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Why You Buy Warm Lemonade On A 90 Degree Day

hot sun

When I think of hot weather, my mind doesn’t immediately think of the wonderful vacations I’ve taken in places like North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, or even the Bahamas.


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I don’t go back in time to when I lived in hot, dry West Texas, or even hotter and drier Las Vegas, either.


I think of when we visited Washington D.C. In the summer.

Then I think of the day we watched the changing of the guard at The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. That was a hot day.

the tomb of the unknown soldier

The soldiers didn’t wipe their brows. (They’re not allowed.)

It’s so quiet there. No one talks. No one wants to.


Why You Buy Warm Lemonade On A 90 Degree Day

A nice cold lemonade would have tasted good that day. For sure.

Heck, it was so hot and I was so thirsty, I would have taken purchased a warm glass of lemonade.

Especially if it was sold from…

buy warm lemonade

A lemonade stand. A real one…not a fake, commercial one like you see at state fairs. I’m talking a real-live neighborhood one. The kind of lemonade stand that sells warm plastic or Styrofoam cups of lemonade for 25¢. Lemonade that’s so warm-and usually so sour, you’ll pay for a second one because the first one just didn’t do the trick. But, here’s the thing…

It doesn’t matter how warm the lemonade is.

You’re not buying a glass of lemonade from a neighborhood lemonade stand for the taste. (Or the temperature)

You’re buying that 25¢ glass of lemonade for the experience. And, to help some kids make a little money….to succeed in what’s probably their first entrepreneurial adventure.

You’re a nice person. The kids appreciate your business. It’s why you buy a warm glass of lemonade from them on a 90 degree summer day.


Warm Lemonade Sells

If it’s packaged right, a warm glass of lemonade can sell very well on a hot, steamy day…anywhere in the world. That’s powerful. It’s simple, too.

The warm lemonade that people from all walks of life are willing to pay for is an average product (usually) at best. The packaging is usually blah. The kids never have any ice-which if they did, would help immensely. The stand itself would never win any awards related to the word “sanitary“…or clean. And, it’s not like there’s an attractive storefront driving customer after customer in.

Or, is there?


Helping Them Succeed

You want them to succeed. You want their business to succeed.

Plus it kind of feels good to hand those cute kids a quarter. They always say “Thank you Mister,” or ‘Thank You Mam.” Every single time-without fail.

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(I am so darn thirsty all of a sudden.)


Other Businesses

Are there any businesses you frequent that you really want to see succeed?


Is it because the product or service is incredible?


Is it because the owners are good, hard-working people who you don’t want to see fail?


Franchise Owners Are People Too

Franchise owners…the local franchisees who live and work in your neighborhood aren’t corporations. They’re people.

People who have taken significant risk to open up a business in your town.

People who had the courage to walk away from a more “secure” life in order to be their own bosses.

Fact: The people who bought one of those damn franchises in your area want to succeed just as much as the lemonade stand kids do.

You should help them.

Buy their lemonade.

Even if it’s warm.



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