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What Is Snapology? An Interview With Snapology Co-Founder, Laura Coe

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I’ll admit it. I had no idea what Snapology was. To this day, I still don’t.


That said, if you’re searching for a franchise to own, and you’d like to learn about an opportunity that’s catching on all over the world, check out the interview I had with Laura Coe, the co-founder of Snapology.


What Is Snapology?

Here’s my interview with Snapology co-founder, Laura Coe.

Me: My readers would love to know how you came with the idea for Snapology. How did it come about?

snapology laura coe

(That’s Laura Coe, CEO & Founder of the Snapology Franchise Business).

Laura: After my sons Sebastian and Garren were born, I wanted to find a career that provided flexibility to be there for my sons and still be financially secure. My son, Sebastian, was an avid LEGO builder and, in trying to find activities for him, I stumbled upon a series of articles about people who were doing creative things with LEGO® bricks.

Anyway, Sebastian was 6 years-old at the time and not interested in sports but he loved to play with LEGO® bricks, along with his 5 year-old brother, Garren. I could see the educational value of this kind of play. I approached my sister and best friend, Lisa, who instantly loved the idea of an educational play business. Lisa’s background in sales along with her strategic thinking and creative-side, made for a perfect partnership to develop Snapology. Simply put, I wanted a fun, creative (non-athletic) activity for my sons that would allow them to be social. I couldn’t find it, so my sister and I built it.

Me: What did your gut tell you about the prospects for growth as a franchise business opportunity?

Laura: As a mom, my gut told me that there were other moms that wanted this type of program for their kids too. I quickly found this to be true almost immediately after offering our first program, a LEGO robotics class at a local recreation center. The program sold out in 3 days and we had a growing waitlist.

Me: What types of backgrounds do your franchisees have? What are you looking for in a franchisee? In other words, people with backgounds in “blank” should fill out the request for more information form below.

Laura: We have accountants, engineers, marketing experts, teachers, stay-at-home parents, TV producers, veterans…you name it. While the background of a franchisee can help with certain aspects of the business, they key to success with Snapology is a passion for providing these types of programs in the community.

It’s important to know that our owners don’t teach programs. This means that they can come from any background really. Our owners spend their time hiring, selling and marketing…and we teach them how to do this successfully. Our goal is to make business ownership easy. The franchisee brings the passion and work ethic and we give them the tools to grow their business.

Me: What have you had to do to adapt with the Coronovirus?

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Laura: All of our programs are designed to promote STEAM learning through creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork. To accomplish this, we offer in-person programs where children have a great deal of interaction with each other. The goal is to provide academic enrichment, social development and fun in every program.

When the pandemic hit, our in-person programs came to a halt. We knew we had to serve the community and provide programs to children to keep a sense of normalcy during the time of isolation. Within just a few weeks, we were able to adapt over 60* hours of programs for success in an online format. Our goal was to provide social interaction for children in a fun, educational format, at a time when they needed it the most.

*Update! More than 60 hours now.

Me: Without sharing your most closely-guarded secrets, can you give my readers one specific example of how you’ve been able to help your franchisees bring in revenue during these challenging times?

Laura: We wanted to serve the community while also bringing some revenue to our franchisees. We developed free online programs through social media as well as paid online class options. This blend of free and paid programs improved our presence in the community while also generating revenue. It was a win-win for everyone.

Me: What’s one thing prospective Snapology franchise owners need to know about the children’s education business?

Laura: Where there are children, there will always be a need for fun, engaging programs to provide enrichment and/or entertainment. At Snapology, we pledge to help our franchisees adapt to changing needs of children, parents and the environment. We had a chance to prove our commitment to this during covid-19 and we will continue to adapt to whatever life throws our way.

Me: Tell us about the children. What are some of things they love about Snapology?

Laura: We strive to create a fun environment for kids to explore and learn at Snapology. Children in our programs love the freedom they have to be themselves, to express their creativity in their own way and to be challenged to explore the world around them.

Me: What does the future hold for the Snapology brand?

Laura: Snapology is currently ranked the #1 STEAM enrichment franchise and is growing rapidly. This growth helps us develop and strengthen our curriculum and support. We look forward to continued expansion in the US, Canada and internationally.

Thank you Laura!


One More Thing

Now that you have a better idea of what Snapology is-and does, if you’re looking for a cutting-edge franchise opportunity to own, request information from Snapology, below.

Because Snapology is #winning.

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