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A Re-Launched Fast Casual Concept You Need To Consider Owning…Like Now

re-launch of nothing but noodles fast casual franchise concept

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I could live on nothing but noodles.

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Whether it’s pasta at an Italian restaurant, or rice noodles at an Asian restaurant, I’m in. Noodles in any form are my favorite food. And that’s one of the reasons I got excited when Chad contacted me about his re-launch of Nothing But Noodles.

Nothing But Noodles Franchise: The Re-Launch Of A Fast Casual Concept

Nothing but Noodles is a fast casual restaurant dedicated to providing the highest quality, best tasting, made to order noodle and global pasta dishes available. And the franchise opportunity was just relaunched. But why now?

Here’s what Chad Everts, franchise industry veteran and co-founder of this newly re-launched fast casual concept, told me:

During the pandemic there was a shift in consumer dining habits. Take-out and third party delivery revenue skyrocketed for most restaurant concepts including Nothing But Noodles. As the pandemic subsided, that portion of our revenue remained strong even as it slightly declined when things opened back up for dine in options.

Notably, consumers were able to experience first hand the fact that pasta and noodles travel extremely well compared to other categories of food.

The result of the change in consumers dinning habits has had a positive impact on the stores AUV’s.”

Chad continues…

Because of this, the financial model of our franchise opportunity has significantly improved. We are now able to decrease the size/footprint of new store locations which in-turn reduces the cost to get a store open without sacrificing revenue due to the strong sales contribution from take-out/third party delivery revenue. Operating expenses such as occupancy costs and labor expenses are also beneficiaries of smaller locations focused equally on dine in and take out sales.”

The Time Is Now For Fast Casual

time is right for fast casual franchises

According to Chad, “The time is right for experienced restaurant operators to diversify their portfolios into something different than the saturated red ocean restaurant segments such as Burgers, Chicken, Mexican, and Sandwiches…the pasta and noodles category is wide open and blue ocean.”

I’m all ears now. You?

But before I go into more details about this re-launched franchise, I want to share some crucial things you need to know about the continually growing fast casual segment in franchising.

Why The Fast Casual Franchise Segment Continues To Grow

The fast casual dining segment, which offers patrons higher-quality cuisine in a more upscale ambiance compared to traditional fast food establishments, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the restaurant industry. And several key factors have fueled it. They include:

  • Surging consumer demand for healthier, premium meal options without the full-service restaurant experience. Astute fast casual franchises concepts have capitalized on this evolving preference by offering made-to-order, customizable menu items featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  • Rapid proliferation of popular fast casual brands into new domestic and international markets has significantly bolstered the segment’s growth. And there’s no pause in sight.
  • The franchise business model. It’s proven to be instrumental in enabling successful fast casual concepts to scale up swiftly. By partnering with franchisees to open new locations, these thriving brands have driven the continued expansion of the fast casual franchise landscape.

The bottom line?

The fast casual franchise market continues to present a highly attractive investment opportunity, driven by robust consumer demand, proven business models, and substantial room for further expansion and growth. And I personally believe this dynamic segment will remain a focal point of interest and investment in the restaurant franchise sector.

What Food Do Nothing But Noodles Franchisees Serve?

If you become the owner of a Nothing But Noodles franchise, here’s a sampling of what you’ll be serving your customers. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry now! You?

Next, I’ll get into what it costs to buy a Nothing But Noodles franchise.

The Nothing But Noodles Franchise Opportunity: Details And Costs

nothing but noodles franchise location

Nothing But Noodles fast casual restaurants are typically located in high-traffic retail strip centers. Site assistance is provided.

As to costs for you to start and open a Nothing But Noodles restaurant in your area, here they are:

Net worth requirement: A minimum of $1 million, with $350,000 in liquid assets.

The total estimated initial investment range for one Nothing But Noodles franchise is $770,000-$1,155,300. That includes your initial franchise fee of $39,500 per restaurant, along with all associated franchise business startup costs.

In addition, once you open, you’ll pay a royalty fee of 6% of sales, along with a creative marketing fee of 1% of sales.

Who’s An Ideal Nothing But Noodles Franchisee?

From the Nothing But Noodles franchise website:

Ideal franchise owners are hands-on, have experience in full-service or quick-service restaurants, and take pride in building a business and serving quality products in their communities.

For those without previous restaurant experience, we require either partnering with an operating partner or hiring an experienced manager with an equity stake in the business.

One more thing.

As a franchisee, you’ll have the backing of:

  • 25+ years of Restaurant & Franchising Experience
  • Access to Award-Winning Recipes/A Unique Menu
  • Excellent Tools and Processes for Efficient Fast Casual Restaurant Business Management
  • Expert Local Marketing Assistance

And much more!

Nothing But Noodles Current Locations

Currently, there are 5 Nothing But Noodles locations up and running. They include:

  • Mountain Brook, Alabama
  • Huntsville, Alabama-University Drive
  • Huntsville, Alabama-Whitesburg Drive
  • Charlotte, North Carolina-Steele Creek Crossing
  • Charlotte, North Carolina-Stonecrest

And a new location in Clift Farm, Alabama, is set to open soon.

Important Information About The Founders

If you decide to become part of the Nothing But Noodles re-launch, you need to know more about the two people guiding the ship.

Because as you’ll see, they come to the table with an impressive franchise business background.

co-founder of nothing but noodles chad everts

Chad Everts: Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Chad Everts is the co-founder of and has served as the Co-Chief Executive Officer for Noodles Management located in Scottsdale, Arizona since May 2001. Additionally, Mr. Everts is also the Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Modern Acupuncture since August 2016.
Prior to that, he also served as the Vice President of Development and Shareholder for The Joint Corp. from April 2010 until January 2017 and was a part of the executive team that took the company public (NASDAQ “JYNT) in November 2014.

co-founder of nothing but noodles todd welker

Todd Welker: Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Todd Welker is the co-founder of and has served as the Co-Chief Executive Officer for Noodles Management located in Scottsdale, Arizona since May 2001. From 2010 to 2011, he was also co-founder and served as the President of The Joint Chiropractic, which later became a publicly traded company (NASDAQ “JYNT) in November 2014.

Request Franchise Information

Finally, if you would like to learn more about Nothing But Noodles, and potentially open a location…or several locations in your area, fill out the form below. Because today’s consumers want something different.

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