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10 Signs That You Are a Natural Born Business Leader

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While certain aspects of owning a business can be learned, many entrepreneurial tendencies are innate. The question is, are bosses born, not made?

If you often take charge, love to be challenged and strive to be responsible for your own successes (and failures), you may never be satisfied until you’re the one steering the ship in your professional career. While certain aspects of owning a business can be learned, many entrepreneurial tendencies are innate, including the ten character traits below.


10 Signs That You Are a Natural Born Business Leader

  1. I Like Being My Own Boss

We’ve all said it—especially when the workday unravels—but do we really mean it? Being your own boss means you need to be comfortable making countless decisions that will ultimately affect your success. While there are clearly many responsibilities when it comes to being the boss, there are also a slew of benefits, including taking control of your work/life balance, which is often a driving factor in the decision to become your own boss.

  1. I Like Challenging Myself

Are you the type of person that can handle challenges that will put you way outside of your comfort zone? You’ll be called upon to solve problems you never knew existed, make dozens of judgement calls (often simultaneously) and develop brand new skill sets. Which means you’ll likely experience a new feeling of satisfaction you might not have known existed.

  1. I’m Rarely Satisfied

This doesn’t mean you have a knack for complaining. It means you see possibilities all around you, from better ways to satisfy your customers, conduct reporting or order supplies.

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  1. I’m a Problem-Solver

There are people who find problems and people who solve them. If the lights go out during the biggest football game of the year, would you be the first one to tinker with the breaker or talk to the utility company? Rising to the occasion first is what sets leaders apart.

  1. I Get a Rush From Making the Sale

Do you have an innate understanding of consumer demand? Can you recognize your community’s wants and needs? Business ownership is about moving products or selling services, so understanding your audience is crucial. This understanding will generate awareness and engagement to ultimately achieve sales.

  1. I’d Rather Fail at My Own Dream than Succeed at Someone Else’s

One of the most satisfying aspects of ownership is the ownership itself. When success and profits and accolades come, you know you’ve earned it. For many, nothing compares to a hard-won victory.

  1. I Was the Kid with Two Paper Routes

Successful entrepreneurs often start young. From lemonade stands to lawn-mowing services—if finding a need—and filling it—has always come naturally to you, ownership may be in your genes.

  1. I’m Elated By Achievement

From opening a second location to breaking sales records, if setting goals and reaching them gives you a rush, that fire can propel you forward, especially through hard times.

  1. Owning a Business Opens Up Possibilities for My Family

Often times owning a business creates an opportunity to work side-by-side with your family. Whether it’s a spouse, parents or sibling, you’re ultimately building a business that you hope will be your family legacy. If you have children, this is a remarkable way to teach them about entrepreneurship, providing a real-life understanding of what hard work and dedication can result in.

  1. I Care

Beyond the bottom line are the customers you serve and genuinely care for. When you work to understand what clients need and want, you’re better able to provide it. Treating them as you’d like to be treated does even further.

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If you find yourself agreeing with most of these statements, you are probably ready to take the leap into ownership and are waiting to tackle a new challenge. If childcare franchising interests you, Greg White can help you to take next steps. You can reach him at To learn more about Kiddie Academy’s franchise opportunities, visit

(This post was written by Greg White, Vice President of Franchise Development at Kiddie Academy—the leading provider of educational childcare for families and their children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. White has over 20 years of small business experience and understands the rewards and demands of running a business. He joined Kiddie Academy in 2013 where he leads the franchise development efforts, marketing the Kiddie Academy business opportunity and managing the development team. He also works with franchisees as they expand their businesses to open additional locations.)


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