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5 Dog Franchise Opportunities That Are Barking Up The Right Tree

Dog Franchises
(That’s me and #Bear. We rescued him 7 years ago.)

Dog Franchises And Pet Franchises For Dog Lovers!

If you’re a dog lover, I know you’ll love the 5 dog franchises I’m featuring. Heck, I’m a dog lover myself. Ruff!

Here Are 4 Dog Statistics You Should Know

According to the ASPCA, approximately 44% of all households (in the U.S.) have a dog. It gets better.

Since the 1970′s, dog ownership rates in the United States have tripled.

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Dog owners are expected to spend over $1400 annually-just on veterinary care, according to information I found on the Humane Society’s website.

And the average dog owner spends 38% of the over $50 billion spent on dogs annually in the U.S. on food. Another 22% is spent on pet supplies and medicine. (The rest is spent on veterinary care.)

You want some of that?

pet franchises

5 Dog Franchises You Need To Know About

I’m going to cut to the chase.

If you love dogs, and would like to own and operate a franchise business that caters to your fellow dog lovers, the 5 dog franchises below are worth a look.

3 pet dogs joe bair
(Joe Bair, who I graduated high school with, is one of the pet owners I contacted. he was kind enough to send this picture in. And I had to share it!)

Speaking of dogs, please consider rescuing a dog from a dog shelter.


Before you get too serious about buying a franchise opportunity that involves one of your passions, be careful. You don’t want to end up owning a business in the pet industry that ends up keeping you so busy with “other” stuff, you can’t do what you set out to do-and what you really wanted to do when you invested in the franchise.

Check Out These 5 6 Pet Franchises

Sit Means Sit

This dog-training franchise has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and franchisees get to capitalize on a badly needed service. (Have you ever tried to train a puppy?)

From the Sit Means Sit pet franchise website:

Starting a professional dog training franchise with Sit Means Sit allows you to take advantage of the largest and most successful U.S. animal based dog training company in the history of the United States. If you’re looking for an exceptional national company providing a unique top-notch service in a recession-proof multi-billion dollar industry, this is it.

The founder of Sit Means Sit, Fred Hassen, seems like a good guy who by now probably has a good net worth. We met through Facebook several years ago and I’ve been able to watch his dog-training franchise grow from afar.

Go to the Sit Means Sit franchise website to learn more about this opportunity in the pet industry.

Who knows; maybe you can train your dogs to whisper to each other like my friend, Brian Moran, did.

pet owner brian moran's dogs

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Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and join one of the fastest-growing dog care franchises in the nation! Scenthound, with its 42 established locations, is paving the way in the multi-billion-dollar pet industry with its unique wellness-focused approach. With their ambitious 2023 growth plans to open 27 new locations and a target of 100 locations by the end of the year, now is the perfect time to become a part of their success story. Benefit from the Scenthound proven business model, expert training, and ongoing support as you capitalize on the recession-resistant pet market.
Learn more at:

Wag N’ Wash

What a cute name, right?

jeff shuey's dog
(Ellie The Wonderpup will definitely need a wash, soon. Those bones smell!)

Ellie’s owner, my friend, Jeff Shuey, includes lots of “Ellie” pictures on his Facebook Page.

Anyway…dogs-especially when they get wet from rain etc., tend to reek. That means they need a bath. Enter Wags N’ Wash-one of several dog franchises providing a place where you can get your pup washed-and smelling really nice. And more.

From the Wag N’ Wash website:

Wag N’ Wash offers a unique business opportunity in the rapidly growing pet care industry. Our four revenue streams take advantage of a huge segment of the pet market, and include a retail center that offers high quality food, toys, bedding, and supplements, a bakery that offers human-grade freshly baked treats, a self-service wash with our own line of proprietary shampoos, and a professional grooming service.

A bakery?


Check out their pet franchise website.

Shelly DeMotte Kramer's dog

I wonder, if as a franchisee, you’d be able to charge extra for Taxi’s GIANT ears?

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Thank you, Shelly DeMotte Kramer, for sharing Taxi with my readers!

FYI:You need to know that franchise consultants sometimes work with pet franchise opportunities. It’s for this reason (and others) that I wrote an article on what you need to know about franchise consultants-before you work with one of them.

Hey-I think it’s time for a 1-minute intermission!

Here are a few more dog franchises…

Pet Butler Franchise Opportunity

pet butler franchise opportunity
(Disclosure: I helped Pet Butler with their online marketing in 2020.)

With a super-low franchise fee of $12,500, and a total initial investment of $44,452-$47,890, the Pet Butler franchise opportunity is an attractive choice for dog lovers who want to be their own boss.

In business since 1988, Pet Butler has been providing industry-leading pet waste cleanup and removal to 1,000’s of customers across the U.S. Update: Even during a pandemic.

As a franchisee, you and your technicians will tidy up outdoor areas in your customer’s homes and apartments. And you won’t have to worry about taking calls from prospective new customers during your busy times, as Pet Butler provides a state-of-the art call center to take those calls and convert them into paying customers for you.

If you’re a dog-lover who wants to become the owner of a business that provides a much-needed service that saves time for dog owners, I encourage you to have a conversation with the franchise development team at Pet Butler.

Pet Supplies Plus

Let me start this section off by telling you that the investment for one Pet Supplies franchise is quite substantial.

That’s because of:

A. The store size

B. The incredible amount of inventory franchisees must carry.

Those are the two reasons why the total initial investment for a Pet Supplies Plus franchise ranges from $549,400 – $1,097,400. In addition, you’ll need to have a net worth of $750,000.

Use My Free Net Worth Calculator

Here’s some information about the Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity-from their website…

PSP beats the competition by providing our Neighbors consistent, knowledgeable service and unbeatable prices. As a PSP Franchisee you can become a part of this successful strategy. As mass marketers’ sales slump, pet specialty retailers are trending upward. Our successful business model allows our franchise owners to:

  • Be profitable at smaller volume levels
  • Enter smaller markets and trade areas than our competitors
  • Carry brands that many competitors cannot

This is an opportunity for you to impact a market as a franchise owner.

(I shop at the Pet Supplies Plus franchise near my Castle. I purchase supplies, plus Grace (my daughter) and I give #Bear a bath there a few times a year.)

That said, giving your dog a good bath can do wonders for his coat, as you can see here.

wolf-is kevin goodman's dog
(That’s my friend, Kevin Goodman‘s dog, Wolf. Nice coat!)

More Dog Franchises!

Fetch! Pet Care

This pet care franchise is on the opposite end of the investment spectrum.

An initial investment between $19,997- $28,167 is all you need to open a local territory.

About* the Fetch! Pet Care franchise opportunity:

Founded in 2002, Fetch! Pet Care is the nation’s largest and most trusted provider of professional pet sitting and dog walking services. We provide everything from dog walking, to pet sitting, private boarding, pet taxi and more – satisfaction guaranteed. 

Fetch! Pet Care specializes in pet sitting and dog walking. The company services more than 1,500 communities nationwide and is constantly growing.

*The information above is from the Fetch! Pet Care website. Go here


Today’s dog parents don’t want just anyone taking care of their dogs while they’re away on vacation etc. They need to feel that their dogs are safe-and having fun when they’re boarded. And they’re willing to pay for that peace of mind. That’s where Dogtopia comes in.

From the Dogtopia website:

Our modern facilities provide a healthy, safe and fun environment for dogs to socialize and play in, supervised by a highly trained and loving team. Our multiple, spacious playrooms allow us to separate our guests by size and temperaments. 

A few bullet points:

  • Their target customer is the largest demographic in North American history – the female millennial, our secondary customer is the second largest, the baby boomer
  • Strong business model with labor costs as the only key variable expense
  • Best-practice sharing workshops with leading franchisees

5 pet franchise opportunities for dog lovers

Dogtopia franchisees are required to have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid capital to be eligible. That’s because the total investment amount ranges from $367,625 – $837,075.

If you decide that a pet franchise could be right for you, and you’d like to make sure you are doing everything right in your search and research, you should consider working with me, 1:1

A Thank You

To my friends, enemies, and relatives on Facebook: Thank you!

Before I put this post together, I put out a call for dog pictures, and your response was overwhelming! Close to 80 of you shared pictures of their canine kids. (Someone even sent me a picture of a spider. Why? No idea. Karen D. does stuff like that a lot.)

I couldn’t post every picture…but thank you for sharing them with my readers!

Here are a few more doggies from my fellow dog lovers!

stanislaw dog image
(These are Stanley Prokorat Stanislaw’s dogs.)

dog lover rick brenis with his dogs
(My high school buddy, Rick Brenis, another pet owner, just got this little pup.)

stacy kitay
(Stacy Kitay works with dogs all day long. Here is one of her doggies.)

melanie is involved in dog rescue
(My “little” cousin, Melanie, wanted the world to see “her” dog. She has rescued dozens of dogs; animals are her passion!)

carole cohen
(Carole Cohen has a dog. She also knows how to sell houses. And she’s one of my biggest fans!)

klonaris dogs
(Rosanne and I went to middle school together. Her family obviously believes that two Bernese Mountain Dogs are better than one.)

(I used to work at a restaurant owned by Marie Lograsso Cirino’s parents. This is Cody. Unfortunately, Marie and her family lost Cody a couple of weeks ago.)

desiree wolfe dog
(Desiree Wolfe and I are involved in a cool Facebook Group. This is her dog)

I’m concluding this post with a question. Here goes:

Could one of these pet franchises be right for you?

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