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If A Franchise Isn’t Right For You, What The Heck Should You Do?

if a franchise isn't right for you

It’s important to realize that some most people just aren’t cut out for franchise business ownership.

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If you’re one of them..if you don’t feel that owning a franchise is the right way to go, you may be feeling discouraged. Don’t!

You need to know that franchise ownership is only one way to solve career pain…or to reach your goals and dreams.

In this post, I’m going to go over a few alternatives.


How Did You Find Out?

First off, how did you determine that a franchise isn’t right for you?

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  • Did one of your family members/friends tell you?
  • Did you read something that frightened you-and you’re just fearful?
  • Did you get a low score on this?

Or was it something else?

Like maybe you think that franchising is one big scam.

Or you’ve been told that you should never look at fast food franchises, because they’re too hard to staff.


If A Franchise Isn’t Right For You, What The Heck Should You Do?

I’m going to assume that you based your decision to not pursue a franchise-type business on facts…on things you learned about franchising and on things you learned about yourself.

With that in mind, I’m going to share a few ideas on what you can do instead of becoming the owner of a franchise.


From my book:

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franchising guide

Instead of buying a franchise, you can:

  • Partner with someone who is a much better fit for a franchise-type of business
  • Start looking around for an existing independent business to purchase
  • Research some non-franchise “business opportunities”
  • Get a new job

See? Maybe it’s not over! There really are alternatives. However, if you truly had your heart set on opening up your own franchise business, and now know that it may not be the best idea, you may actually be angry that you bought this book. I understand – and I want you to know that you still have some choices:

  • You can keep reading it, and learn about business;
  • You can give it to someone you know who’s “been talking about going into business for themselves”; or
  • You can donate it to a local high school or university

Are you still angry? Are you depressed about it? Well, if you are – consider the following: Would it have been better to go into franchise ownership not knowing what it really involved? You very well might have joined hundreds — maybe even thousands — of others who failed miserably as franchise owners… because they had no idea what they were getting into. Maybe these failed franchise owners thought that they “didn’t really have to follow the system” that was laid out by the franchisor. Maybe they thought that they could “kind of re-invent things a little, and make it all their own.” Maybe they thought that all they had to do was buy a “Turnkey operation,” and then simply “turn the key.” Maybe that thought that buying a franchise would almost “guarantee” them success.

Failed franchise owners all have something in common; they lost their money. And, I’ll bet it was a lot more than what you paid for this book.


Final Thoughts

My feeling is this; you shouldn’t do something that you know in your heart isn’t a good fit.

Granted, franchise business ownership can be a great thing-but there’s a caveat.

Franchise ownership is a great thing – for the right person.

Is that person you?


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