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Franchise Ownership: When You’re Sick And Tired Of Working For Nincompoops

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Has your frustration level (at work) reached unsustainable levels, because you’re sick and tired of working for a bunch of nincompoops?

I’ve been there. But, not for a long, long time.

Do I still get frustrated? Absolutely.

But my frustrations are different now.

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Because I don’t have a boss.


franchise ownership sick and tired of working for nincompoops


Maybe you don’t have to have a boss either.


Are You Sick And Tired Of Working For Nincompoops?

sick and tired of working for nincompoops

I have worked for some real jerks over the years. More on that here.

I’m very grateful that I don’t anymore. That I don’t work for jerky bosses anymore. That I don’t work for idiots. Nincompoops. Losers.

I could go on…

But, I won’t. Because this post is about you.

About your pain. Your career pain.

So, if you’re sick of working for people that;

  • Don’t appreciate you
  • Treat you like dirt
  • Are verbally abusive
  • Micromanage you
  • Are selfish
  • Are horrible business people
  • Won’t pay you more money
  • Really are nincompoops

Then keep reading.

Go Here
-If Working At A Place That Literally Sucks The Life Out Of You Isn’t Working Anymore


Can You Do It?

You’re on a franchise blog.

Having stated that, you’d be correct to assume that I’m going to suggest franchise ownership as a career option.

But, can you do it?

Can you realistically buy a franchise in the near future?

Wait: I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Let’s not talk about buying a franchise yet. Let’s just talk about the idea of buying a franchise for now.


I certainly don’t want to get you nervous.

But, I do want to get you thinking…thinking about your miserable freaking job.

And, how bad you want out.

sick and tired of working for idiots


This Is The Typical Move

Most people, when faced with serious career pain, move on to

greener career pastures

(Greener pastures)

They find a new job.

A job that promises:

More room for growth


Unlimited potential


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1st-class training


Stock options


Whatever is currently in vogue with regards to attracting “top talent.”

Sound familiar? Maybe a little too familiar?

That’s because it’s because it’s the norm.

Leaving one job for a better job is completely normal.

If you’re married, an upward move…or a move out of a dysfunctional job situation into a more functional one-is usually supported (and sometimes encouraged) by your spouse. They’re “typical” moves made by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

You probably know a few people who have done it. Heck, you may even be one of them yourself.

And, if you are one of them…one of “those” people, why are you still reading this?




“There Has To Be Another Way!”

How many times have you said that aloud…or to yourself?

Enough times to believe it?

do you believe

Do you believe-deep in your soul, that there is another way…a better way, to make a decent living?

Do you believe in yourself enough to try something different? To go down a pretty non-traditional career path? To go down a road a bit less-traveled?

If so, you should check out franchise ownership. If not, that’s okay. Owning a franchise business isn’t for everyone.

And, it’s not like your success would be instant. Or, guaranteed.

Watch this 3-minute video:


Franchise Ownership: Sick And Tired Of Working For Nincompoops

To do this right, it’s crucial for you to free your mind of some of the more common misconceptions about franchising.

The first one that comes to mind has to do with food.

There’s a saying that goes something like this-I got it from my friend, Rick Eggleton, who’s worked in franchising and business brokerage for years.

rick eggleton

“There’s a lot more to franchising than burgers and donuts.”

It’s so true. If you think that you’ll have to flip burgers, or wake up at 3:00 A.M. to put donuts in the oven in order to own a franchise, you’re missing out on several other franchise sectors.

(To see examples of several different franchise sectors, go to the Franchise Direct website.)

Now, if you want to own a food franchise, that’s fine. Nothing wrong with it. Just know what you’re getting into.

Another misconception: 

“The franchise companies (franchisors) make all the money.”

A. Franchisors do make money. Sometimes a lot of money.

B. Franchisees can make a lot of money, too.

In a perfect world, the franchisor has an amazing business system set up, and all the franchisee has to do is follow that system. If both parties do their part both parties can make money. (A lot of other things need to come into play-but franchising at its most basic level involves good systems with good franchisees implementing them.)

There are several misconceptions about franchising. And, as an added bonus, several franchise myths exist.

“Some people have the illusion—because of buzzwords like ‘turnkey’ and ‘business in a box’—that they turn the key and the franchise has everything set up and the money comes in. It doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to really work hard.”

-One of my quotes from a article I was asked to provide my expertise for

This would be a great time for you to find out what some of the other misconceptions and myths are.


Franchising Over The Years

Franchising has been around a long time. Because of that, most people can name several franchise brands in rapid-fire succession. Can you?

The infographic below provides a nice visual about the evolution of franchising. Plus, several franchise brands are shown.

The Evolution of Franchising

From Visually.


Franchising 101

Now that you’re in learning mode, it’s important to find out more about the franchise model. The franchise model is a great business model-some say it’s the best business model ever invented. Need convincing?

Maybe if you just had a proper introduction…

joel libava franchise book

(Taken from the inside sleeve of my hardcover franchise book)


top franchise ownership books


Next Steps?

If you really are sick of working for a nincompoop of a boss, and/or a screwed-up company, you have some choices to make.

You could just go find another job. The latest U.S. job outlook looks pretty good:

Wages and salaries jumped 0.6 percent in October, the Commerce Department said Wednesday, and data for the spring and summer was revised substantially higher. U.S. paychecks were 4.9 percent higher in October than they were a year earlier, a sizable gain. By contrast, in the first four years after the Great Recession ended in 2009, paychecks typically rose only about 2 percent to 3 percent. ”

Read more at ABC 

You could stay where you are-and hope for a major change in management etc.

You could hang your own shingle-become a consultant in your industry.

business consultant

Tip: Read this Small Business Trends article that lays out how to do it.

You could try to buy an existing business. There are businesses being bought and sold every day.

You could buy a franchise like Otto Beatty and countless others have done.

You really do have some choices to make.

If becoming the owner of a franchise is one of them, I wrote a very comprehensive article on how to buy a franchise, step-by-step, which you can find here.

Best of luck!



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