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Interview: The CEO Of The Window Genie Franchise

window genie franchise
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Window Genie has been providing top-shelf services to homeowners since 1994.

And, with a name that features the word, “Window” in it, you’d think that Window Genie franchisees are in the window-cleaning…or window, “something” business.

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They are. And, so much more.

Would you like to learn about this opportunity in the service sector? From CEO Rik Nonelle?

Interview: The CEO Of The Window Genie Franchise


Me: What services does Window Genie offer?

Rik: Well, our tagline says, “We Clean Windows and a Whole Lot More!” We are oftentimes asked, what does ‘a whole lot more’ mean? While window cleaning is our claim to fame, our franchise partners offer a range of home services. What we like to call our “Big Three,” the staples of Window Genie excellence, are window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing. Window Cleaning is our primary service. In addition to the obvious benefit of looking through and enjoying clean windows, the service helps to prolong the life of glass which can become etched and embedded with dirt and pollutants that over time can cause irreversible damage. As the only national company selling and installing solar control window film, Window Genie specializes in a variety of films from various manufactures such as Huper Optik, SunTek and Llumar. Window tinting is installed for a number of reasons that range from privacy to sun and heat deflection to security. Window film is also a green product, helping to lower utility bills by as much as 25%. Pressure washing rounds out our Big Three and is the preferred method to clean and restore surfaces such as house siding, sidewalks, driveways and patios. Each Window Genie location offers an additional set of services that may include gutter clean-out, gutter protection, tile and grout cleaning, deck cleaning and sealing and chandelier cleaning.

Me: What makes WG rock?

Rik: First and foremost it’s our people. Our people or franchise partners are what make us great.   We are a tight-knit family of entrepreneurs working hard to grow the local businesses and in turn grow the Window Genie system into a national leader in our space.  We are constantly working to uphold our 5 pillars that define the WG culture and help us to stand out.  We shine in an industry that typically lacks any kind of glamour or “sexiness”, and through our owners have found a way to grow and prosper, even in a down economy.

 After our people, it has to be our services. We do the things that people HATE to do on their own and even when they try, they cannot deliver the same results. We bring the WOW to window cleaning with customers that become raving fans, usually after their very first service with us. With our trained technicians arriving each time in uniquely designed GENIEMOBILES, our company and services stand out wherever we go.


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 Me: What are some of the backgrounds of your most successful franchisees?

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Rik: What makes us great is that our owners come from very diverse educational and occupational backgrounds.  What makes ALL of our successful owners successful is their hard work and determination to succeed, but how they arrived there is dramatically different. In the past 24 months alone, we have added new franchise partners that include 3 CPA’s, a chemical and a mechanical engineer, a veterinarian that recently sold his 16 person clinic, 2 former CEO’s and a yacht captain.  All had success prior to Window Genie, and all are on the track to success WITH Window Genie.

Me: What traits do you look for in a potential owner of a local Window Genie franchise?

Rik: This is a great place to bullet point who we look for and what traits tend to lead to success in our business. A prospective owner doesn’t have to have all of them, but the more the better: 

  • Being a self starter is an extremely important quality we look for. There are so many skills that can be taught, but having the innate ability to create success using one’s own drive and resources is hard to come by and we really value that.
  • We look for someone with the ability to follow the system we’ve developed, but take it to a new level adding their own “flair” and create their own success above and beyond what we have to offer as guidance. Someone that does not DEPEND on the system but works WITH it will be successful.
  • Being able to wear many hats and multi-task as an owner/operator/manager. Not being afraid to face challenges inside and out the office from employee to customer relations. Being consistently professional and representing the brand to the best of your ability every day.
  • The GAMMY rule – treating everyone’s home as though it’s Gammy’s home. Treating each customer, whether they call with a compliment or a complaint, as though it’s Gammy calling. Before you make a decision, consider, what would Gammy think?
  • Being an honest decent human being is another quality that is difficult to teach. We look for men and women with integrity, who are willing to do the right thing, not the easy thing. A franchisee that truly cares about improving each home and business he enters will be successful. Enthusiasm is contagious and each interaction can become positive when the franchisee is passionate and genuinely proud of what his business has to offer.
  • We look for leaders who can successfully manage their crew and set them up for success. Motivating employees to do their best and be proud of their work is essential. Successful hiring, training and continued guidance for employees creates positive experiences for customers each time those technicians enter their homes.

Me: What are some of the things you do as a franchisor to increase the odds of success for your franchisees?    

Rik: It all starts with the screening process. While we never try to predict success or what someone can or will ultimately do in our business, history has shown us there are some indicators and we try to recruit and screen against those criteria. In doing this, we are helping both the prospect and ourselves in that we are increasing the odds of success for that individual.

 After that, as any good franchisor should do, is make sure the metrics that make YOUR business work such as breakeven, advertising returns, time to scale are in alignment with each and every candidate. In doing so, you once again increase their chance for success.

 We also have a laundry list of key areas and functions that an active, aggressive owner will use and follow along their path to success. These include but by no means are limited to:

  Full service headquarters with over 25,000 sq/ft to support the system and provide on-going training to our owners and their technicians.

  • Help is just a toll free call away, anytime!
  • Field visits
  • Management 101 training & Grand Opening support
  • Best Practices Calls
  • Underclassmen Calls
  • Marketing/PR assistance
  • In-house GOOGLE Expert
  • “Windows 4 Wishes” Give Back program to create local awareness
  • Professionalism and Customer satisfaction program

 Me: Anything else people need to know about Window Genie? 

Rik: That we are growing and looking for GREAT partners that want to GROW with us as we become THE brand in the market. With key features such as multiple revenue streams, repeat customers, recession-resistant services and class-leading marketing programs, we are ready to help the next wave of Entrepreneurs get into business. With an average investment under $100,000 and recently rated a Top Franchise for Veterans, Window Genie is perfectly positioned for expansion throughout the U.S.  If you want to learn more about Window Genie, go here. I’d love to talk with you.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with the CEO of the Window Genie franchise.


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