movie companies used to call Jacksonville home with stars such as Oliver Hardy and Fatty Arbuckle making movies in town. Citizens became fed up with the noise and the movie industry moved to California.
  • The Florida Theatre was home to one of Elvis Presley’s first indoor concerts in 1956. Fact: A local judge sat through the performance…to ensure Elvis Presley’s body movements wouldn’t be too sexy.
  • The military employs over 30,000 active-duty personnel and approximately 20,000 civilians in the Jacksonville area.

Should you open a franchise in Jacksonville?

Is Jacksonville ready for several new franchises to come into town?

I’d love to hear from you.

And you, Marshall!


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