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A Franchise That Helps Increase Restaurant Revenue


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Every restaurant in your local area is looking for ways to increase their revenues.

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Every. Single. One.

Here’s why:

A lot of restaurants haven’t seen their revenues get back to pre-recession levels. Families are still being a bit cautious with their money. Things just aren’t like they were before the US economy tanked. And it’s not like food costs are going down. Today’s restaurant owners need additional sources of revenue coming in.

OrderUp is a franchise that helps increase restaurant revenue.

 “When you look at other businesses that have moved online in the last decade, it’s hard to believe that the ordering industry hasn’t quite caught up yet. You can book flights, buy tickets, and make reservations online. While online ordering is catching on in large metropolises, there’s a lot of untapped potential, and this is just the beginning.” – Chris, CEO of OrderUp


This Franchise Helps Increase Restaurant Revenue

OrderUp, a digital franchise, offers a proprietary system that helps local restaurant owners increase their revenues.

In a nutshell, OrderUp offers enhancements to what some restaurants are already doing; takeout and delivery.

OrderUp franchise owners call on restaurants in their local areas and offer online revenue-generating services.

Here’s where it gets interesting: OrderUp franchise owners make money every time someone orders and gets their food delivered from the restaurants that they’ve signed up.

Every. Single. Time.

Check out these two important statistics from OrderUp:

  • 70% of restaurant operations regard online ordering as an up and coming innovation.
  • 33% of adults are likely to use online and mobile ordering at quick service restaurants.

OrderUp is on the cutting edge here, people.


chris j
(Chris Jeffery)

I talked to a busy Chris Jeffery, the co-founder and CEO of this digital franchise a couple of weeks ago; below, you’ll find a portion of your conversation.

restuarant logos

The Franchise King®: Who is OrderUp and what do you do?

Chris: OrderUp makes it easy to discover and order food for takeout and delivery in dozens of cities across the country. We also offer a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business in their hometown through a unique digital franchise model. By leveraging local relationships, we enable entrepreneurs to build a successful business that connects established restaurant owners with new and existing customers online.

Becoming a franchisee of OrderUp is a way to own a piece of a fast-growing web-based based business with relatively little upfront investment.

The Franchise King®: When Did You Start OrderUp?

Chris: The business that would become OrderUp started in 2004 when co-founder and Jason Kwicien and I were students at Penn State. We tapped into the growing consumer demand for an online food delivery service. In 2009, we began OrderUp to bring online food ordering to entrepreneurs in local markets across the country via a franchise model.

The Franchise King®: That’s a great story, Chris. So, what does OrderUp provide its franchisees?

Chris: OrderUp provides its franchisees with a very powerful technology platform, digital marketing systems, and the customer support needed to start and run a successful online food ordering company in their hometowns.

In addition, all OrderUp franchisees receive:

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  • One-on-one mentorship from experts in online food ordering, including strategic advising, training and support
  • Exclusive market/unit rights, including 200-400 restaurants
  • 24/7 customer support for you, your users, and your restaurant clients
  • Online food ordering technology and credit card processing
  • Marketing support and fulfillment

The Franchise King®: Who makes a good franchisee for OrderUp, Chris?

Chris: Our franchisees come in all shapes and sizes, but the common denominator is an entrepreneurial mindset.  OrderUp franchisees own their own businesses and work for themselves. Franchisees split their time between sales and marketing and are constantly on the lookout for local marketing opportunities that will bring business to their partner restaurants.

 To us, the “it” factor looks something like this:

 Quick thinker with a flexible attitude



Extroverted and energetic

Mobile- and computer-savvy



I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their own businesses. They’re in the same place I was when I started OrderUp, but I went through years of pivoting and low points that they won’t have to deal with, because they’re working with a proven system. I love watching local business owners become successful because of the system we provide—it’s incredibly gratifying.” – Chris Jeffery


The Franchise King®: What’s your vision for the future?

Chris: For OrderUp, we have two major goals for the future:

 1. To be the leading online food ordering company for hometowns, nationwide. We’ve identified 750+ markets in the US where our model will work.

2. To provide people with the “it” factor with an opportunity to run his/her own business with the support of our proven franchise model

We really feel like we have found an ocean of untapped opportunity in the local markets we’ve identified. Now, the key to our success will be pairing each market with the right franchisee.


To learn more about this low-cost digital franchise business opportunity, go to

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