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Senior Care Franchisees Need To Have A Tiger In Their Tank

today's senior care franchisees need to be tigers

Today’s senior care franchisees need to be tigers.


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Yes. Allow me to explain what I mean.

Looking To Become A Senior Care Franchisee?

The senior care industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, driven by an aging population and increasing demand for in-home and community-based services. This has created significant opportunities for franchises in the senior care space. You know why, right?

Because according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is projected to nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060. That translates into a strong (and continuing) demand for senior care services, both in-home and in residential facilities.

That said, if you’re one of the hundreds of people who are seriously looking into becoming the owner of a top franchise in the senior space at this very moment, you need to continue reading this post. because there’s something about this sector of franchising you may not know.

Wanted: Tigers

Senior care franchise businesses are not the type of business where people walk into your office requesting services. And?

That means you need to go to them. 

Specifically, you need to call on potential referral sources to get clients.

Translation: you need to be good at sales and good at building business relationships. 

Scratch that.

You need to be GREAT at sales, and excellent at relationship building.  

More bluntly, you need to be a tiger.

But wait, Joel. I want to get into this business to help people.” 

That’s terrific. 

But you can’t help seniors and their families cope with aging unless they know about you and your company. And that means selling. 

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Senior Care Franchisees Need To Excel At Sales

If you’re not outstanding in sales, you shouldn’t be looking to buy a senior care franchise.

Plainly speaking, if you’re not a tiger…a persistent, won’t take no for an answer, B2B salesperson, don’t bother looking at senior care franchises.

Senior Care Franchise Opportunities: Getting Clients

When you start out as a franchise owner of a senior care franchise, potential clients aren’t going to be lining up outside your door at 8:30 in the morning, Monday through Friday, curious to see what you’re offering. The business doesn’t work like that. You have to find them.

And in order to find clients, you have to build a referral network. That’s how your senior care franchise business will grow. You’ll call on:

  • Estate Attorney’s
  • Elder Care Attorney’s
  • Hospitals
  • Physicians
  • Nursing Homes
  • Insurance Agents
  • Senior Communities

You’ll be selling your awesome senior care services. How?

By asking for referrals. 

People who know of seniors and/or their family members who need the services you offer.

That means you’ll be selling yourself.

You’ll be selling your brand.

And, you’re going to be in a super-competitive space.

You’ll be competing with other franchisees from different brands, along with independent senior care services providers.

Are you ready?

I hope so.

P.S. Owning a senior care franchise is an incredible opportunity for the right person. There’s money to be made. Plus,  you’ll have the ability to change a lot of lives in your community. 

Please Talk To Lots Of Franchisees Before You Buy A Senior Care Franchise Business

You need to talk to 10-15 franchisees. Ask them every single question I’ve included in my franchise research guide.

And without exception, you need to ask them about the “sales aspect” of the business.

Ask them if it’s difficult to get new clients.

And ask them how competitive the space is. Don’t be shy.

To conclude, the senior care franchise sector is booming and there’s money to be made.

Just be careful that you don’t buy a senior care franchise unless you know how to sell.

And be prepared to put a tiger in your tank.

senior care franchisees need to be sales tigers

Tiger photo above courtesy of: Tambako the Jaguar via photopin cc

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