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It’s Like Getting 6 Different Franchises For The Price Of 1 Franchise Opportunity

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Every franchise opportunity that’s offered tries really hard to differentiate. They’d better. They’re competing with over 3,000 other franchise opportunities. And, they’re competing for your attention. They want you to buy their franchise.

If you’re looking to be your own boss, and you feel that owning a franchise is the way to go, I want you to check out what Window Genie® brings to the table. (Besides their 6-in-1 franchise opportunity!)

window genie
(A fleet of Window Genie vehicles)

Back In The Day

Back in the day, homeowners-for the most part, took care of just about everything that needed to be done around the house. That’s because there was more time available to them. Dad was the one that worked full-time, and was off every weekend. The 40-hour work week was the norm, and Mom stayed home with the kids. There wasn’t as much “running and chasing” going on. Mom did the grocery shopping on the weekdays, and drove the kids to their activities. Dad worked on home repairs and home maintenance on the weekends. Things were pretty manageable, time-wise back then. Not anymore. No one has time.

That’s why today’s time-starved consumers need help. (Know any?) They can’t do everything. They’re always running and chasing. In a lot of cases, Mom and Dad are both working full-time…even on the weekends. Things are stressful. Their lack of time causes lots of pain. Family time…real family time, is becoming a rare commodity. Do you know any families that eat dinner together at 6:00 PM? I don’t.

time starved consumers

(Pictured: A family eating dinner together, circa 1954)

In addition, the technology that has invaded every corner of our lives-and was supposed to “save us time,” doesn’t seem to be living up to that promise. If anything, we’re more time-starved and more stressed than ever before.

Time has slipped away from all of us.

A Solution

One way to get some of our time back is to pay for it. In other words, pay others to do some of the things that take us away from the important stuff like being with the ones we love.

More and more consumers-and businesses are in fact-paying for services that save them time.

I’m talking about things that would take an entire day for to do. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some of that money that’s currently being spent in your own area every day?

franchises for sale
(Window Genie franchisee)

There Is  A Way

Window Genie has been offering their stellar services since 1994, and has been franchising since 1998. Over the years, they’ve added different services, and their franchisees now have 6 complete services that they can offer to both residential and commercial customers. They are:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Film Sales/Installation
  • Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Protection
  • Holiday Lighting

Again, Window Genie offers 6 different services. That’s 6 different sources of income for franchisees. It’s like getting 6 franchises for the cost of one.

window film

How does that sound?

Window Genie has carefully grown the company into a national franchise system that is a front-runner in the window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing industry.

Most of today’s consumers and small business owners don’t have the time (or desire) to perform those duties themselves. That’s why they’re willing to pay for those services as long as they’re done right. Window Genie® franchisees do things right.

That’s because Window Genie® offers franchisees a complete package of support that is based on the established and already proven Window Genie® system. Everything has been tested in the office and in the field. Window Genie is an experienced franchisor.

From The WG Franchise Website:

“Our goal as a franchisor is to provide entrepreneurs the best opportunity possible to establish and grow a successful business. Window Genie’s “Big 3” services: window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing, provide home and small business owners a service that tackles the necessary maintenance responsibilities that most people are unwilling or unable to do themselves. With our commitments to branding, professionalism and customer satisfaction, our owners are able to stand out in their markets as the go-to home service providers.”

A Low Investment Opportunity That’s Home-Based

One way to keep your investment in a franchise low is to avoid leasing a commercial space for your business. Good news here…

  • Window Genie is  a low investment franchise
  • It’s a home- based business with daytime hours
  • You hire teams-you don’t have to do the work
  • Repeat customers are the norm
  • 6 services = 6 revenue streams= 6 profit centers
  • Minimal receivables
  • Very limited inventory is needed
  • Huge market (apartment complexes, condos, new construction, homes for sale and a wide variety of local businesses)

If you become a Window Genie franchise owner, your customers will come from large and small homes, condominiums, apartment communities, new construction and homes for sale.

The investment ranges from $90,000-$145,000- remember, it’s like getting 6 franchises in one.

One More Huge Advantage

One of the greatest things about being the owner of a Window Genie franchise is something that you may not know. Check this out:

The competition stinks. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Think about that statement. Then fill out the form below to learn more about the Window Genie® franchise opportunity. Ask your Window Genie franchise representative about “the competition.” Seriously…don’t forget.

And, tell your franchise representative that “The Franchise King® sent you.”

That’s because if you do become a Window Genie franchisee, I’ll interview you for a huge article that will be featured on this website. The article will give your new franchise business a nice jump-start in your marketing, as it will be picked up by lots of other websites…and maybe even some media outlets in your market area.

Be open to the possibilities. You don’t have enough facts to make a decision on a franchise that offers 6 different services that today’s busy homeowners need.

What if it turns out to be a lot more interesting than you expected?

What if you find out that some of the Window Genie franchisees are just like you?

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