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Franchise Report: 2014 Children’s Education-Related Franchises

children's education

I know first-hand, how difficult it can be for a pretty sizable amount of today’s students to totally comprehend their curriculum. My daughter recently graduated high school, and she didn’t excel in one of her subjects. So, we got her some help. It’s pretty common these days.

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(The help wasn’t free.)

A strong understanding of math and science seems to be a major gateway to career success these days.

Good writing skills are needed too, so let’s add English composition to the equation.

So, what is being done to help our kids be successful in school, so they can be successful in life?

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Answer: Businesses are being started.


Children’s Education Franchises

I know a few things about the children’s education franchise sector.

That’s because I had the pleasure of placing a few people into business…into franchise businesses-that focused on helping school-age children grasp the concepts they were having trouble with. Most of them were location-based at the time, but now, more and more franchises in the children’s education sector are home-based.

But, there’s another reason. I’ve been a customer.

Read about my rather nasty experience with a local tutoring business.

That wasn’t very pretty. But, it’s what happened to me.

Would I go back to a tutoring franchise? You bet. Just not that  one.



Franchise Report: 2014 Children’s Education-Related Franchises

Children’s education franchises are needed. Badly.

Kids-a lot of them, just can’t keep up. I feel that our education system needs some work. Do you?

From Franchise Direct:

Right now, individuals in the U.S. reaching out for acceptance into colleges and universities are facing even more competition. The leap in population size originally stemming from the baby boomer generation is placing a heavy burden on academic institutions.”

True. That.

I see this as an opportunity. A chance for you to capitalize on some of our education systems’ missing pieces -while at the same time, making a difference in the lives of school-aged kids children who are struggling to keep up.

If you’re interested in learning more about a still-growing franchise sector, check out the newest franchise report  linked to below, from my strategic partner, Franchise Direct.

As usual, the team at Franchise Direct have outdone themselves.

franchise report:2014 children's education-related franchises

Franchise Report: 2014 Children’s Education-Related Franchises

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