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An Incredibly Useful Way To Fast-Track Your Franchise Search

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If you’re interested in a bona fide way to fast-track your franchise search, check this out. Because I know you want to save time.


It Starts With A Phone Call

Specifically, the phone call you’ll be having with franchise headquarters at the beginning of the franchise sales* process.

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*I say “sales” because that’s how the franchise sales representative looks at things. In other words, she’s trying (and hoping to) to sell you a franchise opportunity. But you knew that, right? Back to that phone call…


Your First Phone Call With The Franchise Sales Representative

This is where you’ll be able to fast-track things.

But before I show you how to speed things up so you can hone-in on franchise opportunities that make sense for you, I need to tell you what to expect on this call.

Note: the only reason this call is taking place is because you either filled out a “Request For Information” form somewhere online, or you’re working with a franchise broker who sent your contact information to the franchisor.

Nevertheless, after you send in your information request, you’ll receive an email and/or a phone call from someone at franchise headquarters acknowledging receipt of your request. That “someone” may be an administrative assistant in the franchise development department or maybe even the franchise sales representative herself.

In most cases, the next thing that happens is headquarters sends you some information about the franchise opportunity (via email) along with a way to schedule a specific day and time to talk to the franchise sales representative. This will be your first phone call with headquarters. And it’s during this call that you’ll be able to fast-track your search for a franchise to buy. Make that the right franchise to buy. Here’s how.


How To Fast-Track Your Franchise Search

In most cases, the first call with your franchise sales representative will include the following things:

  • An introduction of the franchise opportunity
  • Company background
  • Questions about your background
  • Questions about your interest in their franchise concept
  • Financial questions centered around your ability to buy the franchise
  • An opportunity for you to ask questions
  • Information on their sales/discovery process
  • Next steps

Let’s focus on those next steps in your franchise search. Why?

Because at the end of this call, your franchise representative will be trying to gauge your interest level. She needs to know (in her mind) what steps she needs to take with you.


Your Franchise Search: This Isn’t The Time To Be Shy About Your Feelings

It’s important for you to know that well-trained salespeople want to quickly qualify or disqualify franchise candidates they speak with, as they receive lots of inquires.

To put it another way, they need to rapidly sort out the people who may just be “curious,” about the franchise business with the people who are seriously considering becoming their own boss…and have the financial capability to do it. 

In addition, they need to figure out if the person on the other end of the phone likes their franchise concept and could be a potential fit as a franchisee. This is where you come in.

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Franchise Salesperson:So what do you think, Brian? Can you see yourself owning a School of Rock franchise in Santa Fe?”    

Here are your options:

You: “I’m not sure yet. Would it be okay if we discuss this and get back to you in a couple of days?”

That answer is fine, as long as it’s honest. 

But if you’re pretty much not interested in the franchise opportunity, and you’re just trying to be nice to your salesperson, keep reading.

More Options

Here’s your 2nd option:

Well I’m certainly interested enough to learn more. What are the next steps in the process?”

That’s a good answer. Again, you need to make sure you really are interested enough to learn more about the opportunity. And your 3rd option?

I don’t think this is for me. But I appreciate your time, so thank you.” 


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

You just fast-tracked your franchise search. How?

By saying “no” to a franchise business opportunity you can’t see yourself owning and operating.

In fact, the faster you’re able to weed out franchises that aren’t a good fit for what you want in a business, the faster you’ll be able to land on a franchise opportunity that is a good fit. Does that make sense?


A Word Of Caution

Don’t get too good at this.

In other words, don’t weed out the franchises you find too fast.

That’s because sometimes it takes more than one phone call with a franchise sales representative to get to the heart of the matter.

The bottom line?

If you’re 50-50 about the franchise you’re looking into after the first phone call with headquarters, it may be better to go to the next step.

Just tell your franchise salesperson where you’re at.

Now go find a top franchise opportunity you can see yourself owning.

And don’t be afraid to say no…you’re not interested.

Because as you’ll see, doing so will speed your franchise search up a lot.

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