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Why Training Your Franchisees Is So Darn Important

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(Guest Post on training franchisees)

As a franchisor, you should recognize that you’re in a very fortunate position. You’re able to help others (like your franchisees) in many different profound ways, influencing significant change.

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Though franchisors were a vital safety net for the pandemic, you and your peers also have obligations toward your franchisees. One is providing a franchise training program that helps ensure everyone in your franchise has the potential to be upskilled and realize their utmost potential.

To succeed in this, you need to understand why it’s so important to implement a formal training regime for your franchisees.

Read on for some of the most important reasons you need to consider.

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On Training Franchisees

Relaying Your Vision Accurately With A Solid Franchise Training Program

Franchises are almost like a collection of businesses operating under one banner. Each branch in the franchise needs to work in perfect tandem with its brand and colleagues. Training is a great way to establish that throughline of consistency.

Remember, every franchise business opportunity differs from the next, and even experienced business persons may need to adjust their working mode to meet franchise standards. Everyone franchisee you bring on board needs to be in complete alignment with your goals.

You can build some of these programs yourself in collaboration with your peers and franchisees. You can also give feedback on your collaborations. Is all the information presented clearly? Do franchisees clearly understand what they should be learning and doing? Take good care to tinker with your training solutions over time as your franchise evolves through the years.


Online Training For Franchisees

Encouraging Independent Learning

Franchisors have to be able to trust their franchisees to operate at least semi-independently. Micromanaging a business empire will soon open up a can of worms.

While some providing your own training solutions can be worthwhile, you should also approach quality providers of accredited online training to give your franchisees access to a wider world of learning on their time. Everything from cyber security awareness training to GDPR can be presented in a beautifully crafted and simple to use training system. There are over 150 courses, so franchisees can explore each opportunity freely.

All of your franchisees will be on the same page very quickly. This is because free trials and courses are compatible with any device. Captions can also be translated into over 35 international languages. Your franchise’s standards are important, but industry standards must also be adhered to. Online training providers can help you and your franchisees give a boost to that progress.


Today’s Franchise Owners Need Direction

Building a Sense of Purpose

People work better when they have a clearer sense of purpose and direction. If the future is uncertain, a feeling of hopelessness is bound to occur sooner or later.

Unfortunately, many smaller franchisees are facing tough choices ahead of them. Some are having sleepless nights over the rise of energy costs and wonder what their next move should be. It’s not an enviable position to be in, and as a franchisor, you should do everything you can to establish a hopeful consensus in these turbulent times.

Training can’t solve all these problems, but it can give franchisees a sense of momentum that will help them if they struggle. Franchisees worried about rising costs may counter their fears with refresher knowledge from a money management course. Of course, there are no guarantees, but refining skills and staying sharp is better for the franchise than widespread panic.

(Guest author, Jacob Robinson, is a freelance business writer with over 5 years of experience. Born in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Jacob writes about the franchise and retail industry, and takes his interest from his time at Manchester University studying retail and business.)


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