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Upgrade To A Turnkey Business For $60,000 When You Buy This Franchise

turnkey franchises and a turnkey business

Let’s talk about turnkey franchises.

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If you’re too busy to bother with “the setting-up” part of the Goin’ Postal retail franchise business you just purchased, don’t worry about this “turnkey operation.”

Because the team at Goin’ Postal will handle everything for you. Not for free…but there’s an “upgrade” that’s available to franchise business opportunity buyers. A “turnkey” franchise operation upgrade.

In essence, all you need to do is show up on the day of your Grand Opening, and turn the key to unlock the door of your brand-new retail shipping and postal franchise. How does that sound?

The first answer that comes to my custom-built Crown is “pretty darn stress-free.”

The Goin’ Postal Turnkey Franchise Upgrade

Before I share the Turnkey Franchise Package upgrade option, here’s a little information about the Goin’ Postal operation.

Goin’ Postal is a retail shipping franchise business. As of this writing, there were 240+ locations throughout the U.S. Zephyrhills, Florida is where the Goin’ Postal Franchise Corporation is headquartered.

Goin’ Postal franchisees offer consumers and businesses access to main carriers such as FedEx, DHL, and the United States Postal Service. In addition, Goin’ Postal offers other small business related services such as copying, mailbox rentals, faxing, business cards, unique gift items, and office supplies.

turnkey businesses

That said, your initial investment for their franchise opportunity hovers around $50,000, unless you opt for the Turnkey Franchise Package, in which case it’s more.

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You Can Upgrade To A Turnkey Operation For $60,000

There aren’t many Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s) available to the general public these days-for free. But, the FDD for Goin’ Postal is. It’s available for download right on their website. That’s where I first learned about their turnkey franchise business opportunity. And their upgrade is an interesting idea.

Goin’ Postal Turnkey Business Particulars

From The Goin’ Postal FDD:

In addition to our “traditional” Goin’ Postal franchise offering (a “Standard Goin’ Postal Franchise”), we offer a Turn-Key Franchise Package to assist those franchisees who are either too busy to personally set-up and establish their own Store, or who for other reasons would prefer having us set-up and establish their Store rather than personally investing the time and labor to do it themselves. Under the Turn-Key Franchise Package, we will assist you in: (a) locating and negotiating the lease for your desired Store location (though we do not serve as legal counsel or in any other professional or advisory capacity); (b) procuring and installing required equipment, furnishings, fixtures, signs and décor as required by us; (c) completing Store build-out consistent with our Standards and preparing the Store for opening for business as required by our Disclosure Document and the Standards, Specifications, Systems and Methods we have established; and (d) training as detailed in our Disclosure Document. If you desire to purchase one of our Turn-Key Franchise Packages, you must complete and sign a Turn-Key Store Agreement (Exhibit “J”) in addition to the other documents you are required to sign under this Disclosure Document. See Item 5 and Item 11 of this Disclosure Document for a detailed description of the Turn-Key Franchise Package and see Item 7 for a description of the current initial investment required for a Turn-Key Franchise Package.

Your cost for the Turn-Key Franchise Package upgrade is $60,000, according to Item 5 in the FDD.

In addition to the $15,000.00 sum consisting of the initial franchise fee, a purchaser of a Turn-Key Franchise Package must also make a separate payment to us in the sum of $60,000.00 for the purchase of a complete Store set-up service package which is separate from and in addition to your purchase of a Goin’ Postal franchise.

Such a deal.

What Do Your Turnkey Operation Get For $60,000?

According to Item “J“- in the FDD, The Goin’ Postal team “Will arrange and pay for the build-out and Store set-up costs for the Turn-Key Franchisee’s Store, to include materials, furniture, and equipment, and pay the cost to hire a licensed contractor to perform interior finishing details. This cost allocation is based upon a standard 1,200 square foot location already in a ‘vanilla box’ condition

Sounds like a few less headaches for the new franchise owner. But, is adding $60,000 to the price of this franchise worth it? It seems like a lot of money for a turnkey franchise operation. But, maybe it’s worth it. I like the idea.

For one, a few franchisees could potentially invest more time in business development activities at the local level. That could make for a bigger Grand Opening. There’s nothing wrong with making more money, right?

Secondly, franchisees, if they just “turn the key,” could also spend more time learning the system. They could go over the operating manual a few more times. Plus, they could spend more time looking for qualified employees. After all, there’s a lot to do when you’re a new franchisee-before your business even opens.

Finally, what are your thoughts on this turnkey franchise operation?

Will turnkey businesses become popular?

Are you ready to buy a business in which you “turn the key?”


Do you really think it’s going to be that easy?

Just turn the key and BAM! You’re the owner of a busy, profitable, stress-free franchise business?


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