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Wanted: Regional Developers For New Game-Changing Spa Franchise

Sirius Day Spa franchise

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Back in 2002, when John Leonesio launched Massage Envy, he couldn’t have known how much his franchise concept would impact the spa/beauty industry.  Well it did-in a big way. The amount of Massage Envy franchises that opened was mind-boggling. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed.

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John Leonesio’s Membership Concept Totally Fooled Me

After Massage Envy started getting known in franchise circles, I shared my opinion about the concept with a couple of my fellow franchise business colleagues.

Who the heck is going to pay for monthly massages-in advance? A membership model for massages? I don’t see it happening.”


Massage Envy’s affordable-membership model has propelled the chain and its eye-catching purple-logoed storefront spas to more than 1,000 locations in 49 states. It’s the nation’s largest employer of massage therapists–more than 22,000–and has topped $1.2 billion in annual system-wide sales, averaging out to $1.2 million in annual revenue for each spaMore

Whoops. Massage Envy- 1 | The Franchise King®- 0. I don’t want to get fooled again.

Keep reading.



The Way It Is Now

Consumers who want to look and feel their best are getting increasingly frustrated. Why? Because the services they’re willing to pay for are being provided by single service providers.

Do you need a blow dry?

Go to a hair salon.

Would you like a facial, waxing or a body wrap?

Find a spa.

Do you need teeth whitening?

Arrange it with your dental hygienist.

Do you enjoy getting manicures and pedicures?

Head to a nail salon.

Have you been thinking about getting a massage?

There’s probably a place you can schedule one nearby.

I just named 5 different places you must physically visit to get the services you want. That’s a lot of driving, not to mention the time you spend attempting to schedule those services. It can be (and is) very frustrating. But that’s just the way it is now.

Correction: That’s the way it was.



wanted: regional developers for new game-changing spa franchise

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Wanted: Regional Developers For New Game-Changing Spa Franchise

***** Press Release *****

Scottsdale, Arizona, The Leonesio Group (TLG,LLC) and Frank Leonesio announce the launch of a brand new franchise concept – Sirius Day Spa. The Leonesio name is synonymous with Health, Wellness and Beauty. Sirius Day Spa will be The Leonesio Group’s fourth Franchise in the same category. Sirius Day Spa will create a beautiful, professional Day Spa experience in neighborhoods across the nation with a myriad of luxurious spa services including massages, facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair salon services, teeth whitening and more.

That’s right; every spa service one could ever want can now be found under one roof. No more driving from place to place. As a result, scheduling every service you need just became a heck of a lot easier, because you only have to make one phone call to one phone number. Sounds like a plan.



What’s Hot In Franchising?

That’s one of the most popular questions I’m asked when would-be franchisees contact me. Here’s my answer:

“The hottest franchise opportunities are ones that offer products/services that today’s consumers either need or really, really want. For example, getting your vehicle repaired is a need. All of us need a way to get to work etc.”

But a want

  • I want to be able to relax.”
  • I really want to feel pampered.”
  • I want to look like a million bucks.”

Today’s time-starved, super-stressed consumers are looking for ways to unwind. They’re looking to relieve some of the daily stresses of life. They want relief! I’ll go a step further. They need relief.


women enjoying spa services


You Can Fulfill That Need

If you’ve been looking for your next big adventure, The Leonesio Group’s newest franchise concept-Sirius Day Spa may be worth a look. Like Massage Envy, it’s a membership-type of business that provides franchisees with a monthly stream of revenue. Regional Developers are wanted now for what’s certain to be a game-changing spa franchise business.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a true franchise visionary who has proven himself time and time again.

(The Leonesio Group has used its monthly membership model for The Joint, a Chiropractic/wellness business that grew to 400+ franchises in just 4 years. Amazing Lash Studio, with The Leonesio Group’s partnership, grew into the largest and fastest growing franchise of eyelash extension studios anywhere. 600 regional developer licenses were awarded and 200 franchises were sold in only two years.)



Regional Developers Wanted

If you’re dreaming big, becoming a Regional Developer (RD) is the way to go. Read this from the Sirius Day Spa franchise website:

A Regional Developer is an individual or group who secures the rights to a specific geographical area with the sole intent and purpose to develop Sirius Day Spas in that territory by recruiting qualified franchisees and providing them ongoing support and coaching with assistance from the franchisor.

RD Benefits

The Regional Developer receives a percentage of the franchise fee for each new franchise unit sold to a franchisee. In addition, the RD receives a percentage of the ongoing royalty fee that’s being paid to the franchisor. It’s a great way to own a large geographical area without having to invest in the franchise units.

The upfront investment for Regional Developers ranges from $98,775 to $280,725-depending on the size of the territory. (A territory may be an entire state, depending on size and population.) (In addition, single unit franchises are also available.)


Interested In Learning More?

It’s important to realize that there aren’t many true ground floor opportunities in franchising available these days. (Not ones with proven franchise visionaries behind them)

I’ve provided some information on this opportunity. More can be found on the Sirius Day Spa franchise website.


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