Franchise Ownership Advisory Services With A Money Back Guarantee

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If during the first 15 minutes of our 1st phone or Skype call, you don’t feel that you’ll benefit from my advisory services, I’ll promptly refund your money.

That’s how confident I am about my ability to properly guide you through the entire franchise ownership exploration and buying process-just like I have for numerous other people.

Joel did a fantastic job by first taking the time to understand our needs & interests and then using that perspective to give us expert advice. In the vast world of franchise ideas it’s great to have Joel’s expertise as a guide.” – Patrick McCoy, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Snap Fitness

You risk nothing. In 15 minutes time you’ll discover that I’m all I say I am-or I’ll refund your money on the spot.

Thank you for your valuable input into my search for the right franchise business for me. As I am not versed in the process of selecting and funding a franchise, your validation of my concerns was extremely useful for me in my decision making process. Your input…and knowing that you really were looking out for my best interest has given me confidence that I will make the right decision for me and my family. Thank you so much. I have definitely spent this money well…” – Sam Tellico



Let’s Talk About My Franchise Advisory Services

Buying a franchise is a big deal. It’s a heck of a lot different than just “looking” for a franchise. Read what the differences are between looking for a franchise and buying a franchise.

There are so many things to consider. And, there are so many different franchises to choose from. You have to do a lot of things right in your search for a franchise in order to lower your financial risk. The things you do right nowbefore you sign a franchise contract will determine just how successful you’ll be as a franchise owner.

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I know the right things. (That you need to do.)


  • I’ll help you figure out if franchise ownership is even something that you should look at
  • I’ll show you how to figure out your budget
  • I’ll show you how to customize your search for a franchise business that makes sense for you
  • I’ll show you exactly where to look for franchises, and then once you’ve found a few, I’ll teach you how to narrow down your choices
  • I’ll teach you how to work with franchise salespeople
  • I’ll teach you how to do an amazing job on your franchise research
  • I’ll show you where to apply for a franchise loan
  • I’ll show you how to get the right legal advice
  • I’ll get you across the finish line-which may not include you buying a franchise


The last bullet point is really, really important. That’s because my income is not dependent on the outcome of my consultations with you.

Today’s franchise “consultants” are really franchise brokers. (Consultant is just a fancier word for a broker.) But, why should this matter to you?

Because franchise consultants/brokers get paid a commission by the franchisors when they work with you-and end up matching you up to a franchise they represent. (They don’t work with every franchise business opportunity that’s offered. They only work with franchisors that are willing to pay them a commission.)  I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with it…it’s just totally different than what I do.

Attention: US Military Veterans

us veterans

You get 50% off any advisory package! After you pay in full send me proof of your US military service and I’ll refund 50% of your payment!

I don’t get paid a commission. That’s because I work for you-not the franchisor


If during the first 15 minutes of our 1st phone or Skype call, you don’t feel that you’ll benefit from my advisory services, I’ll promptly refund your money.


While performing my due diligence on a franchise I was interested in, I came across Joel’s website, contacted Joel and scheduled one of his franchise advisory sessions. Joel made several suggestions that helped me with my decision making process. I greatly appreciated his wealth of knowledge about franchises and his un-biased views.”

– Larry Nicholson, franchise buyer


“For several years, Joel Libava has been an outstanding member of my Brain Trust, the largest community of small business experts in the world, representing the franchise industry. His perspectives and insights regarding this critical sector of the small business landscape have been invaluable to me and my audience. Clearly Joel is one of the top thought-leaders in the world of franchising and an important resource for anyone interested this business direction.”
– Jim Blasingame, President, Small Business Network, Inc. 

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My Franchise Ownership Advisory Services With A Money Back Guarantee