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There’s One Thing in Franchising That Really Really Scares The Bejesus Out of Me

scares the bejesus out of me

If you’re looking into becoming the owner of a franchise business, you know that there’s a lot of fear involved in a decision that’s as large as this. If you push the yes button, and decide to become a franchisee, your life will change. Big-time. So, if you’re not full of fear–at some level, I’m not sure how things will turn out for you. In other words, you damn well better be scared…

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Are we in agreement, so far? Don’t you think that a little old-fashioned fear is a good thing, sometimes?

If you’d like some help learning how to walk through your fears–and get to the other side–the small business ownership side, check out this comprehensive post on how to lower your risk so you won’t be as fearful.

What Scares The Bejesus Out Of Me

I’ve been active in the blogosphere long enough to know that I’m supposed to talk about you. I’m supposed to be providing amazing–if not epic content for your reading pleasure. I’m supposed to be teaching you. I’m supposed to be introducing you to other experts that I feel provide value.  I do all of that, but for a moment, I need to share something with you that really bothers me, and always has.

Franchisors that insist on ramming their religious views down my throat.

In my mind, business and religion have never mixed well, and it’s a huge turnoff for me when those two things actually do mix.  As a matter of fact, this turnoff is so big, I run to the exits whenever I see anything that is religious in nature that’s attached to an advertisement, or any marketing materials that have manged to land in my hands or on my 23-inch. (Monitor screen.)

I hate it.

There are several companies in the franchise industry that do a hell of a job with ramming. Some are low-key, like Snap Fitness.

Peter Taunton’s fitness franchise used to have a lot more religious bling, but he’s wisely backed-it-off. (When I was a franchise broker, their used to be a rather loud Christian philosophy thing on the Snap Fitness website, but it’s since been removed.) As a matter of fact, I remember telling one of their franchise development people that I thought Peter’s mention of, “Christian principles” was pretty tacky on a franchise opportunity website, but it stayed. And, I wasn’t the first person to share what a turn-off it was, because the franchise rep ‘s response was canned;

Joel, Peter’s aware that some people don’t like his religious views being on the website, but they’re staying on.

Not Low-Key

Then we have the following franchise organizations that have made the choice to slap consumers upside their heads with their religious beliefs. Like;

The C12 Group.

This franchise concept claims to be, “America’s Leading Christian CEO Roundtable & Coaching Resource with Proven Results.” Actually, they’re the only one. (That focuses on finding Christian CEO’s to recruit.)

Christian Companion Senior Care

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Just what we need; another senior-care franchise. (I think that there are now 50 different franchises offering some variation of senior care.) Read what I grabbed from their franchise website; “Because the mission of Christian Companion Senior Care involves the provision of both practical care and spiritual encouragement, we are legally structured to hire Christian caregivers. None of our competitors can hire on this basis and this key foundational advantage enables us to provide care that touches the heart and brings joy to the spirit.”

Is there a lawyer in the house?

Christian Brothers Automotive

I’m still trying to figure out if there are a couple of brothers with the last name of Christian, or if the use of “Christian” is a Christian use of the word. Oh heck; I don’t know what to think! Go to their website yourself and let me know what you find out.  The Christian Website

Interstate Batteries

This is one heavy-duty battery…er…heavy-duty religious branded franchise. When I saw their TV ad, I almost did a Rick Santorum all over my new jacket. Actually, I’m getting a little queasy writing about it, right now. I can almost see the commercial right before my very eyes. heck! You can too. (It’s on Part 2 of the really short video, below)

So, there you have it. The one thing that gets me all twisted in franchising.

Do you think that franchising and religion should mix? 

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