The Benefits of the Cloud for Franchises

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By Barry Moltz

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Small businesses are increasingly using cloud services to support their companies. How does this help franchises run more effectively?

Cloud Services For Franchises

Access Anywhere. Franchise owners and employees can use these cloud systems anywhere from any Internet or cell connected device to get the information they need. Financial and production data can be accessed in real time. This is especially advantageous for an owner with multiple businesses to analyze a comparative view of all their locations. Cloud services for franchises can work out nicely.

Integrated applications. Many franchises have disparate solutions operating inside their business that don’t communicate with each other. This leads to costly inefficiencies and a loss of critical data analysis.

Granular Scalability. New users and locations can be added without a large upfront cost. Most cloud providers charge on a per user basis. This drastically reduces fixed expenses as the business expands. In addition, the latest updates to software systems will always be available without an additional fee or a costly migration.

Unified Communication System. With a cloud based phone solution such as Nextiva, franchise owners have one communication system across all their locations. This allows seamless interaction and transferring of customers to multiple locations. This is also effective for remote and mobile workers who now will seem like they are all at the same location. This prevents losing customers by saying “That is not our location. Can you redial the correct number?” In addition, the company can send text messages to employees and confirmations to customers.

Tighter security. Retail businesses are notorious for their high turnover and exposure to theft. With cloud computing, experts can ensure that access to data is safe. Permissions (who has access to what data across the franchise) needs to be carefully planned and controlled. In addition, data in cloud systems are always backed up and safe from any local disaster.

The most frequently used cloud systems for franchises are telephone solutions, accounting or other back office systems and customer relationship management (CRM). To find the right cloud services for your franchise, begin by asking:

  1. What information do owners and employees need to access anywhere?
  2. What is the current cost to have separate IT systems for various locations?
  3. How much customization is needed for current cloud applications that are offered by vendors?
  4. Where is the quickest ROI?

Do you run a cloud based solution for your business? What has been the results?

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