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One Entrepreneurs Love-Hate Relationship With Weekends

weekends and entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, I have a love-hate relationship with weekends. And it goes way back.

Back to when I was a kid.

I’ll explain, and then fast-forward to my feelings about weekends now.

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Maybe something I say will ring true with you.


Weekends As A Kid

I hated weeding.

As a kid, on either Saturday or Sunday in the summer, my dad would make me (and my younger brother) weed the beds. And there were lots of flower beds and lots of deeply-rooted weeds.

Note: I just asked my wife if “flower bed” was one word or two, and she saw what I’m writing about. So I asked her if she had to weed as a kid. “I hid, Joel. My brothers had to do it.” Now I don’t feel so alone.

I don’t know why my dad didn’t understand that I had way more important things to do than weed his beds. It led to what would be later called a “resentment.”


What Important Things Did I Need To Do?

I wanted to ride my bike, man!

Up and down the street as fast as I could. With no helmet of course. I don’t think “they” made them back then. They being American manufacturing companies.

And I bet you didn’t know I used to be an avid insect collector.

I needed to collect grasshoppers, Katydids. bees, and/or the occasional caterpillar (using my trusty glass jar with holes nailed in the lid). Why? To study them of course.

Under the 1200x Tasco microscope I got from my Grandfather.


Grandpa Si And His Entrepreneurial Brother

higbee's department store cleveland

*This section is based on recollections from family members over the years.

My late Grandpa Si ran the optical department at Higbee’s. One of the first of its kind. And it was based on an idea his brother had.

From what I understand, his brother was quite the entrepreneur.

His idea was to provide optical stores inside existing department stores.

In his mind, doing so would save consumers time, as they wouldn’t have to make a separate trip to get eyeglasses.

It worked, and soon all types of major department stores were opening up optical stores using their own brand.

So my Grandfather got the opportunity to setup and run the downtown Cleveland Higbee’s department store optical department.

Suffice to say, my brother and I had quite an extensive collection of microscopes and telescopes. And I loved learning about all things science, including biology and eventually astronomy. Good times.

Except doing chores like weeding (and other assorted stuff) took time away from the stuff I wanted to do. One more thing.



Sundays were kinda weird around our house.

Mostly because my dad wasn’t always in the best mood.

Looking back, it was probably due to the fact he had to psyche himself up for another week of traveling around the country, managing areas he was assigned to when he was a Territory Manager for various companies throughout his life in the beauty business.

And even though flying wasn’t as aggravating as it is now, it couldn’t have been too fun to board 5-7 flights a week. And stay in hotels, and rent cars etc.

So Sunday’s tended to be crabby days. And I don’t particularly care for them now.

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But there’s another reason why I have a strained relationship with weekends.


Entrepreneurs And Weekends

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2001.

In my case it means I’m focused…hyper-focused actually, on my business. And on winning. Being a successful entrepreneur. Translation: I work a lot. And I like to work.

As you know, most business activity happens M-F. So I generally have 5 days a week to maximize my revenue. And to make contact with people who are interested in my products or who potentially want to work with me, 1:1.

And since I love what I do, and like working, by the time Friday afternoon comes around, I start to think about the weekend.

These days, weekends include cleaning our Castle, shopping, other errands, and some family-related stuff. Normal stuff. Except I’d rather be working on my business.

Writing. Editing. Coming up with ideas that will help grow my business.

And when I have a specific idea, I want to shape into something workable right away. Meaning I don’t want to wait until “Monday” to work on it. Is that abnormal?


Weekends For This Entrepreneur Mean Monday’s Can’t Come Fast Enough

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to fall into a love-hate relationship with the weekend. In my case, mostly hate. Or dislike. Yes. That’s better. But for me, Monday’s can’t arrive fast enough.

On one hand, the weekends should offer a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the workweek. In a perfect world, it’s a chance to relax, recharge, and spend time with loved ones. Right?

But on the other hand, the weekends can also feel like a burden.

The weekends can feel like a never-ending to-do list of tasks that you just can’t seem to get to during the week. It can be hard to switch off and truly relax when there are always things that need to be done. There it is. The “on and off switch.”

I lack an on and off switch. Or in my case, the switch is hard to reach. I should make commitment to do a better job with that switch. Mainly the “off” part.

Maybe I’ll be able to turn work off more when I reach some of my goals.

beach vacation for entrepreneurs

And weirdly enough, I do (mostly) disconnect from work and email etc. when I’m on vacation. Sitting on a beach and looking at the ocean has that effect on me.

Maybe the answer is to vacation more?


Not until my biggest goals are reached.


Helpful Tips For Weekend-Hating Entrepreneurs

Now that you know a little more about me, and some of the things I need to work on, I’d like to make this post as helpful as possible.

So here are some tips for entrepreneurs who also may be struggling with reaching the on and off switch. With balance.

Because it is important to find a healthy balance between work and non-work stuff. Of course for some (me!), it can be easier said than done.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for finding that balance:

  1. Set boundaries: It’s important to set clear boundaries between work and personal time. This means setting aside dedicated time for work and making sure not to bring work home with you.
  2. Make the most of your time off: when you do have time off, make sure to take advantage of it. Do things that you enjoy and that help you relax and recharge.
  3. Take breaks: it’s important to take breaks throughout the day, even if you’re working from home. Step away from your work for a few minutes to stretch, go for a walk, or just take some deep breaths.
  4. Get outside: Being cooped up inside all day can be draining. Make sure to get outside and get some fresh air, whether it’s a walk around the block or a hike in the woods.
  5. Find a hobby: having a hobby can be a great way to relax and recharge on the weekends. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or playing a sport, finding an activity that you enjoy can help you feel more balanced and fulfilled.

In conclusion, the entrepreneur’s love-hate relationship with weekends is a common struggle. It’s important to find a balance between work and rest, and to make the most of your time off. Remember to set boundaries, take breaks, and find hobbies that help you relax and recharge.

And by finding the right balance between work and the weekend, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as an entrepreneur.

Maybe I’ll be able to find that balance someday.

Can you?

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