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See How Your Pie Is Changing The Way You Eat Pizza

Your Pie pizza franchise
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Though food trends come and go (we’re looking at you, avocado toast), pizza will always be a staple of the American diet. Even still, the industry evolves, which presents unique opportunities for pizza owners. The Your Pie pizza franchise is one of those opportunities.

If you’re looking into food franchises, this is your chance to learn all about the changing pizza game, and why now is the perfect time to see how Your Pie is changing the way you (and your potential customers) eat pizza.

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Trends in The Pizza Industry

The recent “state of the industry report” highlighted a few important changes for pizza restaurant owners. Today’s pizza consumers are focused on a few things:

  • Ease of ordering. The bulk of today’s pizza aficionados are Millennials, many of whom grew up with the internet. Online ordering is a must for franchise owners. Especially if you want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Have an intuitive online ordering and delivery platform or your customers will find their pies elsewhere.
  • Keep it clean. Emerging buzzwords in the pizza industry include “authentic” and “clean,” as many consumers now equate these with quality. In a pizza setting, this might mean citing old-world Italian tradition and recipes. Another way; source ingredients from Italy. To achieve authenticity, connect your pizza brand with a place and time.


Limited-Edition Pizza Offerings

  • Think outside the box.  Experimentation is always welcome within the pizza space but with important caveats. Americans still love their classic toppings, including olives, chicken, and pepperoni. On the other hand, a little novelty can go a long way. American pizza consumers have interest in trying something new and exciting – just not too exciting. Limited edition pizzas are a good way to keep the offerings at your location fresh and exciting without alienating your customer base. Your Pie is a great example of a pizza restaurant that experiments with toppings. Check out the Your Pie pizza menu to see how this fast-casual pizza restaurant is changing the industry standards for creativity.
  • Third party assistance. According to Morgan Stanley, food delivery is a $30 billion-dollar industry. Online ordering and delivery go hand-in-hand, and it seems likely that online ordering will totally replace traditional phone methods within the next decade. Independent chains, however, may struggle to keep up with demand. This is where third party assistance, such as UberEats and DoorDash, can help lighten the load.  Keep in mind that third party players have advantages and disadvantages – while you may save some money, you also have no control over how a driver presents themselves to a customer.

Quick Eating

  • Fast casual dining. The fast-casual movement is quickly picking up steam, and it’s thanks to Millennials. The 20 and 30 something crowd likes the convenience of quick eating, but they also crave something more than the traditional mega-chain pie. Fast casual dining is here to stay, and it presents a unique business opportunity for those looking to enter the pizza market.
  • Transparency. Wholesome nutrition and pizza don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but the FDA will soon require larger pizza chains to provide nutritional information by the slice. Once large chains start posting their nutrition facts, consumers will likely expect smaller pizzerias to follow suit. Here’s something to consider: according to the National Restaurant Association, over 2/3 of customers order more healthful options while out to eat compared to ten years ago. You don’t need to prominently display your nutritional information, but offer it on your website or in your app.

see how Your Pie is changing the way you eat pizza

Is Now the Time To Get Involved With A Your Pie Pizza Franchise?

Hopeful business owners might hesitate to enter the pizza game given new regulations from the FDA and an emerging interest in healthful eating. However, now is the perfect time to get involved in pizza. The US pizza market is worth $44 billion, and a recent survey found 41% of polled consumers reported eating pizza once a week. Two years ago, this number was 26%. Another Harris Poll found America’s number one comfort food was – you guessed it – pizza.

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In other words, pizza is the right business. The industry continues to forge ahead, and family-owned, smaller chain pizzerias are commanding a larger slice of the market pie. Fast-casual chains will lead the charge, and, accompanied by third party service and online ordering, stand to experience immense growth. Opening a franchise with a small, emerging pizzeria chain seems to be the best bet for those looking to enter the world of pizza.

Your Pie is one of the fastest growing players in the pizza world.

To summarize, with an emphasis on quality and fast-casual dining experiences, we will continue to grow and serve consumers interested in convenient eats made with quality ingredients. For more information on opening a game-changing Your Pie franchise, contact us.

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