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CosMc’s: McDonald’s Officially Blasts Off With Their Bold New Fast Food Concept

CosMc's Bolingbrook

Hold your fries, because McDonald’s just blasted off straight into the world of trendy drinks, and its name is CosMc’s.

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CosMc’s from the McDonald’s corporation is a bold, beverage-forward spin-off that isn’t just serving nostalgia with the return of the 80’s mascot; it’s whipping up a storm of flavor and customization that’s got millennials and Gen Z types lining up to sample some new, exciting beverages and what not.

Note: CosMc’s food menu and beverage menu can be seen a few paragraphs down.

The Bolingbrook, Illinois CosMc’s Location Is Now Open!

Right now, there’s just one CosMc’s—a drive-thru-only, 2,800-square-foot location in Bolingbrook, Ill. Another 10 locations are scheduled to open later this year.

From WGN, Chicago:

Check this out.

According to, new data from shows that the Bolingbrook CosMc’s location received more than twice as many visits as a typical McDonald’s over the same time period.

From McDonald’s corporate website:

Just like the original McDonaldland character, CosMc’s blazes its own path with a uniquely seamless digital and Drive Thru experience.

Guests are invited to take a break from earthly stressors and use the dynamic menu boards and cashless payment devices to breeze through the ordering and payment process, allowing for guided exploration and customization along the way. Sounds out of this world, right?

What’s All The McFuss About?

So, why is CosMc’s poised to be a runaway success? Buckle up, space cadets, because the new fast food concept is blasting off with the reasons:

  1. Flavor Explosion: Move over, folks. CosMc’s menu is a galaxy of audacious beverages that’ll tantalize your taste buds. We’re talking Churro Frappes, S’mores Cold Brews, and Berry Hibiscus Sour-Aides that go beyond the usual sugar rush. Think Starbucks vibes meet McDonald’s convenience, with enough caffeine and customization options to fuel your entire afternoon and beyond.
  2. Nostalgia Factor: Remember CosMc, the orange alien who graced McDonaldland back in the day? He’s back, baby, and bringing a wave of 80s and 90s nostalgia that’s resonating with younger generations. It’s a clever play on familiarity, offering a taste of the past with a futuristic twist.
  3. Digital-First Experience: Ditch the lobby – CosMc’s is all about drive-thru and app ordering. This digital-first approach caters to the on-the-go, tech-savvy crowd who want their caffeine fix and customized concoctions without fuss.
  4. Experimentation Playground: Think of CosMc’s as McDonald’s secret lab for beverage innovation. From energy shots and boba pops to unique flavor combinations, this experiment-friendly space allows the fast-food giant to test the waters of tomorrow’s drink trends, potentially influencing their entire menu in the future.
  5. Rocket-fueled Expansion: The success of the first CosMc’s in Illinois has McDonald’s plotting a cosmic trajectory. More locations are in the works, proving the brand’s belief in the concept’s potential to become a supernova in the fast-food universe.

CosMc’s Isn’t Just Another Burger Joint

Instead, this new fast food concept is a bold leap into the future of beverages, fueled by nostalgia, innovation, and a lots of flavor.

With its digital-first approach and customer-centric menu, CosMc’s is more than ready to take on the Starbuck’s style coffee shops and juice bars, one sip at a time.

So strap in space tourists, and get ready for a flavor-packed journey to CosMc’s – because the future of fast food may be here, and it’s one delicious cup at a time.

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Remember, this is just the beginning of the CosMc’s story. Keep your eyes peeled for even more exciting news and flavor launches as this audacious beverage adventure unfolds!

The CosMc’s Menu

CosMc’s menu focuses on beverages, including specialty lemonades, teas, blended drinks, and cold coffee.

Here’s a screenshot of their food menu:

cosmcs food menu

Here’s a screenshot of their beverage menu:

cosmcs beverage menu

(Both screenshots were taken directly from my PC with my trusty Google Pixel Pro. And both come courtesy of McDonald’s Corp.)

As you can clearly (somewhat) see, they offer a limited food selection, including some McDonald’s favorites like the Egg McMuffin. Pretty smart. But wait, because this next part is important.

CosMc’s is designed to be a more modern and upscale experience than McDonald’s. That’s because this new chain will focus on bold flavors and customization.

Expansion Plans

McDonald’s plans to open 10 more CosMc’s locations in Texas by the end of 2024. This indicates a strong belief in the concept’s potential for the future. I anticipate several more locations opening in 2025.

Here’s How I See This Concept Playing Out

I see CosMc’s as a way for McDonald’s to experiment with new beverage flavors and formats, potentially leading to exciting innovations in the fast food industry. And it’s also a way for McDonald’s to remain top of mind now and well into the future. However…

If the company chooses to keep CosMc’s as Drive-Thru only, customers are going to miss out on the “experience” aspect that competitors like Starbucks offer.

Because if their experience is one of waiting in line at a Drive-Thru for bold, but expensive beverages, things may not go as well as McDonald’s plans they will.

As to the predictable interest from folks “wanting to buy a franchise of CosMc’s,” I see those opportunities only going to existing McDonald’s franchisees.

(Image of CosMc’s courtesy of Wikimedia)

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