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What Kind Of Life Do You Want In 2023?

woman thinking about what life she wants to have

What kind of life do you want to have?

Something better?

Something different?

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What are you willing to do to make things happen?

Will you take some risk?

You’ll need to, if you want this year to be different (and better) than last year.   

And finally, what do you want?

Your Answers Need To Be Specific

According to Google, the definition of specific is “Clearly defined or identified.”

And that’s what your (life) goals need to be if you want them to become a reality. And material goals need to be just as specific. 

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For example, would you like to have a new car this year?

Porsche sedan

Good. What type of car?

What color?

New or used?

Again, be specific. Then write it down. 

A Few More Examples To Get You Started

Here are a few specific ideas that will give you a nice jump-start on this little exercise.

1. “I want a big house in Gates Mills, Ohio with lots of land.”

House south of Deerfield in Gates Mills. Joseph Frost
(This image of a big house in Gates Mills, Ohio comes courtesy of Wikimedia)

2. “I want to own a collection of amazing muscle cars.”

Notably, those two “wants” are material things. Which is fine.

But let’s go deeper.

What Life Do You Want?

Besides some nice, material things, what else do you want?

Here are some ideas to get your brain going.

1. “I want the freedom to do what I want, when I want.”

That sounds great!

But can you be more specific?

How about this:

I want to be able to-on a moment’s notice, hop on a jet and go to Las Vegas for a few days, and stay at a ritzy hotel.”

stay at high-end vegas hotel
(Image courtesy of Loadmaster, on Wikimedia)

I know…I know. It’s another material want. I never said this was going to be an easy exercise. But at least it’s a specific want. Let’s try again.

2. “I want to live a healthy life.”

Much better! But it’s not specific enough.

How about this:

I want to be able to stay active and be pain-free well into my 70’s.”

There we go. That was specific.

Can you come up with anything?

One more.

I want to own a business this year! 

Make that a successful business. Maybe a franchise

Finally, remember to write your wants down. 

Because it’s one thing to “think” about them.

It’s quite another to write them down and see the words in front of you.

I promise doing so will have a huge impact on you. Especially if you keep them somewhere they can be seen…a lot.

Are you planning on having a successful year?

How are you going to do it?


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