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Will Owning A Franchise Make You Happy?

be happy as a franchise business owner

Could it?

Could owning a franchise business make you happy?

It depends.

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Let’s dig in.


Define Happy

You own your definition of happy.

For instance, you may get a great deal of joy from playing in the backyard with your doggie. That’s great!

Tom, your best friend since high school, is happiest when he’s tinkering around with old muscle cars. You’re happy for Tom, right? Hey, he found something he likes to do, and it brings him great joy. All of us need that!

On the other hand, Maria, your next-door neighbor, loves baking.

woman baking dessert
(maria, baking)

She gets great joy out of baking cakes, chocolate brownies, and other sweet treats. Good for her!


We each have our own definition of what makes us happy.


What about “future” happiness?


Will This Make You Happy?

Try these on for size.

1. Will getting married make you happy?

2. Will buying a house (as opposed to renting a house or apartment) make you happy?

3. Will having a child make you happy?

In most cases, each of those things should make you happy. Especially if they’re something you’ve been shooting for. A goal. But here’s the thing.

Those 3 things are (or were) hanging out somewhere in the future.

So if they haven’t come to fruition as of yet, that means they’re pictures floating around in your head. They’re images you’ve come up with illustrating how you think they’ll look when any of them become reality.

With me so far?

You’re future-tripping, man.


Then Reality Sets In

Let’s say you hit one of your goals. In this case, your goal of getting married.

So first you find your soulmate.

Then you get to know each other…and fall in love. Yay! And at this point, you’re pretty darn happy.

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Next, you get engaged. And in a perfect world, both families like both of you, and everybody’s happy. Again…yay!

Then you get married.

And you go on your honeymoon. Double yay! And doubly happy!

happy couple on honeymmon

Don’t worry.

I’m not going to ruin it.

And you come back home, and get on with the “married” life.

Turns out getting married did make you happy.



Will Owning A Franchise Business Make You Happy?

This part includes a lot of future-tripping.

That’s because you don’t own a franchise yet. But the pictures in your head…are definitely happy ones. The pictures of you as a happy franchise owner.

owner of a franchise business is happy making money

Let’s continue.

So money = happiness?


Is there anything else that would make you happy if you owned a franchise business?

Remember, this needs to be your own your definition of happy.

For example, would the fact that you’d be more in control of your destiny make you happy?

Would not having a boss make you a happy camper?

Would something like eventually involving your kids in your franchise business give you joy?

What else would make you happy if you owned a franchise?



Do you think it’s possible that there may be some other things that would make you happy as a franchise business owner-but you just don’t know what they are yet?

I say it’s more than possible.

Just make sure you choose wisely.

Do your research.

Go slow and steady.

Because in the end, I want you to be happy as the owner of a franchise business.


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