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Is A Franchise Opportunity In The Staffing Industry Right For You?

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We’re living in very interesting times.

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The topic of labor…of jobs-or frankly, the lack of them, is a hot topic. It has been for a long time. And, the franchise industry has been smack dab in the middle of it. Keep reading to find out why and to learn about the staffing industry.


When People Can’t Find A Job…

A lot of people (who lost theirs) have given up on finding a job.

According to a May article on, the longer someone is out of work, the more likely it is that they’ve quit looking for a job. How sad. According to data collected by a Harris poll of 1,553 working-age Americans that was conducted for Express Employment Professionals, “8.5 million Americans still don’t have jobs, some 40 percent have given up even looking.” You should read the entire article-there’s some interesting data included in it.

So, what do a lot of people do when they can’t find work?

They start looking at career alternatives. Like being their own boss. Can you blame them?

Fact: Franchisors and franchise brokers target unemployed middle managers and executives who can’t find work and/or don’t want to work in a corporate environment anymore. Who do you think owns all of the franchise business you see (and hopefully visit) in your local area and when you’re travelling?

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One more thing: Local franchisees have been the target of labor organizations as of late. All of a sudden, the local franchisee…your neighbor, is being told that his or her employees are not their employees but that they’re employees of the franchisor. Really? Read this to see what I mean. You’ll get an understanding as to why I’m so darn frosted (along with the majority of franchise industry peeps) about the utter ridiculousness of this kind of thinking.

As I said, the franchise industry is smack dab in the middle of things.


Franchise Ownership Allows You To Be The Boss

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You are the right type of person for a franchise business opportunity. Are you?

Find out here.

Another question…


Is A Franchise Opportunity In The Staffing Industry Right For You?

I helped a couple of my candidates get into the staffing business when I was a franchise broker back in the 1880’s. (Kidding. 2001-2011) It’s a great business, but it’s a tough business.

Here’s a little-known fact that Paula Turner, who was the franchise development representative at Express Employment at the time, told me about owning a franchise business in the staffing industry: Your local competitors are some of your best referral sources. How weird is that? She told me that since no staffing firm can place every single person, it’s worth it to create relationships with other local staffing firms that may be able to place a candidate, and that they would do the same for you.

Another thing that’s important to know about being the owner of a staffing franchise is that an HR background isn’t a pre-requisite. As a matter of fact, someone that isn’t afraid to go out and call on other local small business owners is really what today’s franchisors like Express Employment (and others) want in a franchisee.

Staffing franchises are fast-paced businesses that provide much-needed services.

To learn even more about staffing franchises, including some of the real ins and outs of owning one, check out the detailed Staffing Industry Report from Franchise Direct.

Maybe owning a staffing franchise could be right for you.




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