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Could You Make it As A Franchise Owner In Australia?

First off, why would you even want to become a franchise owner in Australia?

Australia: Aboriginal Culture 003

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Why not just do it here in the US? We could use the business. Just think of all the people in your local community that you would impact? C’mon; please?

Pretty Please

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Just think; you could be in business fast.

Other Advantages

If you have what it takes to become a franchisee in the US, you have a real shot at achieving your dreams. (Or, at least some of them.) There are several great things about franchise business ownership, and if you’ve been following along here for the past 5 years or so, you undoubtedly know what some of them are.

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There really are several great things that you get as a franchisee. Like these 5. And, as much as I’d like to see you open a new business down the street from me, I know that you do have choices. It’s part of being an American. You’re free.

Thanks to these men and women.

Move To Australia

Let’s say that my powers of persuasion didn’t work on you, and you’re still hell-bent on moving to Australia to become the owner of a franchise. Fine. I have some tips…

Actually, David Wilson does. But first, he lays the franchise model out nicely;

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“On paper, because its structure has been road-tested, a franchise is a money-making machine. In theory, any dropkick can run one successfully – all anyone has to do is get on with it – execute, exploiting the turnkey convenience.”

I like this guy already. He continues…

Almost a quarter of Australian franchise owners squabble with their parent company, often taking legal action, according to a Franchising Australia 2010 report. Find out what mindset you need to avoid bust-ups and make franchise ownership work for you. Above all, experts agree, stick with the programme – there’s a reason you never see yellow arches painted pink.”

David understands franchising. Do you?

  • Do you understand that there are no guarantees?
  • Do you understand that you have to follow the rules?
  • Do you understand that you’ll need massive amounts of energy to be successful?

I hope so. In the meantime, check out The 10 Traits That a Franchisee Needs, Aussie style.

Then read the American version, over on

Notice any differences?

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