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Meet Melissa Tash, Head Of The Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise Organization

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My gut tells me that Melissa Tash, the creator of the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise opportunity, is on the right track. Why?

Maybe if I show you…

I saw you smile.

And smiling is what Spoiled Rotten Photography is all about. Well, creating them actually.


(This is where I have Melissa share her story, her vision, her business model, and potentially an opportunity for you to get into a unique, low-investment and fun business.)   

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My Interview With Melissa Tash, Founder Of The Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise

Me: How did you come up with the name, Spoiled Rotten Photography? 

Melissa Tash

Melissa: We wanted a name that was unique and memorable, and also gave a positive vibe.  Spoiled Rotten is a term of endearment for grandparents everywhere. We want to spoil each of our clients with a great experience and beautiful portraits.  

Me: My readers love to know the backgrounds of franchisors I interview. Please share your background:  

Melissa: My dad was an engineer and hobbyist photographer… I followed in his footsteps and became an engineer for the US Army, Nike and NASA-and spent my free time as a hobbyist photographer. When my children were born, my photography hobby took on a new life of its own. I finally made the switch to a full-time professional photographer when my part-time income from our photography business outpaced my engineering salary. I enjoyed my engineering work, but I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of my photography business. Now I use my industrial engineering skills to make our franchise as efficient and profitable as possible.

Me: What is your vision for the company? What would you like to see happen?

Melissa: Our vision is to help photographers achieve their professional and personal goals through owning and operating a successful children’s photography business. We have identified about 100 territories across the US that we feel would be amazing for our concept.  Now, we need to identify the people in these communities that are a perfect fit for this business and our franchise family.

Is This Franchise A Fit For You?

Me: Who should look into owning a Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise in their area of the country? Who do you see as your best candidates?

Melissa: We want to partner with people who:

  • Are passionate about photography
  • Genuinely love working with children
  • Have a servant’s heart
  • Are success driven & filled with grace and kindness

In addition, they should live in a metropolitan area of about 500,000 people and have the physical ability to do the work.


Me: Can you describe the backgrounds of some of your franchisees?

Melissa: Our franchise family is made up a diverse group of backgrounds. We come from all walks of life…teachers, retired military, stay at home moms, salespeople, medical professionals, IT professionals…but what we all have in common is our love for photography and children and our core values.

photo franchise


Effects Of Covid-19 On The Business

Me: Has your franchise business been affected by Covid-19? How? Have you had to change some things about your business model?

Melissa: Most everyone’s business has been affected by the virus! We are blessed to have an agile business! We were able to serve to our schools by photographing outside. Many photography companies are not equipped to photograph outside… and we are… so while we had some interruptions — many of our locations met or EXCEEDED last year’s numbers — even though we took a major hit in the spring during the widespread school closures. Our overall business actually grew in 2020. We gained several accounts when other photography companies were not able to pivot and meet the needs of their schools.

melissa tash payload training specialist

(That’s Melissa, working at NASA)

Me: Without question, your background as a NASA trainer is impressive. Has it helped you train franchisees, and if so, how? 

Melissa: When training astronauts, your instructions have to be clear, well documented, and precise. Working in microgravity can be dangerous and costly if something goes wrong.  While pre-school photography does not require that level of preciseness, we apply the same attention to detail and update our procedures constantly to ensure they are crystal clear.

My time in the army also thought me many lessons. One concept we employ that I learned from my time in the Army is to “train as you fight.” We provide realistic training in ‘real world’ conditions and that gives our franchise owners a TON of practical experience. This trains our muscle memory – so our actions become instinctive. One training element that is dear to my heart is our ongoing partnership with 2 underserved preschools. They open their doors to us and provide real world experience to our new owners. We give them professional portraits in exchange.

Me: I call your business a business that creates smiles. Does that correctly describe the business you’re in? Am I missing something?

Melissa: When I’m asked what I do for a living, sometimes I’ll say, “I play peek-a-boo.” At the core of our business we must create a fun environment where our little ones have a great time and give amazing expressions. We capture those fleeting moments for families to cherish.  Right now (2020) there’s so much uncertainly, I believe having sweet faces on your wall can provide HOPE and JOY. I am honored to be in the business of providing HOPE and JOY.

local spoiled rotten photograpy franchisees in action

Me: What would you like to add about your franchise business opportunity that would be helpful to people who may be interested in learning more?

Melissa: If your heart’s desire to create joy, and you love children and photography… please reach out… we’ll see if we can help you meet your goals.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to share your background, your vision, but most of all, your unique home-based franchise opportunity.

Finally, if you like what you heard, fill out the form below. Melissa would love to talk to you!


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